Wednesday, 2019-12-04

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cmurphygagehugo: fungi I attached a patch for #1855080 what are the next steps for getting it reviewed and ci'd and merged? should I just submit it to gerrit or is there an embargo procedure?19:01
fungiwell, not talking about it in public would be the embargo procedure ;)19:01
fungigagehugo: also mentioned that the details got disclosed in #openstack-keystone though?19:01
fungiso maybe we should just consider the embargo already broken19:02
cmurphyyes it was...19:02
cmurphybut can continue discussion in private anyway19:03
fungii haven't looked yet at the irc discussion to see how much of it was laid out, just a sec19:04
fungicmurphy: i've updated the bug to recommend we switch to our process for public reports and dispense with the embargo overhead19:10
fungithe details in irc are basically also those in the report19:11
cmurphyfungi: okay, thanks19:11
cmurphyfungi: for future reference, what would be the procedure?19:11
fungicmurphy: both public and private report processes are described at but basically the next steps under embargo would have been review from other keystone reviewers and preapproval within bug comments as well as the vmt drafting and reviewing an impact description in bug comments, then scheduling the disclosure date and sending copies of the19:13
fungibackports to the embargo-notice mailing list19:13
cmurphyfungi: thanks19:13
fungithe process for public reports is simpler and more like our usual workflow for any bug on the other hand. push patches to gerrit, propose backports, get at least tentative approval in review, similarly someone (usually a vmt member) proposes an impact description and advisory to the openstack/ossa repo and that gets reviewed in parallel. when everything is approved an advisory is published to the19:15 site and a number of relevant public mailing lists19:15
fungipublication for private/embargoed reports on the other hand is that at the scheduled disclosure time we push the fixes and advisory change all at once, hope pre-review/manual testing were sufficient to get it passing gate jobs, and send advisory to public mailing lists19:17
fungiobviously embargoes are not only a lot more work but also more of a scramble and nail-biting come disclosure time19:18
fungiso if there's a good reason not to do one (for example, the problem has already been mentioned in public) then it's best to just get it done quicker in public19:18
gagehugofungi cmurphy: yeah the details are already out there, moving to public and getting cmurphy's ps in gerrit quickly would be a good path forward imo19:35
gagehugocmurphy: could you submit that fix then for this when you get a chance?19:43
cmurphygagehugo: done19:45
fungigagehugo: are you interested in drafting the impact description for this one? if so i'll set you as the assignee on the ossa task19:48
gagehugoyeah will do19:48
fungiyou can push it straight up to gerrit for openstack/ossa if you want, since this is now public19:48
fungigagehugo: also, a reminder, if you switch a bug to public, remove the embargo preamble from the bug description19:49
gagehugoah ok, will do19:49
fungiit's no longer relevant and can cause future confusion19:50
fungi(i just did it now for this one)19:50
fungithanks for picking it up!19:50
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