Friday, 2016-02-05

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openstackgerritCharles Neill proposed openstack/syntribos: Adding unittests for datagen
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kenn1respondan mierdaaaaaa04:10
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openstackgerritvenkatamahesh proposed openstack/security-doc: Fix exact link for home-page
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/anchor: Correct the bandit test dependency
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openstackgerritGreg Anderson proposed openstack/syntribos: XSS Body Test
openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: XSS Body Test
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elmikosigmavirus24: hey, trying to do some bandit stuff today and i'm getting this does that look familiar?16:59
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sigmavirus24elmiko: that's surprising to be happening on 0.10.117:04
elmikosigmavirus24: yea, not sure what i did. i switched my tox to 2.3.1 and python to 3.4, now it's sad =(17:04
elmikooh well, i think i'll just update to bandit 0.17.3. this seems to be working17:05
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elmikosigmavirus24: thanks!17:05
sigmavirus24elmiko: that's super surprising17:05
elmikohuh, seems to work fine with py2.7.1017:09
elmikooh well, it's such an old version of bandit17:09
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openstackgerritChristopher J Schaefer proposed openstack/bandit: Moving bandit baseline unit tests
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openstackgerritGreg Anderson proposed openstack/syntribos: XSS Body Test
openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: XSS Body Test
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openstackgerritChristopher J Schaefer proposed openstack/bandit: Added cli.main unit tests
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ahilsinhashello - i have a question regarding public endpoints. i've attempted the cryptographic separation of internal and external environments and the public endpoint is on a physically isolated network from internal/admin endpoints. if i pass the os-interface public argument from a public remote client everything works, however without it it leaks my internal endpoint. im wondering if this is a problem that im causing or a problem22:51
ahilsinhastoken issue seems to work without specifying the os-interface option, however any other command without will yeild an error for keystone:3535722:53
elmikoahilsinhas: could you describe a little more about how it is leaking?22:54
elmiko(for example, what command are you running?)22:54
ahilsinhaselmiko: absolutely!22:54
ahilsinhasservice list, endpoint-list, set password (2 of those should return a 403 for this user and do with the option set)22:55
ahilsinhasit appears without the option right after the token issue the remote client using public endpoints tries to use an admin endpoint22:55
elmikois this using the openstack common cli tool?22:55
ahilsinhasv 1.7.022:56
ahilsinhasand leaks the admin endpoint ;p22:56
ahilsinhasnow this could be totally because of my configuration and probably is22:56
elmikoyou may want to ask around in #openstack-sdks, it's possible you've found a bug22:56
ahilsinhasit felt kinda like one22:56
elmikoalso, do you have any environment variables or config files that may be affecting the endpoint option when you do not specify it?22:57
ahilsinhasyou know i might22:57
elmiko(i'm not sure what the default it22:57
ahilsinhasill check22:57
ahilsinhashaha i do22:58
ahilsinhasactually false alarm22:58
ahilsinhasthey all us the OOS prefix22:58
elmikook, so it really *is* failing with the leakage?22:59
elmikoso yea, next step would be either to ask in openstack-sdks, or report a bug to the openstackclient launchpad22:59
elmikoyou may have uncovered something that was not intended, and it sounds fairly reproduceable23:00
ahilsinhasi am concerned that perhaps i set up my public/private endpoints wrong23:00
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elmikothat's possible too23:00
ahilsinhasparticularly their references in keystone.conf23:00
elmikodo you have them setup in the service catalog endpoint list properly?23:00
ahilsinhasya i think the error should be repeatable and i can write it up23:00
openstackgerritMerged openstack/bandit: Moving bandit baseline unit tests
ahilsinhasendpoints are set up appropriately i refer to internal/admin endpoints via hostname23:01
elmikogreat, i know there is some confusion around the ways that public/internal/admin interfaces are used. so it may be something common23:01
ahilsinhaswhich has entries in /etc/hosts per the ubuntu install guide23:01
ahilsinhasya it is a bit confusing23:01
ahilsinhasbut i *think* i got it right23:01
ahilsinhaspublic endpoint is a domain with dns entries to public ip23:02
ahilsinhasonly port 5000 is exposed23:02
ahilsinhasfor now23:02
elmikothen yea, maybe just report a bug or ask the sdks guys. although, it might be kinda quiet in there given its late on friday u.s. time23:02
ahilsinhasi will for sure23:02
ahilsinhasi suppose i can be happy that everything works when i pass the option23:02
elmikoso, you are saying that when you try to `openstack token issue` without specifying the os-endpoint, then you see it try to hit the adminURL ?23:03
ahilsinhasooo good question23:03
ahilsinhasi believe for token23:03
ahilsinhasit is 100% port 5000 public23:03
elmikook, cool23:03
ahilsinhasbut token always happens for everything right?23:03
ahilsinhasso for any other command token goes OK and then it tries private endpoints unless i specify the option23:04
ahilsinhasso i do have one specific question23:04
ahilsinhasthese things all only started to work when i set admin_endpoint and public_endpoint in keystone.conf23:04
* elmiko digs out his keystone.conf23:05
ahilsinhasto hostname:35357 and publicurl:5000 respectively23:05
elmikoand that controller is serving both hostname and publicurl?23:07
ahilsinhasoo i also have auth_uri twice, once with public and private23:07
ahilsinhasyes unfortunately for now23:07
elmikoauth_uri in your keystone.conf?23:07
ahilsinhasthose iirc had no real impact23:08
ahilsinhason things working or not23:08
elmikohmm, yea. i don't understand auth_uri inside keystone.conf23:08
ahilsinhasi took it from the gentoo-openstack guy's blog when he was talking about ssl keystone ;p23:08
elmikodoes that keystone controller talk to another keystone or a kerb or something?23:08
ahilsinhasoh my ill have to change that anyway - im actually planning on using oidc for auth so maybe that setting has to do with federation?23:09
ahilsinhasanyway i think that might be a red herring23:09
elmikoi would think so, usually auth_url instructs the keystone middleware on where it can make identity requests23:10
ahilsinhasthe question is how do you properly refer to public and private endpoints within keystone.conf itself?23:10
elmikoyea, probably23:10
elmikoi think you have it correct by specifying the public_endpoint admin_endpoint23:10
ahilsinhasthose were my thoughts23:10
ahilsinhasagreed then it very well may be leaking23:10
elmikoand put them on separate IPs or whatever23:11
ahilsinhasthey are23:11
elmikotrying to look at the openstackclient source now23:11
ahilsinhasthe public ip cant even route to the private one23:11
ahilsinhasi can give you the exception23:11
ahilsinhashold on23:11
ahilsinhaswell that might not help23:11
ahilsinhasit will with full trace perhaps23:12
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ahilsinhasha shit my home is in there23:14
elmikohuh, i wonder if it just tries admin as a backup?23:15
ahilsinhaswhat file(s) were you thinking relevant in the client?23:16
elmikonot sure, i'm trying to figure out where it grabs the --os-endpoint option from23:17
ahilsinhasoo good idea23:17
elmikoi thought it was os-client-config23:17
ahilsinhasim looking at service catalog generation23:18
ahilsinhasso im guessing service "Type" is public/internal/admin23:20
ahilsinhaswhat is the name of an endpoint?23:20
elmikoi would think so, but i haven't played around with that option on the cli23:20
elmikowell, i guess regardless of the option, it shouldn't be leaking those details23:22
ahilsinhasyes definitely23:22
ahilsinhaswhich is why i came here ;p23:22
ahilsinhasill go to sdk and keep plugging along with the deployment and see if i come across any other issues23:23
ahilsinhastricky cause im never sure if its me that is the problem ;p23:23
elmikogood luck, sorry i couldn't be of more help :/23:23
ahilsinhaselmiko: you were totally helpful23:23
ahilsinhasthank you so much23:23
elmikonp =)23:23
ahilsinhasconfirming that im generally doing public/internal/admin right was a load off23:24
elmikoi *think* you are, but there are probably more details here that need to be exposed23:24
ahilsinhasya i think creating a bug is perhaps sensible23:24
ahilsinhasi wish i could have someone reproduce23:25
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