Friday, 2016-06-03

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sdake_hyakuhei around re item #5 of the VMT00:02
sdake_i am planning to add a repository to openstack to serve as a location for the security-analysis that people submit00:02
sdake_the only way to add this is to make it under OSSP governance00:03
sdake_are you good with that?00:03
sdake_or do you recommend I ask on the  mailing list or the like?00:03
sdake_or any other security core with feedback on this point?00:03
sdake_tmcpeak ?00:03
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sdake_tmcpeak hyakuhei
sdake_please have a look00:17
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tmcpeaksdake_: security governance sounds good04:05
sdake_tmcpeak i mean a fresh repository04:05
tmcpeaksdake_: perfect04:05
sdake_tmcpeak security-analysis?04:06
sdake_i'll get it started, but i am too overloaded to maintain it long term04:06
tmcpeakthat's ok, we'll discuss how to do that in our next meeting04:06
tmcpeakI'll add an agenda item now for it04:06
sdake_ok i'll get cooking with it04:06
sdake_tmcpeak you sure hyakuhei will be good with that model?04:06
sdake_and eveyron eelse04:06
sdake_or do we need wider audience04:07
tmcpeakyeah I'm pretty sure he'll like it, and if we have to move it elsewhere later we will04:07
tmcpeakthis is a good starting place04:07
tmcpeakI've scheduled a place for us to talk about it in the next meeting but that's a week from now04:07
tmcpeaklet's do this with the understanding that it will live here and if something crazy comes up we can revisit04:08
tmcpeaksdake_: ^04:08
tmcpeaksecurity will own the artifacts, the rest is housekeeping04:09
tmcpeakTBH it doesn't make sense anywhere else04:09
sdake_tmcpeak sounds good04:10
sdake_did you see the item 5 of the review relatd to vmt04:10
tmcpeakno, what's this?04:11
tmcpeakoh gotcha04:11
tmcpeakthe review04:11
tmcpeakreading now04:11
tmcpeaksdake_: ok so not the security-doc repo04:12
tmcpeaklet's keep it separate04:12
sdake_do you like the new language04:12
tmcpeakyeah that seems reasonable04:13
tmcpeakthere is a typo I'll add to the review but it seems like a good plan04:13
tmcpeakbasically OSSP isn't on the hook to do the reviews but it can if it chooses04:13
tmcpeakI definitely want a separate repo though, not in security-doc04:14
tmcpeakin the future we might even need to sub-repo04:14
tmcpeakdepending on how big and binary these artifacts get04:14
tmcpeaksecurity-analysis is good04:15
sdake_tmcpeak you have the wrong patch under review04:15
sdake_ya you have version3 i already fixed that typo in version 404:15
tmcpeakjust clicked old linky from 5:00 ;)04:15
tmcpeakreview.o is being slow04:16
sdake_tmcpeak cool04:16
sdake_well everything else is the ssame04:16
sdake_but i self review after each submission04:16
tmcpeakok then I'm happy with that04:16
sdake_and picked it up and fixeed it04:16
tmcpeakreview.o is working more than it should ;)04:16
sdake_ya i know, but git diff isn't as good as gerrit review ;)04:16
sdake_cool I'll create the repo tonight04:17
sdake_or get a requeest for it created04:17
sdake_and get the governance change in04:17
tmcpeakthis is talking about putting it in security-doc04:17
tmcpeakor am I missing something?04:17
tmcpeakFinally, the04:17
tmcpeak   results of the review, audit, or threat analysis must04:17
tmcpeak   be proposed as a gerrit review in the 'security documentation repository'04:17
sdake_yes i haven't updated it yet with the proper repo04:17
tmcpeakok cool04:18
tmcpeakupdate that and I think we're gtg04:18
sdake_tmcpeak can you leave a note saying the security team definately wants it  in a different repo and security-analysis is a good choice for name04:18
tmcpeakput that as a comment04:18
tmcpeakyep, done04:19
tmcpeakcool man, I'm going to run but great work on this04:19
tmcpeakthanks for driving this04:19
tmcpeakcool, laters04:19
sdake_its self interest really :)04:19
sdake_i'm not doing it  fory ou i'm doing it for me ;)04:19
sdake_tmcpeak we are in luck, security-analysis is not taken in pypi04:30
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Add OSSN-0063
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
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sdakehyakuhei tmcpeak need a ptl+1 on the security analysis repository review
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tmcpeaksdake: taking a look now17:43
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tmcpeaksdake: with ajaeger's change I think we're good17:45
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sdaketmcpeak ya I can make his changes, but I need Rob's +117:47
sdakeor ajeager wont merge the patch17:47
sdake(its an infrastructure requirement)17:47
sdakei could merge it outside of the security project17:47
sdakebut that would be gaming the system, which i dont do :)17:47
tmcpeakhyakuhei might be out for the weekend ;)17:49
tmcpeaklate in England17:49
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/anchor: Updated from global requirements
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unrahulmdong: ccneill  Guys, it seems there was already an input validation sort of issue.. in vAPI21:10
ccneillwhat is it?21:10
unrahulmdong: ccneill in user creation part, json.decode need it to be ascii21:10
unrahulmdavidson: ccneill  so what i did was, just put a try  catch block around it and added a custom handler to print a stack trace sort of.. with the error code21:11
unrahulccneill: mdong , can yyou guys check this out and see if we need to add another string validation issue.. as well
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unrahulccneill: mdong  Now the vAPI will show a trace for al 500, 400 and 403 errors.. I wrote a handler method, otherwise the error is wrapped in html..21:12
vinaypotluriCharles  so i want to confirm if I have to just print the default stacktrace or a custom msg21:13
ccneillunrahul / vinaypotluri : does the API not return the stacktrace on exceptions currently?21:13
unrahulunrahul: nop21:13
vinaypotlurinot by default21:14
unrahulccneill: it gets stuck.. if something goes times21:14
ccneillgimme a second21:14
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unrahulccneill:  mdong In a way, it does throw the interpreter stack trace from the server. at time. but do we want that..? I thought  it be would be better to have a custom one as normally any real framework would have a custom trace ryt..?21:18
ccneillso right now it looks like it's throwing an HTML error page21:18
ccneillbut I think if you change this line21:18
ccneillto include debug=True21:19
ccneillthat *should* cause bottle to return the stacktrace when an exception is unhandled21:19
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ccneillI see that debug(True) is in there, but their docs aren't really clear on what the difference is..21:19
mdongso right now doesn’t it still return a stacktrace on 500s?21:20
ccneilloh yeah21:20
unrahulha.. yeah.. debug(True) returns a stacktrace from the interpreter21:20
unrahulbut.. it doesnt give much details.. like the status code and all21:20
ccneillI should've just looked at my responses from Burp21:20
ccneillyeah, it's already returning a stacktrace21:20
ccneillso that's fine21:20
unrahulSo do we need a custom handler... ?21:21
ccneillso long as a stacktrace is encountered and it spits it out from the API, we're good21:21
ccneillno need to do anything special21:21
mdongnah the current 500s are fine21:21
unrahulfor others.. like 4xx ..?21:22
ccneillwe just want it to handle it like a default bottle/flask/etc. app would21:23
ccneillnothing fancy21:23
ccneillif an unhandled exception is thrown, throw the stacktrace; if not, just print a generic error (404/whatever)21:23
ccneillwe don't want to make it too easy for ourselves :)21:23
unrahulryt.. sounds good..21:24
ccneill>< gerrit's down21:24
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