Wednesday, 2016-08-24

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
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openstackgerritCharles Neill proposed openstack/syntribos: Removing "config-dir", modifying "config-file"
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openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/syntribos: Standardizing the way we diff signals
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
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openstackgerritNguyen Hung Phuong proposed openstack/bandit: Clean imports in code
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openstackgerritEmma Foley proposed openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
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openstackgerritKhanak Nangia proposed openstack/security-doc: Updated OSSN-0073 Added information about Horizon dashboard leaks
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vinaypotluridoes anyone know how to join barbican threat analysis meeting ?15:53
redrobotvinaypotluri we'll get a google hangout going and post the link here in a few minutes15:53
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hyakuheiThe hangout is full!16:05
hyakuheiHave fun suckaz!16:05
hyakuheidg_____ redrobot ^^^16:05
tmcpeakrob you're already connected twice16:07
tmcpeakhyakuhei: try again16:07
ccneillglad we saved part of the TA for remote - definitely a learning experience16:10
tmcpeakccneill: lol16:10
tmcpeakdg_____: hyakuhei redrobot16:10
redrobotwoodster_ you might be able to join the new hangout
hyakuhei^^ yup16:13
woodster_redrobot: no luck on that one. No biggy though, I'll follow up with the etherpad afterwards.16:14
aasthai am not able to join either16:18
aasthawill check the etherpad though16:19
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openstackgerritNguyen Hung Phuong proposed openstack/bandit: Clean imports in code
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openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: Memoized extension functions
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openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: Memoized extension functions
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ccneillunrahul: can you mute while you guys are chatting amongst yourselves?17:41
hyakuheiunrahul ^^^17:41
unrahulhey guys sorry  forgot to mute17:43
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
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openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/syntribos: Adding a script to generate README.rst from docs
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openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: fixed results error and failure counting
mdongccneill, unrahul: The last patch I had merged broke master - it threw an exception when you keyboardinterrupt19:25
mdongthis latest patch should fix that, can I get a review on it real quick?19:26
ccneillnoticed that yesterday, I'll take a look19:26
ccneillmdong: looks like there's an error on line 157 now19:33
ccneillTypeError: print_log_path_and_stats() takes exactly 3 arguments (2 given)19:33
mdongactually, just realized that this patch needs more work. Should I throw up a quick 1 linepatch that just fixes master while I work on this one or can it wait?19:41
ccneillI can do a separate bugfix real quick19:43
tmcpeak1fixing master is always good :)19:43
unrahuli have a patch for it19:46
unrahulthat i had abandoned19:46
unrahulI could unabandon it19:46
unrahulccneill: mdong
mdongoh, I didn’t see that one19:47
ccneillunrahul: can you unabandon a patch? if so, that's good with me19:48
unrahulyeah.. i pushed it....and then i was reviewing ur changes so that u are taking care of it19:48
unrahulyup already did19:48
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ccneillsearch was being weird on gerrit19:49
mdongso I just noticed that when we’re printing out results, the result that’s being printed after every template, is actually the overall results object, containing failures across all templates19:50
mdongthat is, the result object isn’t being cleared or anything after each template, and the entire thing is being printed every time19:51
ccneillyeah, that's not good19:53
mdongthere’s not really a way for us to actually clear the results object, so we could either take a subset of the results object after each template and print only that19:53
mdongor we could just only print the results at the end of the run19:53
ccneillhonestly I'm okay with us not printing it after every template19:53
mdongyeah that’s what I’m leaning towards too19:54
ccneillit messes with the -o flag too19:54
ccneillI thini19:54
mdongyeah, i guess it would19:54
ccneillit spits out multiple json objects19:55
ccneillso it's not actually a valid JSON file19:55
ccneillI also realized that using a URL as a key to JSON is probably not a great idea, since it makes using tools like jq hard19:55
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ccneillfailures could be a list, with objects inside them that have a url: key19:56
openstackgerritMerged openstack/syntribos: Fixed a trivial bug in keyboard interrupt part
ccneillthat way the hierarchy is predictable the whole way down, and you can write scripts using jq to analyze the output at the end19:57
mdongthat would be a non-trivial change, just because of the way the json formatter is written19:57
ccneillyeah, I figured as much :( which is why I haven't pushed for us to fix it right now19:58
mdongbut if you could put the schema you’re thinking into a gist, I can start looking at it19:58
unrahulwhat should be the key you are thinking of ccneill20:00
unrahulthe template_name ?20:00
ccneillI'll mock something up real quick in a gist20:00
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ccneillunrahul / mdong:
unrahul ccneill this look good.. way better.. , I have a question, do we need to have some sort of key: value for failures.. so that parsing them based on some identifier would be easier..?20:28
unrahuleach failure that is*20:29
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unrahulalso , we can add the diff/comparison of signals to the result as well.. i suppose..?20:30
mdongsorry, did you just post the schema? if you did, can I get the link again?20:31
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unrahul*adding my comments to the gist as well *20:31
ccneillunrahul: you mean including the test number maybe?20:35
ccneillunrahul: +1 on signal diff20:35
unrahulyeah.. something like that.. so that we can identify it .. easily.. or  u know.. communicate better.. "the failure ## :20:36
unrahulwhat do u think?20:36
ccneillI think adding test number would definitely make it easier to search based on the CLI output20:36
unrahul+1 ccneill20:37
ccneillnot sure if we need a separate "failure #" too20:37
ccneillI think just the test ID should be sufficient20:37
unrahulno.. the test id should suffice20:37
ccneillso for the signal diff.. not sure if there's much point actually since the signals in each holder are already listed20:37
ccneillI guess we could but I think it's probably clear enough as it is for now20:38
ccneillas we add more checks/signals maybe it would be more useful to have the diff if the list gets too long20:38
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mdongso, are the test IDs supposed to be unique across templates?20:39
mdongthis is unrelated to the schema20:39
mdongbecause right now they’re not20:39
unrahulhmm. ,, i am wondering.. how to make it easier to parse the failures if there was too many..20:40
unrahulnot sure what is the ryt way20:40
unrahulparse it so that .. reading cli would be easier.20:40
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ccneillwell with jq you could just do jq ".failures[].test_id=1234" I think20:41
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ccneillI think we just want to print the results one time at the end of execution instead of between every template20:42
ccneillmakes it easier to handle writing to a file instead20:42
unrahulyup.. i agree.. so that the results are at one place.. all togther.. and yes as u said, makes it easier to use tools like jq20:43
ccneillmdong: interesting that they're not unique across templates.. I thought the way we were handling it they would be?20:44
mdongnah, right now they’re being reset every time run_all_tests is called, which is once per template20:44
mdongand they’re not being associated with the test object either20:44
ccneillahhhh just noticed that20:44
mdongso if we wanna use those to index into the results output, we’d need to change that20:45
ccneillthought the template loop was happening inside run_all_tests20:45
ccneillprobably good to associate with the test object20:45
ccneillso there should be like a20:46
ccneilllast_test_id= in run(), you pass that to run_all_tests, and return the final test_id at the end20:47
ccneillnah, scratch that20:47
ccneillput current_test_id=1000 as a class variable in Runner, associate the current value with each test object, then increment it20:50
ccneillso that would be cls.current_test_id += 520:50
ccneillthat would be removed20:51
ccneilland you'd add test_class.test_id = cls.current_test_id before line 20520:52
ccneill¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think that sounds sane?20:52
mdongyeah, looks about right to me20:52
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mdongso, er, associating the test_id in the results is gonna be a somewhat involved task21:22
mdongbecause the json formatter flattens the list of [(test, [issues])] into a a list of [issues]21:23
mdongthat is, it takes result.failures, which has all the information about the test, and then just basically throws away the test itself, and only operates on the issues21:24
mdongthis is done because different test objects can raise the exact same issue, and we wanted to remove the redundancy in the output21:25
mdongpoint is, there’s not a 1 to 1 matching of issues and tests that generate them, so do we print multiple test_id’s for every issue?21:26
ccneilli.e., we accumulate the list of test_ids and append them to the output21:26
mdongI mean, is that useful?21:26
ccneillsure, that way you can still use something like jq to filter by test_id21:27
ccneillwould just have to check "contains" instead of "equals"21:27
ccneillmight get a little overwhelming in terms of human readability21:28
mdongyeah that’s what I’m afraid of21:28
ccneillhmm.. :/21:28
mdongalso, it would require either we change how the formatter works entirely, or have test_ids as a class parameter for each issue, which has its own problems21:29
ccneillI think having that searchability is definitely desirable from a21:30
mdongnamely, if two issues have the same data, we want to just consider them as the same issue. Right now the duplicate issue is just thrown away21:30
mdongbut if we associate test_ids with each issue, we’d have to merge them21:30
ccneillI think as the one piece of information that ties together the CLI output, the debug log, and potentially the results log, the test_id is useful enough to warrant the change though21:31
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ccneillmakes correlating things much easier21:32
ccneillI was having a hard time during our keystone testing mapping findings from the results log to the debug log21:32
ccneillespecially after losing the CLI output after running the tool multiple times, `cat`ing the results log, etc.21:33
mdongyeah, fair enough21:33
ccneillit shouldn't be THAT many, right? I mean, less than the number of payloads at least21:33
ccneillwe'll see21:33
ccneillworst case scenario, we can add some documentation explaining how to filter the results a bit with jq so it's not so hard to read manually21:35
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mdongso, do we want a unique failure_id?21:36
mdongbecause we can’t use test_ids as a unique identifier for an issue21:36
mdongccneill unrahul ^21:37
unrahuleeh. would it be too many ids..?21:38
ccneillmaybe we print out failure_ids after each template21:38
ccneillso CLI output has test_id (for searching in debug log) and failure_id (for searching results log)21:39
ccneillnot sure how intuitive that is though..21:39
ccneillI think we want both pieces of info though if we go that route21:39
ccneilllike, if we JUST have failure IDs, it becomes hard to use the debug log to debug non-failed requests21:40
unrahulor should it be some string, based on context, like test type or something..  i am not sure.21:40
ccneillbut it's more natural for us to use a single failure_id in the results log than tacking all the test_ids on there21:40
ccneillwe could put the failure IDs in the debug log too21:40
ccneillso then, you run the tool, check results.json, see the failure_id you want to investigate, search the debug log for that failure_id21:42
ccneillhmm.. I guess the test id really isn't THAT useful if we have the failrue id21:43
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unrahul:/ may be we can avoid failure ids.. and keep thigns simple.21:45
mdongif I had to choose, I’d just go with failure_ids only21:45
mdongbut is there much value in having failure_id and test_ids?21:45
ccneillyeah, I'm leaning that way.. if all we get in the results log is a test_id, it's harder to debug that particular failure21:46
*** vinaypotluri has joined #openstack-security21:46
unrahulyeah .. thats a point..21:46
ccneillonly utility for test_id if we have failure_ids in all 3 locations (cli, results, debug), is if you're watching the CLI output and you want to debug a particular test21:46
ccneillbut since we're talking about only using failure_id in the results output and not adding test_id, it's useless as soon as you lose the CLI output21:46
ccneillso I'd be okay with us just using failure_id/issue_id/whatever for now21:47
ccneilland seeing how that serves us21:47
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*** sdake has joined #openstack-security21:48
mdongsounds good to me21:48
ccneillhmm.. how to generate the failure_id though21:49
ccneillsince the aggregation happens in the formatter21:49
ccneillI'm wondering if we should do the aggregation outside the formatter so that we don't have two separate states21:50
ccneilllike, why build up the giant "results" object only to clobber it21:50
*** sdake_ has joined #openstack-security21:50
mdongas in, why have a results object that holds different information than what the json formatter ultimately operates on?21:51
unrahulshould we discuss more on this on the standup or during our weekly meeting, i am not able to put all these into perspective.. :o21:52
ccneillit seems like that adds an additional level of complexity, making sure that you report the right stats when you "squish" multiple issues into one21:52
ccneillunrahul: I'm basically proposing that we don't do anything in formatters beyond pretty-print the information that is included in the global "results" object21:53
mdongso we can’t get away from the results object, simply because unittest requires it. Originally, I was aggregating everything using the results object itself, but unittest forces certain requirements to the data it contains21:53
*** nkinder has quit IRC21:53
mdongnamely, the results object holds tests, but we care about issues21:53
* ccneill shakes fist at unittest21:53
ccneillwe're doing all the stats calculations/etc. ourselves at this point..21:54
ccneillwonder what, exactly, we're getting from unittest21:54
mdongso instead of trying to wrangle the difference between tests and issues in the same object, I had the results care about tests, and the formatter care about issues21:54
*** sdake has quit IRC21:54
unrahulwill this lead to us removing unittest as a whole.?21:54
mdongor rather I guess originally there wasn’t a formatter at all21:54
ccneillunrahul: maybe, but probably not right now lol21:55
mdongbut point is, yeah, blame unittest21:55
* ccneill just wants to start over sometimes21:55
ccneilllet me look at the results/etc. code for a minute, I haven't worked with that stuff in a bit21:56
*** mdong has quit IRC21:56
unrahul:D.. feels like how karver was called in to fix something.. and bascially the entire software stack was rewritten in silicon valley21:56
ccneillyou just start pulling on one thread... :P21:57
*** mdong has joined #openstack-security21:57
mdongwoah, just got kicked off IRC21:58
unrahulhehee.. >>21:58
mdongidk if my messages went through, so I’ll just repost them21:58
mdongmdong: though, with that being said, if we just decide we don’t care about holding onto the test objects at all21:58
mdong[4:57pm] mdong: and we really don’t use the test objects themselves once they’ve been added to the result object21:58
mdong[4:57pm] mdong: at least I don’t think21:59
mdong[4:57pm] mdong: we could pretty easily modify the results object to just hold test.failures instead of (test, test.failures)21:59
ccneillyeah, if we're not using the test object after that, I'm in favor of tossing it22:00
ccneillbuuut.. that might be our mechanism for doing stuff like request pipelining22:00
ccneillmaybe not22:00
ccneillactually, no, screw that - we'll figure out some other way to handle that lol22:00
mdongyeah…if we depend on unittest’s results object to do request pipelining, then we should find another way to do request pipelining22:01
*** sdake_ has quit IRC22:01
ccneillyeah lol22:01
*** sdake has joined #openstack-security22:03
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mdongso we could do the aggregating within the result object itself, but it would require basically throwing away most of the data unittest wants to shove in there22:05
mdongso addFailure(self, test, err) - we throw away the test, throw away the err, and just keep test.failures22:05
ccneilllooking to see if we end up doing anything with test22:07
*** mdong has quit IRC22:07
ccneillwe already throw err away in addFailure it looks like22:07
ccneillnot sure what err is22:07
*** mdong has joined #openstack-security22:08
mdonger, disconnected from IRC again22:08
mdongmissed what you said just now22:08
ccneillwe already get rid of err22:08
ccneillit's stacktrace data from an exception22:08
ccneillbut that exception in our case is an AssertionError every time (I think)22:09
ccneillif it's actually a failrue, otherwise it's an error22:09
ccneilllooks like we use self.results.getDescription(test) on line 39 of the json formatter...22:10
ccneillnot sure if we could do that another way..22:10
ccneill(for errors)22:11
ccneillwe already throw tests away for failures22:11
mdongbasically that’s responsible for this line in the output22:11
mdong"test": "tearDownClass (syntribos.tests.fuzz.buffer_overflow.domains_get.template_BUFFER_OVERFLOW_HEADERS_buffer-overflow.txt_str3_model2)"22:11
mdongwe could just do like test.__name__22:12
ccneillwe could just put that string in the issue22:12
mdongor really22:12
mdongwe could even leave errors as it is22:12
mdongcause we only care about aggregating the issues22:12
mdongso originally, for the very first implementation, the aggregation was actually done in the result22:13
mdongwas there a reason we moved it to the json formatter that we might be forgetting?22:13
ccneillI think that was before my time :X22:13
ccneillat least before I got heavily involved22:13
ccneillI think it makes sense from a general best-practices perspective though22:13
mdongwell, I can’t remember and I wrote the thing lol22:14
ccneill"formatter" should not mean "thing that creates an entirely new structure" but "thing that tries to meaningfully output existing structure"22:14
ccneillin my mind22:14
ccneillit *may* have had something to do with stats aggregation22:14
ccneillusing unittest's stats22:14
ccneillbut we track all that ourselves now I believe22:14
ccneillI could be totally wrong, but that's all I can think of22:15
mdongok, I can take a crack at this while I’m mucking about with the schema anyway22:16
*** dave-mccowan has quit IRC22:19
ccneillgood news: it will make writing formatters easier O:-022:20
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openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: changes to runner and result
*** aasthadi has joined #openstack-security22:30
openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: Added config file improvements
*** jass93 has joined #openstack-security22:33
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openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: Added config file improvements
openstackgerritMichael Dong proposed openstack/syntribos: changes to runner and result
mdongccneill: can you put this discussion on that etherpad you had up for syntribos irc discussion?22:41
ccneillgood call22:41
mdonganyway, I’m out22:44
mdongsee yall22:44
*** mdong has quit IRC22:44
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*** sdake has joined #openstack-security23:07
openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/syntribos: Adding a script to generate README.rst from docs
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openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/syntribos: Standardizing the way we diff signals
unrahulccneill: I have made the changes for the two patches.. and have uploaded a new one23:17
ccneillcool, I'll check them out23:17
*** edmondsw has quit IRC23:20
ccneill+1'd both23:21
unrahulthanks charles..23:21
unrahulI am working on the sanitzing part.. probably will push a patch today..23:21
ccneillholy crap, my "excluded tests" CR is going on 30 hours now23:21
unrahulwhats the deal ryt23:22
unrahulis not like next week is the summit23:22
unrahulwonder if they had reduced the number of instances processing the jobs23:23
ccneillI think it was because we did +1 and +1worflow at the same time, then +223:23
unrahuloh.. hmm... that is kinda wierd23:23
unrahuli gave a workflow now23:23
unrahullets see if it is pushed now23:23
unrahulvinaypotluri:  can you please review the patches 349403 and 35881823:24
openstackgerritMerged openstack/syntribos: Fixes a bug in "excluded tests"
unrahulgot merged23:26
ccneillgonna try to finish up my config-dir/config-file patch today23:27
ccneillcan someone sum up the topics in the discussion I just added to this etherpad23:27
ccneilleh, I'll come back to it later23:30
*** aasthadi has joined #openstack-security23:30
*** hockeynut has joined #openstack-security23:30
ccneillif everyone's busy23:30
*** aasthadi has quit IRC23:40
openstackgerritMerged openstack/syntribos: Standardizing the way we diff signals
openstackgerritMerged openstack/syntribos: Adding a script to generate README.rst from docs
unrahulhey ccneill  I have summed up the discussion as I understood in the etherpad.. when you get time kindly check it out and update..23:43
ccneillcool, thanks unrahul23:51
ccneilllooks good23:51
openstackgerritCharles Neill proposed openstack/syntribos: Refresh readme
ccneillunrahul: just realized, I don't think the README has been updated since we made the modifications to the source rst files.. :S23:56
ccneillalso looks like the links in the "Details" section aren't working on Github :/
ccneillI'll add to that CR I just submitted23:58

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