Monday, 2016-08-01

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openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/bandit: Fixing jenkins failing on coverage reporting
unrahulgmurphy:  I have pushed a change for the bandit failing on tox02:56
unrahulfor Syntribos we had a similar issue and it was fixed by doing these changes.02:57
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unrahulgmurphy:  I am not getting any coverage failed errors locally, let's see what the bandit cores think.02:57
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openstackgerritGrant Murphy proposed openstack/bandit: Add check for httpoxy vulnerability
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openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/syntribos: Adding unique_id to tests
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openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/syntribos: Adding additional fields to debug log
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openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/syntribos: Updating documentation
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openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/syntribos: Standardizing the way we diff signals
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
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sigmavirusgmurphy: So I was talking to Twisted and they're going to fix that. I dont' know anyone around wsgiref11:59
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Update links from Liberty to Mitaka
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gmurphysigmavirus: yeah this was mostly my question the other day. should this kind of rule be limited to specific version ranges? i'm not sure if any of the other rules (for example the xml ones) have been addressed now either.12:37
gmurphyso i can see value in having this rule right now. specifically for understanding if their's exposure to this vulnerability in your codebase. but as the vulnerability is patched it will become a false positive eventually.12:38
sigmavirusgmurphy: right12:40
sigmavirusI think yes?12:40
gmurphyok. i'm gonna have to think about how to do that then. i was hoping to sneak this one in under the blacklisting stuff… might not be able to do that now :-)12:44
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gmurphyi guess i could check twisted.version, and maybe sys.version for wsgiref12:52
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/bandit: Fixing jenkins failing on coverage reporting
openstackgerritMerged openstack/bandit: Add check for httpoxy vulnerability
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openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: CORS test now operates on test_resp instead of init_resp
openstackgerritMerged openstack/syntribos: Improving parser, adding unit tests
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vinaypotluriccneill: i've assigned a task from trello "SECTEST-SYN Update documentation" where i have to figure out a way to add our documentation. Should it be something like a complete syntribos documentation or anything specific ?17:24
ccneillthe point is to publish the docs that we have in our "doc" folder to the OpenStack site17:27
ccneillI'm not sure how to kick off that process, or where that documentation would live17:27
ccneillbut I don't think we should be working on that yet - hence why I put the docs stuff in "Backlog" instead of "Doing"17:28
ccneillwe need to finish up the "doing" stuff first17:28
ccneillsince that will ultimately change what we need to put in the docs17:29
vinaypotlurii'll work on "Doing" for now17:30
ccneillcool cool17:30
ccneillif there are any tasks that are assigned but don't have associated CRs, see if the asigned person is working on them, and if not you can re-assign those tasks to yourself17:30
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unrahulHey ccneill  I was thinking on how we should streamline template file naming/reading to avoid parsing issues and stuff..18:16
unrahulwhat if we  add a line on top of the template file, that the tool has to check and gets metadata from it.. rather than following a particular way of naming files..?18:17
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ccneillunrahul: that might be a good approach19:17
ccneillunrahul: that gives us a lot more flexibility than trying to build it directly into the filename19:17
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unrahulyeah..I also feel so.. and that in a way leaves less room for users to make mistakes when they add/extend set of templates in syntribos.. where the file name is not of concern.. but a header should be there.. that says what it is..19:39
ccneillyeah.. I think a YAML metadata section would be handy-dandy19:41
unrahul+1 at the minimum an encoding   type header like # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-  , so like -*- method :get -*-19:45
mdongso my question is, what does that method metadata line in a request template get us that the request itself doesn’t already?19:47
mdongconsidering that the first word in a request template is the http method19:48
openstackgerritMerged openstack/syntribos: CORS test now operates on test_resp instead of init_resp
ccneillso I was thinking of it in terms of relationships to other request templates19:54
ccneille.g. associating all the methods for CRUDing a given resource together19:54
ccneillyou could also define what types of data the variables defined in the template accept19:55
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ccneillwithout having to make the template itself unreadable with a bunch of information jammed into every line (like the way we do CALL_EXTERNAL today)19:55
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mdongre: CRUDing a given resource, that’ll only come up when we do request pipelining, and we can come up with a solution for pipelining that does not entail marking up our request templates any further19:57
mdongI think whatever metadata markup we add should be optional, because right now, request template generation without extensions is the least involved part of the Syntribos workflow19:58
ccneillagreed, not every request needs markup19:59
mdongit should be a selling point that Syntribos can just be pointed at a raw HTTP request file and work to some reasonable degree19:59
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unrahulwell.. I think at lease there should be some way to ensure that the file that syntribos is processing is a request template, before reading the entire file  and ccneill  yup.. it can help us in organizing the templates  in a CRUD way, where it can be optional..20:01
unrahulat least*20:01
ccneillmdong: agreed that it should be possible to just use the raw HTTP request20:02
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unrahulbecause ryt now its kind of open ended, the tool would try reading any file in the templates directory, what if its a huge binary file..or something, which really can be avoided in some other way.20:02
ccneillright.. so to an extent I think we want to use SOME file naming convention, even if that naming convention doesn't determine anything else about the file beyond "this is a request template"20:03
ccneillmaybe only loading files with a .template extension? .txt?20:04
mdongbut we could solve that problem with documentation as well, or just by passing a message to the user that the file currently being read is unparsable20:04
mdongbecause I think the real problem right now is that Syntribos just crashes when it gets an unparsable file, but there are ways of handling that gracefully20:05
ccneillmdong: what if I have 5 request templates open in VIM, and it creates .swp files for all of them in that dir? should we re-parse all of them and run tests against them, even though they should be the same as the 5 actual request templates?20:05
ccneillthere's nothing invalid about it, it's just wasted effort20:05
mdongI like the .template idea20:05
ccneilldoesn't really significantly change anything about how the templates work - just makes it clear that "THIS IS A TEMPLATE FILE"20:06
ccneillthat way you can put a in your templates folder if you want, to explain the templates included, etc.20:06
mdongwe could also just, by default, ignore .swp, __MACOSX files, etc20:06
unrahulmdong:  okay, will this ever occur, syntribos is running in a ci env, tries to parse a huge file, takes up a lot of resources and slows down the entire ci job..? because as of now.. that can happen ryt..?20:06
ccneill¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that gets to be an endless game though20:06
unrahulmdong: whitelisting is always better than blacklisting..20:06
unrahuli like the idea of .templates..20:06
unrahulbandit also have something like that..ryt?20:07
mdongwell, how does Bandit handle the case of files it can’t read?20:07
mdongbecause for bandit, we just point it at a directory20:07
unrahuli am not sure.. but remember seeing.. a directory of files with some extension..20:08
mdongand invarably the directory will contain readmes and swap files20:08
mdongyet in the end it still only operates on the .py files20:08
unrahulwe could whitelist .templates files..20:08
unrahullike all templates should be files with .templates extension..20:09
ccneillmdong: my main thing is this - it takes almost no effort to give a file a given extension, but it takes a fair amount of effort for us to try to engineer around every OTHER kind of file that might exist there20:09
ccneillonly parsing .template files means that, if we get an invalid template, we got it because the user wrote a bad template file - not any other possible combination of weirdness20:10
unrahuli guess.. that can be a quick fix to some of the issues..20:10
ccneilla 50000MB .template file isn't randomly going to show up in that dir20:10
ccneilland a .DS_Store.template file isn't either20:10
ccneillvim will create derp.template.swp files20:11
mdongI like the .template idea, I just don’t want us to overengineer a solution to an edge case20:11
ccneilland users can put arbitrary READMEs, etc. in that folder as long as they don't name it ".template", which no other program uses20:11
ccneillwell.. maybe some program uses it, but it's not common20:11
unrahulmdong, ccneill  +1 agreed I also like the idea20:11
ccneillright, me neither - we parse ANYTHING that is a .template and attempt to treat it as a template20:12
ccneillwe don't do any crazy magic() to determine the content type, filesize to figure out if it's a "reasonable" size, etc.20:12
mdongthat sounds reasonable to me, but I’ll do a bit of research to see what bandit does when it encounters readme files and such20:13
mdongI suspect that it’s just looking at the file extension as well20:13
ccneillmdong: looks like it20:15
ccneill(didn't dig too far)20:15
ccneillah yep20:16
ccneillshould be a simple call to glob()20:16
ccneillbrb cig20:16
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openstackgerritAastha Dixit proposed openstack/syntribos: Adding additional fields to debug log
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openstackgerritAastha Dixit proposed openstack/syntribos: Adding additional fields to debug log
openstackgerritCharles Neill proposed openstack/syntribos: Removes FuzzRequest from Syntribos
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ccneilloof.. gonna try not to add anything else to my remove_fuzzrequest CR O:-)21:49
ccneill+571/-242 :X21:49
ccneillunrahul: added unittests for models, coverage says I got 100% coverage21:49
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openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: Fixed string check KeyError
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unrahul:D whoa!22:13
unrahulccneill: yup saw that patch i was like.. i bet it was 100 lines less a minute ago..22:14
ccneilladded a *bunch* of unit tests22:24
ccneillalso needed to make some changes to the RequestHelperMixin to handle URLs properly22:25
unrahulyup!, those unittests are one of the most complete ones we have.. I guess we would cross 58% overall with it..22:26
ccneillyeah.. we can probably do without 100% coverage, but I want us to get to at least 80-90%22:29
ccneillsome day22:29
unrahul*some day* :D22:30
ccneilllittle by little22:30
ccneillwe've gone from 8% to 58% pretty quickly :)22:30
openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: Fixed string check KeyError
ccneillmdong: good catch! can't believe we missed that :(22:36
mdongyeah… added a unittest this time22:37
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unrahulanother ++ to overall coverage22:38
ccneillunrahul, mdong: realized we haven't been naming unit test files for checks consistently22:42
ccneilldidn't think this was the CR to try and fix it in though22:43
ccneillbut we have one (" that makes it explicit, and the rest don't22:43
ccneillmaybe we make a tests/unit/checks folder at some point.. it doesn't matter much, just slightly more intuitive if you're looking for those particular tests22:44
mdongyeah, I noticed that. I think I prefer to have it explicit just because we have, for example, checks/ and tests/transport_layer/ssl.py22:44
mdongwe can probably revisit this when we do unittests for the tests themselves22:45
unrahulyup.. we need to do something like that, things are confusing as it is.. no need for unit tests to add to that22:45
ccneillrenaming means we don't have to make a "tests/unit/tests" folder lol22:45
openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/syntribos: Fixed bug RequestObject has no attribute `fuzz_request`
unrahulccneill: mdong syntribos was breaking for me.. because http parser was returning a new RequestObject each time (i guess),22:48
unrahulnot sure if you guys noticed..22:48
unrahulcould you guys check the CR i just posted..?22:49
ccneillunrahul: hmm, we should never call request.fuzz_request() though22:54
ccneilland there are no other "request_model_type"s22:54
ccneillthere's only RequestObject22:54
ccneillmaybe an outdated version of syntribos? I don't see any issues22:54
ccneilltry a "pip uninstall syntribos && pip install --upgrade -e ."22:55
ccneillgrep -r '\.fuzz_request' **/*.py22:55
ccneillsyntribos/tests/fuzz/        fr = syntribos.tests.fuzz.datagen.fuzz_request(22:56
ccneillsyntribos/tests/fuzz/            fr = syntribos.tests.fuzz.datagen.fuzz_request(22:56
ccneilltests/unit/            d for d in fuzz_datagen.fuzz_request(req, strings, "url", "ut")22:56
ccneilltests/unit/            d for d in fuzz_datagen.fuzz_request(req, strings, "data", "ut")22:56
ccneilltests/unit/                fuzz_datagen.fuzz_request(req, strings, "params", "ut"), 1):22:56
ccneillmake sure you pull too, since that parser change landed a little while ago22:56
ccneillargh, looks like Jenkins is overloaded again..22:59
unrahuldid that.. still having the same issue, AttributeError: 'RequestObject' object has no attribute 'fuzz_request'23:00
ccneillweird.. what file/line?23:00
unrahulsyntribos/syntribos/tests/fuzz/", line 121, in get_test_cases23:00
unrahulfr = xls.init_req.fuzz_request(23:01
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ccneillit's part of that giant CR :X23:02
ccneillI should've made the parser change dependent on the fuzzrequest change23:02
* ccneill 's bad23:02
unrahulso ryt.. now.. the master it breaking ..23:02
ccneillargh :(23:03
unrahulphew.. that was a weird side effect23:03
ccneillI haven't seen it failing yet..23:03
unrahulFor us it is breaking.. :/23:03
ccneillbut it should fail23:03
ccneilljust not sure why I haven't seen it yet o_O23:03
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unrahulcould you download the master and see if it is breaking.. ??23:04
unrahulyeah it should ryt..23:04
ccneillI mean.. it *should*, I think.. but I'm getting 0 errors O_o23:04
ccneilldoing an uninstall/reinstall..23:05
ccneillthere we go23:05
unrahulshould we merge the patch i had uploaded for now, as master is breaking?23:06
ccneillok, well.. I guess we should merge this to un-break master, and then when we get the bigger CR merged, it will revise it23:06
unrahulthanks ccneill23:07
unrahulwas driving me crazy23:07
ccneillunrahul: np, +2'd23:07
ccneillhopefully Jenkins calms down a little now that it's the end of the work day...23:08
ccneilland we get a +V soon23:08
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ccneillgonna head out, gotta go buy a new power cord for my personal laptop.. see y'all tomorrow o/23:10
unrahulyup c u ccneill !23:11
openstackgerritAastha Dixit proposed openstack/syntribos: Adding additional fields to debug log
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