Monday, 2015-11-30

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elmikowb sicarie, hope you had a nice holiday =)18:01
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pdesaihi everyone18:01
elmikohi pdesai18:02
pdesaihi elmiko18:02
sicarieelmiko: very busy - lots of travel - but good to see family18:02
elmikosicarie: almost the exact opposite, no travel, not very busy at all ;)18:03
elmikovery relaxing though =)18:03
sicarieMy dream18:03
sicariepdesai: did you have a good break as well?18:03
pdesaiyup it was very relaxing18:03
sicarieWell, not too much going on18:04
sicarieWe’re down to 47 bugs (we’re not 2nd on the list anymore!)18:04
sicarieNothing new18:04
sicarieI left my computer at home, so I have not done anything in the last 2 weeks18:05
elmiko47 still seems high18:05
sicarieWe definitely have a few18:05
sicarieBut we’re down from 57, so I’m happy18:05
sicarieA few need to be revisited18:05
elmikoyea, that's good movement18:06
sicarieThere’s one, for example, that’s on multi-domain pki mgmt18:06
sicarieI’m not sure this guide is the right place for that18:06
elmikoi wonder if we should do a bug sprint during the mitaka cycle?18:06
sicarieelmiko: +118:06
elmikolike, we could pick a week during m-3 or something and just try to close as many bugs as possible during the week.18:06
sicarieI plan on having material ready for one of the days at the mid-cycle so people can just sit down and clear it18:07
elmikoawesome, i hope to make it18:07
pdesaiyeah that would be helpful18:07
sicarieI’m clearing my schedule the week before the mid-cycle so I can focus on that and a few other things in preparation18:07
elmikonice, +118:07
pdesaiwhen is the mid cycle?18:08
sicariepdesai: good question18:08
sicarieThere’s an etherpad18:08
elmikojan 15-ish?18:08
sicarieI don’t see tmcpeak or hyakuhei on18:08
elmikoyea, i think 11-1518:08
sicarieYeah, there’s overlap with the Barbican midcycle18:08
pdesaiaah is it at Rackspace?18:08
sicarieRackspace in Texas18:09
elmikobarbican is 11-14, ossp 12-15, irrc18:09
sicarieif i recall correctly (i think)18:09
elmikoif i recall correctly (iirc)18:09
pdesaigot it18:10
elmikoanything we should focus on in the leadup to mid-cycle?18:10
sicarieNah, I think the bugfixes are where it’s at for the moment18:11
sicarieI’d love to get eyes on Neutron, but that’s been on my to-do list for about the last year18:11
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elmikoi've been studying up on neutron, but i'm no where near knowledgeable enough to write a chapter :/18:12
sicarieoooh, i’d love to know if anything in the neutron chapter is blatantly wrong18:12
sicarieI have a feeling some of it is18:12
sicarieMostly because I found one thing that was18:12
elmikohmm, i should read it again18:13
sicariesweet, thanks!18:13
sicarieI’m sure we need an l2 and an l3 neutron conributor to really take a look ,but it’d be nice to see if anything in there was just ridiculously out of date18:14
elmikook, i'll add it to the queue. i've been doing some neutron installs recently, so it will be good refresher18:14
sicarieCool, so yeah I am going to go back to reading on sphinx and figuring out how the docs team is building their pdfs18:15
sicarieUnless anyone else has anything I think we can call it18:16
elmikonothing from me18:16
pdesainope nothing from me, planning on taking up few of the existing bugs as i have spare cycles18:16
sicarieWell thanks everyone!18:17
sicarieSee you next week18:17
elmikothanks, take care sicarie18:17
pdesaicool, thanks guys, see you !!!18:17
elmikoalso, just found this
elmikotake care pdesai18:17
pdesaithanks elmiko18:18
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