Monday, 2016-04-04

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openstackgerritSharat Sharma proposed openstack/security-doc: [sec-guide] Link added to policies section
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openstackgerritAlexey Ovchinnikov proposed openstack/security-doc: Shared File Systems service security guide fixes
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openstackgerritTim Kelsey proposed openstack/bandit: Adding accurate docs for new bandit config
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tkelseyhey sigmavirus24 got a bandit docs patch that could do with a look over if you have time14:15
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tkelseyhey tmcpeak14:17
sigmavirus24tkelsey: looking in a few14:20
tkelseysigmavirus24: thanks man14:20
* sigmavirus24 waits for gertty to sync14:21
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tkelseysigmavirus24 tmcpeak proposed release announcement for bandit 1.0
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tkelseythanks sigmavirus2414:53
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sigmavirus24h2h tkelsey14:54
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tkelseyhi browne14:59
tkelseyif you have time please look over #link some docs needed fixing15:00
tkelseythen im going to make the release :D proposed announcement here
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openstackgerritTim Kelsey proposed openstack/bandit: Adding accurate docs for new bandit config
tkelseybrowne: updated, thanks15:15
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openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/syntribos: Added payloads for keystone API
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ccneillhey rahulunair: did you get a chance to try these payloads against Keystone?15:58
rahulunairccneill: I was working on it all through Friday, for v3 except for getting token, none of the other requests are working, v2 apis worked fine mostly.15:59
ccneillhmm interesting15:59
rahulunairccneill:  for example when I tried this  request curl -sv -H "X-Auth-Token:$TOKEN" after getting the auth token16:00
rahulunairccneill: any idea why..?16:01
ccneillrahulunair: hmmm.. wondering if it has anything to do with the "" server?16:04
tmcpeaktkelsey: where we at with 1.0?16:05
rahulunairccneill: the weird part is i am able to get a token for v3, ..16:05
tmcpeakoh and geeze16:05
tkelseytmcpeak: one docs patch needs to merge, its got +W im waiting for the merge16:05
tmcpeakapparently I was scrolled up16:05
rahulunairccneill: any other request is failing.16:05
tkelseytmcpeak: then i'm going to push it16:06
tmcpeakso I didn't see any of today's messages :P16:06
tkelseyheh, well have a look over the proposed post:
tkelseymake sure i didnt miss anything important16:06
ccneillrahulunair: makes me wonder if the x-auth-token is causing a problem with the request when it hits your proxy... that's about all I can think of :\16:06
rahulunairccneill: :( .. wouldnt v2 also have a problem .. then. . but weirdly enough.. v2 works fine.. :o16:07
ccneillyeah, gotta say, I'm drawing a blank :(16:08
tmcpeaktkelsey: that looks good16:08
ccneillwonder if some v3 features are disabled on our AIO?16:08
tkelseytmcpeak:  thanks man16:09
rahulunairccneill: :(16:11
ccneillhave you looked in the web admin panel on the AIO instance to see if there are any hints there?16:12
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tkelseyhey anyone know if is cross posted to dev? (and if thats the list we should use for announcements)16:47
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sigmavirus24tkelsey: pick one or the other but don't use both16:49
sigmavirus24That said, -announce does not cross-post to -dev16:49
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tmcpeaksigmavirus24: tkelsey: I'd go with dev16:52
sigmavirus24== tmcpeak16:53
sigmavirus24oslo tends to go to -dev16:53
sigmavirus24this is something more geared towards devs16:53
tmcpeak1799 downloads in the last day16:56
tmcpeak18335 downloads in the last week16:56
tmcpeak72966 downloads in the last month16:56
tmcpeakfor Bandit 0.17.316:56
tmcpeaka lot of it is probably CI but still16:56
tmcpeakactually CI should be mirrored...16:56
tmcpeakmaybe mirror pulls :P16:56
tkelseysigmavirus24 tmcpeak cool, thanks guys16:59
sigmavirus24mirrors do pulls17:00
tmcpeakdon't they?17:00
sigmavirus24but also if people are using bandit in their CI (e.g., Travis CI or Jenkins) it might pull each time17:00
elmikoheads up, we are about to do the sec-docs meeting17:00
openstackgerritMerged openstack/bandit: Adding accurate docs for new bandit config
tmcpeakokies, pipe down sigma :P17:00
* sigmavirus24 shuts up17:00
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sicariesorry, dialing-in to another meeting as well17:02
tkelseyok, well here goes, rolling 1.0 :)17:02
sicarieyay, tkelsey17:03
tkelseythankds sicarie17:03
sicarieno pdesai?17:04
* elmiko shrugs17:04
sicariei thought her vacation was last week?17:04
elmikonot my week to watch her ;)17:04
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sicariewell, I hope she’s enjoying it17:04
sicarieI don’t have anything17:04
sicarieWe had a few merges go through17:05
elmikoi've just been watching the few reviews we have up17:05
sicariebut it was all minor17:05
elmikoyea, same for the new reviews17:05
sicariewe had the release notes17:05
sicarieelmiko: i did do another blog post17:05
sicarieshelleea007 already took a look17:05
sicarieone of them is a quick blurb about the image signing17:05
elmikosicarie: saw that, +117:05
sicariethe other is an idea i’ve been playing with - but i think it needs quite a bit of work17:06
shelleea007yeah I made some recommendations17:06
sicarieyeah, I think i got through 2/3 of them and then got pulled away17:07
sicarieother than that I don’t have anything17:07
elmikono updates from me17:07
shelleea007yeah I have nothing17:08
elmikoare we gonna do a mini-meetup at summit?17:08
sicariewe probably should17:10
sicarieelmiko i’m guessing you’re staying for the design sessions as well?17:10
elmikoi'll be there all week17:11
sicarieyeah, i think it might be good to grab lunch after one of the security design sessions17:11
sicarieI’l start looking at the schedule and hope pdesai is here next week17:11
elmikothat /might/ work for me, need to check schedule but the sahara stuff and ossp stuff is heavily intermixed =(17:12
sicarieof course17:12
elmikoif folks will be there friday, it might make for easy meetup17:12
sicarieI’m leaving early afternoon, but i’ll be there in the morning17:12
elmikook, let's just send around some email and figure out a good time for everyone. we're a pretty small group17:13
sicariesounds good17:13
elmikothe main downside would be visibility to the outside comminity17:13
elmikonot sure if we need to do something more public, or just a small face-to-face to say hi and whatnot17:15
elmikomaybe we can talk about pdf stuff17:15
sicarieCool, i’ll send around an email and see if there’s a time that works for everyone17:15
elmikothanks =)17:15
sicarieawesome, thanks everyone!17:16
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tkelsey1.0 rolled, email sent, time for scotch?17:28
tmcpeaktkelsey: awww yiss!17:28
tmcpeakcongrats man!17:29
tkelseyheh you to man, team effort :D
tmcpeaktkelsey: it on PyPI?17:29
tkelseywill be as soon as gerrit does its thing17:29
tmcpeakjust takes a few mins :)17:29
tkelseytag is pushed17:30
* elmiko raises glass for scotch17:42
tmcpeaktkelsey: looks like it still isn't up17:42
tmcpeakI've seen the process stall before..17:42
tkelseyyeah, the tag is on github, so its all OK from my end. Just need gerrit to get in gear17:43
tmcpeakyeah there is Bandit in the change queue17:43
tkelseyyup yup17:43
elmikonice, big ups to the bandit team! \o/17:43
tkelseythanks elmiko :)17:44
elmikoneed a :raise the roof: emoji ;)17:44
tkelseyhaha :)17:44
tkelseyfor sure17:44
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tkelseyman gerrit is so slow :(17:56
tmcpeakyeah :(17:56
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tmcpeaksome of the stuff has been backed up for 3 hours17:59
tkelseyheh well its 7pm here so im not waiting around for it, will check back later18:00
tmcpeakfair enough18:01
tmcpeakthanks for all the work getting the release out18:01
tkelseyyou to man18:01
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ccneillrahulunair: did you get all the payloads working now? might be worthwhile to include that Accept: application/json header on all of them18:22
ccneill:\ sorry to be so picky on this PR... I know it's a pain to go update these 20392093 files18:22
rahulunairccneill: most of it..hopefully can check all and put a cr by today..18:23
rahulunairCcneill really need to get that scrapper working.. For long term ..18:25
ccneillrahulunair: agreed!18:25
ccneillrahulunair: we've learned our lesson - no more manual projects after this one haha18:25
rahulunairCcneill phew!!, yup!!18:26
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ccneillbut now we know how badly we need the automation and can prioritize it appropriately18:27
rahulunairCcneill completely agree, I had started scrapping the api page,  the left it in midway..18:27
ccneillrahulunair: yeah, it will probably not be a trivial process, especially if the API docs differ significantly between projects..18:28
ccneillrahulunair: but I'd say it's a no-go for us to start trying to get support for Syntribos before we have something that's at least PRETTY GOOD at chomping on docs and spitting out requests18:29
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rahulunairCcneill yup,  I think one way is to scrape the specs page or directly the rst files,  less clutter in rst I guess18:32
ccneillrahulunair: yeah, that's probably a better approach than the HTML output. good call18:35
rahulunairCcneill what do you think?18:35
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rahulunairccneill:  Figured out the issue I was having, some how when the auth token was obtained using awk, some hidden character kept in.. :o .. tried removing the content-type and it is working..19:54
ccneillthat darn awk, it tricks you into trusting it19:54
ccneillglad you got it figured out19:54
rahulunairccneill: yeah!!.. I had such high regards for awk (still have.. ) .. but this time.. tricked me..19:55
ccneillyeah, that's why I recommended jq. it can be pretty brittle when you're trying to select particular items at first, but it'll give you exactly what you want :)19:56
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rahulunairccneill:  yeah.. looks polished.. i checked it out... would be using it for parsing json from now on.19:57
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openstackgerritCharles Neill proposed openstack/syntribos: Updating doc strings for core pieces of Syntribos
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openstackgerritCharles Neill proposed openstack/syntribos: Updating doc strings for core pieces of Syntribos
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/anchor: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/syntribos: Added payloads for keystone API
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