Friday, 2016-12-02

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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/anchor: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/security-doc: Updated from openstack-manuals
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openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/syntribos: Removing download count shield
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openstackgerritRahul U Nair proposed openstack/security-doc: Removing an extra space after fullstop
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dotplusI'm having a bit of trouble getting syntribos configured. I'm using a config file: that seems pretty minimal and is based right off the doc. If I do `syntribos --config-file venv/.syntribos/identity.conf list_tests`, it lists all the tests happily. but if I run try to run/dry_run, syntribos complains "was not initialized".20:30
dotplushave I missed something?20:30
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mdongI can help with that! Syntribos requires that you initialize it before running, which can be done by just running “syntribos init” from the command line before running20:34
mdongsee for the documentation on this part20:34
dotplusyes, I know that. init is to create the structure, & download payloads/templates. But I'm in an isolated CI environment, so that's not possible. syntribos allows you to set it all up manually, which is what I have done.20:36
unrahulDid you download syntribos from pypi or from github ?20:38
dotpluspypi. 0.3.020:38
dotplusam I hitting a known and/or fixed problem? that means I need head of master?20:38
unrahulso are you running syntribos from the .syntribos dir inside ur virtualenv or from you home dir  ?20:39
dotplusinside the venv20:39
mdongwhen you initialized Syntribos, did you supply a custom install root?20:39
mdongor did you follow the default prompts20:40
dotplusI *didn't* init, because I need to lay down specific config.20:40
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dotplusI have replicated what init would have done.20:43
mdongGotcha. Supply the directories you created with the —custom_install_root flag20:44
mdongand that should be enough20:44
mdongor actually, to run it, it would be the --syntribos-custom_root flag20:44
mdongor add “custom_root=<whatever>” to your config file in the [syntribos] section20:46
dotplusbut what is the custom root in my example venv/.syntribos?20:46
unrahulso I created a virtulenv, install syntribos, created a `.syntribos` dir, syntribos.conf file, templates, payloads dirs etc inside the virtenv and was able to run syntribos20:46
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mdongyep! the path to your .syntribos folder should do it20:47
unrahulit would be the path of your venv dir20:47
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dotplusunrahul: in your example, the syntribos.conf file, templates, payloads dirs etc should be inside venv/.syntribos/ ?20:51
dotplusok, I'll go verify. thanks20:51
unrahulsure, let us know if you have any trouble20:51
dotplusum. does it have to be called 'syntribos.conf'? I going to be testing various endpoints, so I have identoty.conf, network.conf, compute.conf, etc.21:13
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unrahulyou could call the file anything21:14
unrahulprovided you explicit call the config file21:14
unrahulsyntribos --config-file file_name {command}21:14
dotplusI had a quick glance through utils/ and it looks like  the is_syntribos_initialized() method is looking for FILE21:15
dotplusyeah, that's what I had originally21:15
unrahulalso, as long as you have explicitly provided the file paths to all dirs (templates, payloads, logs etc) it should be fine where ever the locations are21:15
unrahulwhich env are you using? Ubuntu ?21:15
dotpluswhat looks suspicious to me is that list_tests can succeed, but [dry_]run cannot.21:17
unrahulmm...  let me see if I can recreate the env in my local21:17
dotplusI'm wondering whether the initialization test is bogus/broken21:18
unrahulmdong:  any thoughts ?21:18
unrahuldotplus:  it works well on mac/debain based machines and a few other that we had tested..21:18
mdonglist_tests doesn’t call is_syntribos_initialized(), so that would be why list_tests works and run doesn't21:18
mdongbut Syntribos expects to find a folder where it wants to install them, if you want to point Syntribos somewhere else, you’d need to supply that to the —syntribos-custom_root flag21:19
dotplusright. is the only way for the init check to return True. but I'm not using a filename that is the same as get_default_conf_file21:20
unrahulso it seems the file has to be named syntribos.conf , I missed that part21:24
dotplusShould that line 281  be 'if os.path.exists(thecli_specified_conf_file):'?21:24
mdongas a sanity check, if you just create an empty file called “syntribos.conf”, it should work21:26
unrahulI guess you could do a simlink for now to the config file, depending upon which conf you want to use.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯21:26
mdongto satisfy the initialization check, but otherwise you should be able to reference whatever config file you want on the command line21:26
mdongit looks like the initialization check is just checking for the existence of the file in the syntribos root directory21:26
unrahulyup meanwhile we will fix this and push an update21:27
dotplusbut yes, that works21:27
dotplusI can submit a patch to gerrit if you want21:28
dotplusbtw, thanks for your assistance, both of you. nice to get verification I'm not crazy21:39
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dotpluspresumably somewhere in the data available to is a var that contains the value of --config-file?21:40
unrahul:) , we welcome it, If you can submit the patch, we shall verify it and merge it21:41
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unrahulthe config-file is stored in the CONF object, we are using oslo_config to manage our configuration values21:41
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mdongthanks for using syntribos! it’s obviously a work-in-progress so any bugs that are brought to our attention are much appreciated!21:42
dotplusok, I'll dig and pick it out of there.21:42
mdongand the value you’re looking for is CONF.config_file21:42
dotplusthis might take me a bit, because it will be my first OS patch. And while my broader team is working on OS heavily, I'm focussed on our tooling/infra.21:43
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unrahulnice, just curious what are using syntribos for ? internal testing of openstack?21:44
mdongbut we also allow for a —config-dir option, so the line should probably read “if os.path.exists(get_default_conf_file()) or CONF.config_file or CONF.config-dir”21:44
dotplusunrahul: I work for Cisco Metacloud.21:45
dotplusso "sort of internal"21:45
unrahulcool, let us know  what you think, every feedback at this stage would help21:46
mdong+1 ^21:46
dotplusI'm just building/improving CI infra at the moment, so I'm not the person who will actually *use* syntribos or even look at the reports/results. I'm just getting ready for those who will wants jobs automated.21:48
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dotplusbut, absolutely, in time, I'm sure some of our infosec folk will want to get deeper involved21:49
mdongOh, that21:49
unrahulcool.. making syntribos CI friendly is one of our short term goals, so let us know if you see any specific things that you would like to see in syntribos .. we could start a discussion21:49
mdongthat’s awesome*! using syntribos as part of CICD is one of our goals so it’s great to hear!21:49
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dotplusso apart from this bug the first feedback I have is that I'd like to see the templates and payloads come from the same place as the software - they are an integral part. I know you're trying to make syntribos non-openstack-specific and that's great. But I think "community-sourced" payloads/templates for openstack projects (and for anything else anyone wants to create) could still come from
unrahulyup.. this is a temporary measure, we are moving to official templates and payloads repos for openstack in a few days21:57
dotplusah ok.21:58
unrahulit would be under
unrahulthis would allow us to easily package the tool and keep the `non-code` part of the tool on separate repos21:59
unrahulit would be under
dotplusthat makes more sense, I assumed it was a typo:)21:59
unrahul+1 :)22:00
dotplussince syntribos doesn't actually know anything about the endpoint except what the payload/templates "teach" it, I need to ensure that I point syntribos at say, nova specific payloads/templates when I'm testing nova? or does it somehow work out how to ignore data for cinder/glance/whatever when testing nove?22:01
mdongthe former, nothing in syntribos stops you from pointing glance payloads at nova endpoints22:03
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dotplusput more succintly: do I need to set templates=openstack-templates-master/templates/nova or just to openstack-templates-master/templates/ ?22:04
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dotplusI haven't even looked at payloads/templates and don't really know what the distinction it. I mean, I get that they are "data required to attack API endpoints", but that's about it22:05
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mdongif you’re just testing nova, it would be templates=openstack-templates-master/templates/nova22:10
dotplusgot it. I was planning on having a separate config-file for each endpoint and running separate scans as individual Jenkins jobs22:11
mdongtemplate are basically HTTP requests for an API endpoint, the payload is what syntribos injects into the the request22:11
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ccneillsome light reading for a Friday: dozens of appsec security resources :)
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