Thursday, 2018-10-11

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gagehugofungi: I likely won't be around today for the security meeting12:13
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fungigagehugo: thanks for the heads up! if there's enough interest i'll see who wants to chair (or chair it myself), otherwise we can cancel it if nobody's around12:26
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fungiwe ended up skipping the meeting16:07
fungialso it took me 15 minutes to even remember to check in on #openstack-meeting to see if anyone wanted to meet16:07
fungithanks for responding, nickthetait!16:08
gagehugofungi: thanks for checking16:09
sean-k-mooneyfungi: regarding i was speaking to trident and they mentioned a posible second vector to trigger the same behavior.  if confirmed it would require a more extensive fix is it ok to split that into a seperate security bug and mark it private or should we extend the exisign bug17:06
openstackLaunchpad bug 1734320 in os-vif "Eavesdropping private traffic" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to sean mooney (sean-k-mooney)17:06
fungisean-k-mooney: i would just extend the existing bug17:17
fungii'm starting to think this warrants an ossn until there are sufficient fixes backported17:18
fungii've had a few people ask me about it at this point17:18
fungisean-k-mooney: do we know of any viable workarounds for the problem (short of just not using the affected backends)?17:19
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sean-k-mooneyfungi: for the second vector i dont think it can be fixed in just os-vif17:22
fungithanks, figured i'd ask17:24
sean-k-mooneyi intiall said if its confim as i have not tryided to reporduce the second vector yet but i suspect it would require an addtional nova change + neutron change or an addtion os-vif + neutron agent change / sdn controler change17:26
sean-k-mooneyi will try to reproduce tomorw but i dont want to public state the other vector for now without a known solution17:27
fungisean-k-mooney: makes sense. thanks for looking into it17:41
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