Thursday, 2016-09-29

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sdaketmcpeak around at this hour?00:58
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tmcpeaksdake: hey buddy, off and on, what's up?01:19
sdaketmcpeak just wanted to inform you kolla's dedline for rc2 is oct1001:19
sdakei highly doubt we will have tim eto sort out a ta between then and summit01:20
sdakenot that I don't think its important01:20
sdakeI think its *critical*01:20
sdakebut releasing 3.0.0 on time is more critical if that makes any sense01:20
sdakeso can we circle back around after summit or during summit?01:20
sdakenot sure what succesor ptl has in mind01:21
sdakefor summit that is01:21
sdakeas in scheduling a vmt session or not01:21
tmcpeaksdake: successor PTL, same as old PTL :)01:21
tmcpeaksdake: during summit would be great if you guys have time01:21
sdaketmcpeak nah, i didn't run for kolla ptl this cycle01:21
tmcpeakoooh, successor from your side01:21
tmcpeaksdake: let somebody else have some fun?01:22
sdakeya or escape alive depending on your pov ;)01:22
tmcpeakhah, indeed01:22
sdake3 years is a long time to ptl oen project01:23
sdakecan cause wearyness01:23
tmcpeakdamn, I didn't know it was that long01:23
sdakeespecially a project as busy as kolla01:23
sdakewe floundered for the first year01:24
tmcpeakgood man01:24
sdakewe were on fire years 2 and 301:25
sdakeand still are ;)01:25
sdakewe have a prtty big footprint space wise at summit01:25
sdakei'd encourage hyakuhei- to reach out to inc0 to co-schedule a session on ta01:26
sdakemaybe we can get some movement at summit01:26
tmcpeaksdake: cool, I'll let him know01:26
tmcpeaksdake: let's meet up for a beer at the summit or something :)01:26
sdaketmcpeak if i have time :)01:27
sdaketmcpeak i have alot of commitments to meet01:27
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tmcpeaksdake: I bet01:28
sdaketmcpeak re summit cosession, rather then suck up one of the security slots we could use a kolla slot01:29
sdakejust a thought01:29
tmcpeaksdake: that sounds great01:30
tmcpeakbut we'll definitely allocate a slot to security review if needed01:30
sdaketmcpeak i think a conversation between inc0 and hyakuhei- could make that easier01:31
sdakethey dont know each other01:31
sdakeand aren't in each other's universes :)01:31
sdakelets get em connecte01:32
tmcpeaksdake: +101:33
sdakei typically try to keep all convos on public maiing lists01:34
sdakebut in this case a personal introduction might help01:34
tmcpeaksdake: sure, hyakuhei- and I can show up to your meeting?01:34
sdakethat works  too, i was thinking email but meeting times soundsgood01:35
tmcpeakcool, when do you guys meet?01:35
tmcpeakI'll for sure show up and hopefully hyakuhei- can too01:36
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sdaketmcpeak our agenda is on the wiki - sometimes we use it sometimes we dont02:00
sdake1600 utc  wednesdays02:00
sdakeif you or hyakuhei- appear, i'll make sure we get an intro going :)02:00
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tmcpeaksdake: sounds good, thanks!02:03
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sdaketmcpeak next week woudl be best i think02:05
sdakeanother option is i can bring inc0 to the security meeting02:06
sdakei think having you and hyakuhei- appear would have more impact tho02:06
sdakewould result in the coresec team in kolla knowing this job neds to be done02:06
sdakethe security team knows it02:06
sdakethe kolla team sort of knows it02:06
sdakelets try to reinforce that :)02:06
tmcpeaksdake: that would be awesome!02:07
tmcpeaktomorrow work?02:07
sdakei'm not sure what inc0s' schedule is02:07
sdakei'll shoot him an email now02:07
sdakewhat time is your meeting in utc again ?02:07
sdake(I have on my calendar in non utc time)02:07
tmcpeak1700 UTC02:07
sdake1700 utc right?02:07
sdakecool so lets try to do both02:08
sdakeget both ptls together in both meetings02:08
tmcpeakcool, sounds good02:08
sdakeunified front and al lthat ;)02:08
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sarnoldhello; is the openstack security team / vmt / etc officially supporting oslo.privsep?02:09
tmcpeaksarnold: what do you mean officially sponsor?02:11
sarnoldtmcpeak: it appears that no one can actually see bugs against oslo.privsep that are filed "private security"02:11
tmcpeaksarnold: doesn't have "vulnerability managed" tag here02:12
sarnoldtmcpeak: I'm curious who, if anyone, with the openstack security teams I ought to talk to, or if they'll just say "yeah, not ours" :)02:12
sarnoldtmcpeak: aha, I haven't seen this before. nice.02:12
tmcpeakoslo probably has their own core security team that responds to private security bugs02:13
sarnoldnews to me02:14
sarnoldtmcpeak: thanks for your help; I've hit the 'contact this team's admins' button on too -- hopefully I'll have found someone somewhere who's interested in supporting this thing :)02:17
tmcpeaksarnold: sure, no problem02:19
tmcpeakwhat are you trying to do out of curiosity?02:19
tmcpeakyou find something you're trying to get them to address?02:19
sarnoldtmcpeak: yeah; I'm not sure if anything I found is even a bug, but I thought I'd give someone the chance to inspect it without too much pressure if possible02:21
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tmcpeakahh ok, yeah file it to them, hopefully they pick it up02:22
sarnoldI filed two of them yesterday; normally someone from the openstack security team replies quickly, even if just a "thanks we'll investigate" -- a day was out of character :)02:22
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tmcpeakyeah, welcome to the world of non-VMT managed :)02:23
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
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hyakuhei-Hey sicarie15:49
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coreycbtrisq, or anyone else, is there a reason why oslo.privsep is not covered by the openstack VMT or is that just a missing tag?16:04
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coreycbnkinder, hi, would you possibly have any insight to my question above?16:25
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nkindercoreycb: I'm not sure16:28
coreycbnkinder, any idea who might know?16:28
nkindercoreycb: tristanC might now16:40
coreycbnkinder, thanks.  I guess I pinged the wrong nick above.16:41
tmcpeakgmurphy: ^16:41
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brownecan someone who is an anchor core, please approve
brownewe keep getting duplicate patches16:56
tmcpeaktkelsey: ^16:58
tkelseyit already has my +216:59
tmcpeakneed another16:59
tmcpeakhyakuhei-: ^16:59
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/anchor: Remove discover from test-requirements
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tmcpeaklhinds: the struggles are almost over17:15
tmcpeakI wrote a blog post this week on secure development guidance and Bandit17:16
tmcpeakif you're being good children you'll have noticed its announcement on the ML17:16
tmcpeakblog posts are easy and a good way to make our work known to the community17:16
tmcpeakunrahul: I'd encourage you guys to do a quick one for Syntribos17:16
unrahulagreed tmcpeak !.. we will definitely do a retrospective on the testing and on the tool soon..17:18
tmcpeakcool, just mention the kind of bugs you're finding17:18
tmcpeakthis is good stuff17:18
unrahulyup tmcpeak ... it would hopefully make the tool bit more popular as well.. so that others will also start using it.17:23
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sdakehey tmcpeak - inc0 here17:36
inc0hey:) nice to meet you guys17:36
tmcpeakhi inc0 how's it going?17:36
sdakeso i think best plan on this is meeting next wed in kolla's slot topic on TA17:37
inc0pretty well, thanks, still adjusting to new role17:37
inc0sorry for being late17:37
tmcpeakno worries :)17:37
sdakeinc0 everyone has to eat lucnh :)17:37
sdakei doo iff my wife feeds me ;)17:37
inc0tmcpeak, so we do want our VMT finished out, do you guys have any feedback/prework we could do before summit to streamline the process?17:38
inc0we want to be super secure deployment tool;)17:38
sdakeinc0 the step we need for vmt is ta17:38
sdakeeverything else falls into place17:39
sdakeand security team needs some beta testers :)17:39
inc0so TA was started in Austin right?17:39
inc0we've prepared bunch of docs on how Kolla is wired17:39
sdakeright however the process has changed17:39
tmcpeakinc0: yeah we've changed TA (security review) to scale better17:39
tmcpeakso we'll need to map over what's been done to new process and finish up17:39
tmcpeakshouldn't be too much work17:39
inc0ok, so how does it look like now and how can we help?17:39
tmcpeakinc0: if you guys have time the first step is producing a DFD like we did for Barbican17:41
tmcpeakonce that's ready we'll review with you guys to determine assets and security threats to those assets17:43
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inc0_hey, sorry, my vpn died on me17:45
inc0_looking at docs17:45
tmcpeakno worries17:45
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inc0_ok, so we already ran through assets I think17:48
inc0_generally, we might need to revise it in terms of new service additions17:48
tmcpeakinc0_: separately? what we did in Austin is a little different17:48
inc0_I see17:49
inc0_ok, so, we need to repeat this excersize right?17:49
tmcpeakinc0_: yeah, but we can map some over17:49
tmcpeakwhat we did before isn't a wash17:49
inc0_we can do it just after next Wed meeting, so we won't need to rush things by meeting agenda17:49
tmcpeakinc0_: review assets? ok cool17:50
tmcpeakhopefully dg and hyakuhei can join17:50
sdakeinc0_ i think thats one approach - another is to inform the team in the meeting its a prioirty :)17:50
sdakemaybe both can be used17:50
inc0_sdake, I want to talk about this on meeting too, but we have other stuff going on17:51
inc0_and we don't need full community for it;)17:51
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sdakeinc0_ right -this is just the coresec team from our side17:51
inc0_I'll just make sure that we have enough people with deep arch knowledge of kolla to answer all the questions17:51
sdakeinc0_ but we do need to recruit a capable coresec team17:51
tmcpeaksdake: +117:52
sdakehencethe meeting time :)17:52
inc0_anyway, let's do this later on, one thing at the time17:52
tmcpeakinc0_, sdake cool17:52
tmcpeakI'll join next week and we can discuss further17:52
inc0_we already have volunteers from before17:52
sdakeinc0_ some of those folks have dropped of the core team17:52
inc0_sure, thanks tmcpeak and feel free to ping me on whatever you need17:52
inc0_I'm at your disposal17:52
tmcpeakinc0_: great, nice to meet you!17:53
inc0_thing is, I'd expect every core reviewer to have security in mind17:53
sdakeinc0_ right17:53
sdakeit should be prioirty #117:53
inc0_so instead of making coresec team I'd rather educate our whole core team;)17:53
sdakeinc0_ vmt requries a subset of team17:53
sdakehowever educating whle team is useful imo17:54
sdakevmt wants max 5 people17:54
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sdakelets just reintroduce the idea - should take less then 5 minutes during the meeting17:55
inc0_sdake, we are making this a agenda point, yes17:55
inc0_but after meeting we can start actual analysys17:55
sdakesounds good to me17:55
sdakenice plan inc0_17:55
inc0_so we kick off some work right away17:55
tmcpeaksounds good17:56
sdakecool maybe we can get it done beffore summit then tmcpeak17:56
sdakealthough hard to say17:56
inc0_if we just get to know what kind of info you guys need, we can fill out blanks on our own17:56
inc0_and you'll review it afterwards17:56
tmcpeakthat would be awesome17:56
tmcpeakI'll bring the other security review folks to your meeting so we can overview17:56
tmcpeakdg has links to recent version of our guidance17:56
inc0_and on summit we'll go through it together and work out framework to keep it up to date and all17:57
* tmcpeak back in a bit17:57
inc0_sounds good, thanks!17:57
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sigmavirusccneill: is there some kind of OSSA goal for syntribos/OSIC that I'm unaware of?20:01
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ccneillnope - not that worried about getting an OSSA at this point. just want to make sure we're not sweeping something under the rug that is more prevalent than one would assume based on the current launchpad discussion. the only drive for OSSAs is based on whether everyone agrees that one is needed20:12
ccneillbut by myself I can't determine exactly how prevalent it is - hence my explanations20:13
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openstackgerritCharles Neill proposed openstack/syntribos: Adding Cinder extension support to templates
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