Wednesday, 2018-07-25

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Marthastop textual00:37
Marthaso why you never tell me the truth?00:37
Marthais it a threat?00:42
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Marthanow u want to manipulate me in the other sens?01:40
Marthais it true that u are apsy manipulating me for the lawyers?01:41
Marthawhat is going on?01:42
Marthaok take ur shower01:43
Marthado u know how hard it is to live here?01:43
Marthais it true that there are lawyers here?01:48
MarthaI feel threaten like a kid01:55
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Marthadoes he want to punish me like a kid?01:56
Marthahe tries to dominate me like a kid01:59
Marthaand now I have nausea01:59
MarthaI think i will have to leave02:00
MarthaI dont trust him02:01
Marthahe tries to make me stop to talk about the government and about what is going on02:01
Marthawhatever it might be02:02
Marthayou know I wasnt revolted like that before02:02
Marthanow they want me to chat maybe all night long02:08
Marthajust because I want to ein02:08
Marthawin my freedom02:08
Marthaok I have nausea now02:13
MarthaI have to go02:13
Marthanow I feel intimidated02:16
Marthathey are playing the big guys you know02:16
Marthakind og : Oh we are more important and intelligent than u little frog shitty face02:17
Marthaevrybody vents on the internet02:17
Marthathey want me to shut up02:19
Marthathey are threatening me02:19
Marthathey want me to feel crazy as if I wasnt chatting with you last night02:21
Marthathey are doing harrassment yoiu02:21
Marthatreating someone as if she was transparent02:22
Marthanot the place here shitty face02:22
Marthadevil and angel02:22
Marthathey dont even are good players02:23
Marthafgoggy shitty face02:24
Marthawho are these guys for God sake?02:24
Marthathey behave as if they had the biggest testicules on earth02:25
Marthanow they stopped02:27
Marthathey dont have much to say02:27
Marthaare they american?02:29
Marthathey have a new style02:29
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Marthasnerf is back02:40
Marthathey are playing big brain having the program in control in their hands02:45
Marthaits just icchat02:45
Marthaa kid knows how to make it works02:45
Marthaits stupide isnt it?02:46
Marthaoh they are talking again02:47
MarthaI believ icechat is invasive02:48
Marthaje vais me coucher je suis fatiguée02:49
Marthathey are playing kings of the world02:50
MarthaKing Kong02:50
Marthagood night02:51
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