Thursday, 2018-04-26

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openstackgerritLuke Hinds proposed openstack/bandit master: Project Migration to PyCQA
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gagehugobrowne fungi we want to keep projects using bandit though right for their checks?15:33
fungiyes, that shouldn't pose any problems15:34
fungiremoving bandit from job configuration in project-config doesn't remove use of bandit from individual projects (which is generally implemented through their requirements.txt and tox.ini files)15:35
fungiit just stops running jobs on new changes proposed to the bandit repo, which is a prerequisite for removing its content before we switch it to read-only in gerrit15:36
fungistep #2 in
browneyeah, we have to turn off or make non-voting the zull checks that are failing for patch
fungiand step 415:36
browneha, did anyone do step 1>15:37
gagehugowe might have update projects's gates too if they are pulling from the old repo15:37
fungithey wouldn't install bandit from git15:37
fungithey install it from pypi15:37
gagehugoI mean do we need to change anything there?15:38
gagehugoI want to avoid breaking everyone's pep8 gate heh15:38
fungii.e., they test using released versions of bandit15:38
gagehugoah ok15:38
fungiso nothing needs to change there15:38
fungias long as bandit continues to publish new releases to pypi (which it does) then this is business as usual for projects relying on it15:39
browneok, i'll do a patch to remove bandit from openstack/requirements projects.txt15:39
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nickthetaitHeres a link for browne about moving issues from launchpad to github
brownenickthetait:  thanks!15:50
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fungisince we ran a bit over and i didn't get to highlight these, here are a couple new potential ossns which became public over the past week:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1739646 in OpenStack Compute (nova) queens "Instance type with disk set to 0 can cause DoS" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Matt Riedemann (mriedem)16:03
openstackLaunchpad bug 1765734 in oslo.rootwrap "one can bypass filters and execute arbitrary commands on namespaces" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Daniel Alvarez (dalvarezs)16:03
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gagehugofungi idk if you're the correct person to ask, but do we only have the channel for 30 mins?  I thought that was the issue before we moved times, not sure if that's still the case16:24
gagehugofor the weekly meeting*16:24
fungigagehugo: i expect hyakuhei determined we regularly lacked sufficient content to go longer than that16:27
fungibut i'll check the git history for the schedule to find out16:27
gagehugofungi thank you!16:27
gagehugoyeah typically we don't run over16:27
gagehugobut sometimes we do, and I felt bad cutting it off if it was not necessary16:27
fungimight have even been a convention bdpayne started when he was chairing16:29
fungigagehugo: i don't see anything at or in explicitly limiting it to half an hour16:31
fungiand in fact says "DURATION:PT1H"16:31
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fungiso i thnik it's at least scheduled just like any of our standard weekly irc meetings which are an hour in length16:32
fungiin the past, some participants may have had a hard conflict starting at 15:30 utc or something16:32
fungior rather, at half-past whatever time the meeting was previously scheduled to start before we moved it to thursdays16:33
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gagehugofungi ok, thanks for looking18:14
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fungiso, yeah, i expect you could just say it's an hour-long meeting that you reserve the option to end early if there's insufficient agenda to last that long19:01
fungiand if people have a hard stop at 30 minutes for something else they can just let the meeting chair know to cover their topics in the first part of the meeting19:02
gagehugoyeah, I don't see any cons to having the room for an hour19:03
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