Tuesday, 2019-03-26

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mgoddardHello, we have a security issue in the Kayobe project. We've had a look through some of https://security.openstack.org/, and are just wondering how much of the process, if any, applies to an unofficial project16:01
gagehugomgoddard: this one? https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/200529916:04
mgoddardgagehugo: that's it16:04
gagehugoheh plaintext passwords16:06
mgoddardI realise we've already gone public with the bug report and fix, skipping most of the steps16:06
gagehugoI'm not sure if storyboard has all the private security bug features yet or how that works tbh16:08
mgoddardtrying to create a new bug, there was an option to make it private16:09
mgoddardbut that horse has bolted :)16:09
gagehugoyup heh16:09
mgoddardso really just wondering if there's anything we should do to communicate this issue beyond the bug report?16:10
mgoddarddo OSSAs apply to unofficial projects?16:10
gagehugoI don't think so specifically16:10
gagehugobut we can always help out when needed16:10
gagehugoI will take a look at the fix16:11
gagehugoit's good that a fix was made pretty quickly16:12
mgoddardgreat, thanks16:19
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