Tuesday, 2019-08-06

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mnaserfungi: do you plan on pushing up a patch to openstack/ossa for Add OSSA-2019-003 ?17:11
fungimnaser: we're still waiting for the remaining nova patches to link in it17:12
fungithey're almost all up now17:12
mnaseroh, ah17:12
mnaseri think we're up to pike17:12
fungias soon as i have the last few to link for stable/ocata i'll be able to push the ossa i'm drafting17:12
mnaseri was just curious cause the release notes in those changes linked to it17:12
mnaserso i just wanted to be sure we don't end up having an incorrect link though it seems like it should be the right link17:13
fungiyeah, i don't think we've expected projects to link to advisories in their release notes unless they push the release notes later in separate changes17:13
fungibecause we need to know the review ids to be able to link them in the advisory17:13
mnaserno worries, the link doesnt look like it would 40417:14
fungiso we recommend using bug numbers (and optionally cves) to track them17:14
mnaserit seems to be consistent in the naming scheme so yeah17:14
fungiwe've allocated ossa-2019-003 in our sequence for this one, so it's safe enough i guess it's just not actually present yet17:15
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fungimnaser: it's live now... https://security.openstack.org/ossa/OSSA-2019-003.html20:09
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