Wednesday, 2018-07-18

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SanjaiHello all12:15
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SanjaiI have a query regarding session_management12:26
Sanjaidoes session denote only horizon or both horizon & ssh sessions ??12:27
Roy_kevNormally session denotes all aspects , it covers both !!12:28
SanjaiOh ok... is there any discussion regarding session management ?12:29
Roy_kevCheck on the change logs12:30
Sanjaii have found 1 already. but im not sure to proceed with it as it focusses only on vmsession...12:30
Sanjaithe url ->
Roy_kevI hope this isn't the right one to follow as per your query12:32
Sanjaii also have some inputs for horizon session. but im unaware of ssh sessions.. could you please help on this ??12:33
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Roy_kevCheck for some config12:39
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