Friday, 2016-06-17

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jearabout devstack and tls-proxy, is it really working ?08:07
jearwhen enabling service tls-proxy, fails when setting up keystone, with :08:08
jear"Discovering versions from the identity service failed when creating the password plugin. Attempting to determine version from URL."08:08
jear"Could not determine a suitable URL for the plugin"08:08
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jearhow can i say to devstack to use 1 particular proxy to reach internet, and tls-proxy to make the API calls?08:23
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xsallowedhello friends10:51
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openstackgerritCharles Neill proposed openstack/syntribos: Creates SynSignal and SignalHolder classes
ccneillmdong, unrahul, vinaypotluri: just pushed up a CR with the basics (SynSignal and SignalHolder), with an empty checks folder18:07
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ccneillmdong: I'm about to take a look at your CR18:08
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openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: Moved SSL test out of BaseFuzzTestCase
mdongsounds goo ccneill, let me know what you think of the output schema18:18
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tsufievhello, folks!18:19
tsufievI have a commit for Horizon which enhances its Create Image wizard with CORS support and allows to upload local image files directly to Glance18:20
tsufievit works smoothly, but I have some security-related concerns that I'd like to discuss with you (whoever it may be)18:21
tsufievhere is the link:
tsufievsummary: to allow JS to upload file using CORS it needs to pass Keystone token to glance, so Horizon server-side returns the token in a response to JS (client-side) code18:22
tsufievthat was seemed as a potential weak point of the feature security-wise, at least in the Horizon community18:23
tsufievwhat do you think?18:23
tsufievif you'd like to opine, please leave your feedback in the above patch :)18:31
ccneillmdong: commented on your CR18:46
ccneillmdong: I think I had something else in mind from our design session, and that may not have been others' impression, but I want to make sure we all agree before moving forward18:46
ccneillcomparing the two reports, it's pretty clear that one is a lot shorter than the other, and I'm not sure we get much benefit from the way report18:47
ccneillreport_by_issue arranges things currently18:47
ccneillbut I like several aspects of it18:47
ccneillcomparison of the two reporting styles ^18:47
ccneilllol oops, didn't realize I wasn't logged in18:48
mvaldesccneill:  i thought you documented the format we were looking for18:49
mvaldesis it the same as that gist?18:49
ccneillso I think this might fall squarely in the "my bad" category18:52
ccneillthat gist is awful lol18:52
ccneillI kind of had a half-thought and wrote it down18:52
ccneillbut didn't write down the OTHER way of doing it that I was imagining18:52
ccneillI was thinking of the difference as "by endpoint" versus "by issue"18:52
ccneillnot "by issue" vs "by test"18:52
ccneillthat isn't immediately clear from that gist, so that's my fault >_<18:53
ccneillI described what I was imaginging on mdong's CR
mdonghmm, yeah I was going off what was documented18:54
ccneillbut! I do like several things in the other method, e.g. listing severities vs. "errors / successes / failures" since in most cases we really don't care about "successes"18:54
mdongbut is this option still valuable?18:54
ccneillwell, what are your thoughts on the two formats?18:55
ccneillI think that once we move towards 1 test = 1 issue, this distinction mostly becomes irrelevant, other than the differences between the two formats in terms of severity vs. success/fail, and getting rid of the "test_type" vs "defect_type" nesting18:56
mdongI think this option stops us from repeating BUFFER_OVERFLOW_HEADER and BUFFER_OVERFLOW_BODY18:57
ccneillI think we should do that in both cases18:57
ccneillI don't think we care about that information, since nothing materially changes between the two18:57
ccneillit's purely a "where did this payload go" question, not a "what test ran because _HEADER vs. _BODY is a different test"18:57
mdongit’s also a bit verbose since I made the param its own json object18:58
mdonginstead of the string like it was18:58
ccneillagain, I may've just had all this in my head and not said it out loud, or not written it down adequately, so my apologies for the confusion of what I was thinking18:58
mdongbut I think no matter what its gonna be more verbose than the old option18:59
mdongsince we’re associating information per payload18:59
ccneillI think what I had in mind was, if all the info in the "param" object is the same19:00
ccneilland instead of having "string": "blah", having "strings": ["blah", "bblah"]19:00
ccneillsince otherwise it's just wasteful repetition19:00
ccneilland if the object DIFFERS, then we can differentiate19:01
ccneill..that was a meaningful statement lol19:01
mdongah I see19:01
ccneilldo we need "variables" to be a list vs. a string?19:02
ccneillwe don't ever edit more than 1 variable at a time, at least for fuzz tests19:03
ccneillmaybe we would need that in the future though..19:03
ccneillI'm re-writing something more in the format I had in mind19:03
mdongno, it’s more that if a payload fails in both the username and the password19:03
mdongthen the username and password both get added to the variables list19:03
ccneillthat makes sense19:06
ccneillmdong: ^ that's kind of more what I had in mind19:06
ccneillso the differentiator is having 2 signals vs. 1, thus changing the confidence between the two19:07
ccneilldoes that look reasonable?19:07
ccneillI actually like the param stuff being a dict instead of a messy string19:07
ccneillbecause it was always kind of hard to tell what the heck that string meant19:07
mdongyeah, I like that better19:08
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mdongso is the first level still the endpoint?19:09
ccneillI think the differences should be pretty minor between the "by endpoint" vs "by test" styles19:10
ccneillbut I don't know what that difference looks like yet..19:11
ccneillmy thought is maybe we just make the changes to report_by_test, remove report_by_issue, and then maybe we loop back on "by endpoint" vs. "by test" later?19:11
mdongso get rid of report_by_issue altogether?19:12
ccneillbecause I think this specifically solves for something relevant to signals, whereas differentiating by endpoint vs. test is more of a convenience thing19:12
ccneillwell, I think there are some pieces of it that we want to keep19:13
ccneillbut as a distinction between "by_test" and "by_issue", yeah, I don't think we need both :\19:13
mdongthen I think I’d rather have by_issue rather than by_test19:13
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mdongI like the schema that you had in your gist19:13
ccneillyeah, so whichever is closer to that, just take that and run with it19:14
ccneillI think it does make more sense being by issue19:14
ccneillbecause I don't think the end-user cares about the test, they care about the issue19:14
ccneillspecifically, they don't care about SQL_INJECTION_BODY vs. SQL_INJECTION_HEADER19:15
ccneillI'll try not to put up confusing gists during meetings for us to puzzle over in the future lol >_<19:16
mdongso I’m gonna make the changes to report_by_issue to make it match the gist19:16
ccneillsounds good19:16
mdonghaha no worries19:16
ccneillthen I think you can remove the cli flag and report_by_test19:16
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unrahulccneill: mdong vinaypotluri Guys, this is the kind of approach I was taking in writing checks, , here, if  the check fails it does not return none, but a slug . What do you guys think>?19:27
ccneillI'm still trying to figure that one out in my head19:28
ccneillI agree that returning None isn't great..19:29
ccneillbut at the same time it's a nice and tidy way to say "I did not find what I was looking for"19:30
ccneillwhereas if we return a signal and have to introspect on it.. it just makes the logic of checking for a signal harder19:30
ccneilltoday, if you take the SignalHolder.register(check()) approach, it will just throw away any Nones19:30
ccneillbut if we make it return a signal with some kind of "UNKNOWN" slug, we have to have a way to figure that out19:30
ccneillone way we COULD do it19:31
ccneillis by setting the signal's strength to 019:31
ccneillbut I'm not sure if there's any use in saying "I ran this check and nothing interesting came back19:31
ccneilllike, I don't think we would put that signal in the JSON output at the end19:32
ccneilland since checks are atomic, you wouldn't run one check, then run another, and retroactively go change the results of the first check based on that19:32
ccneillwell.. maybe "atomic" isn't the word, but once a check is run, that's it19:33
ccneillother checks can take the information generated by that check and do something with it, but the original signal doesn't change19:33
ccneillso once we know "signal strength = 0", we know "we don't care about this"19:33
unrahulmm... that make sense ccneill ,  either there should be a standard that should be followed, so that we dont return diff things for the same 'not found' check.. aah.. i am not sure.19:33
unrahulsignal_strength = 0 is one way to do it..19:34
ccneill>_< so much ambiguity to resolve19:34
unrahulshould we just go with that..??19:34
unrahulor as in pascal and stuff signal_strength = 99 :D19:34
unrahulI will put it up for review on gerrit.. so that we can collect all the views..19:35
openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: Added command line option for reporting by issue rather than by test
ccneillsounds good19:38
ccneillI think signal strength is maybe not the best approach, because we end up carrying a fair amount of "state" around that we never actually do anything with19:38
ccneilllike, subsequent checks would have to say19:38
openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: Formatter now reports by issue rather than by test
ccneilllook for this signal AND make sure its strength isn't 019:38
ccneillversus just look for this signal, which we already know has a signal strength != 019:38
mdongso turns out the reporter change was a really simple change19:38
ccneillglad to hear it mdong19:39
ccneillmdong: re: using strings for confidence, I think we should take the bandit approach and define some global constants in syntribos' potentially19:44
ccneillor somewhere19:45
ccneilland convert those into strings in the reporter19:45
ccneillmakes things much simpler19:45
ccneiller sorry, strings for severity*19:45
ccneillfor confidence, I think we'll want to calculate some number that maps to a confidence interval19:46
ccneillbut we haven't gotten that far yet, so we can leave that alone for now19:46
ccneillbut the confidence should be easily modifiable based on additional signals19:46
ccneillwithout some kind of logic like "if low, now medium; if medium, now high", etc.19:46
ccneillso like += 519:47
ccneillwith anything >= 10 = high, anything [5, 10) = medium, anything (0, 5) = low, and 0 = throw it away19:48
ccneillor something like that19:48
ccneillmaybe 100 instead of 1019:48
ccneillI don't think severity will really be modified like that though, so just doing a like severity=syntribos.HIGH should suffice19:49
ccneillbut that will require re-writing things, so we might want to save that for a different patch in the future19:49
ccneillfor now, I would say just solve for the strings "High", "Medium", etc., and we'll loop back and do the constants later19:50
ccneillbut I really just don't want us to have the dependency on CaseInsensitiveDicts19:50
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openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: Formatter now reports by issue rather than by test
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openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/syntribos: signals check-file to fingerprint the SUT
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