Thursday, 2020-02-20

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gagehugosecurity meeting now in openstack-meeting15:01
fungigagehugo: after grepping the ml archives, the only mentions have been in your meeting summaries: and a couple of tc updates about open governance changes, so we may need to take some extra care with introducing it more thoroughly. want to draft something in an etherpad? if so, i'm happy to review it and suggest stuff15:34
fungicool, when you have something i'll make going over it a top priority so as to not slow you up too much15:59
gagehugook, I'll try to get something written up this afternoon16:00
fungiat your convenience. thanks again!16:01
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gagehugofungi: started something here:
gagehugojust brain dumping atm, will do some wordsmithing next probably19:08
fungithanks, i hacked a little at it too19:14
gagehugofungi: anything else you feel needs added?20:40
gagehugothanks for getting the update current private bugs20:42
gagehugoUpdate the report == Feb 4th or a couple days ago?20:43
fungii think what you have there is fine20:49
fungias far as points we need to make at least20:49
fungiupdating the reports will happen once you send this e-mail to openstack-discuss20:50
fungias i comment in the bugs and update the embargo leader on their descriptions, i'll start the 90-day clock at that point20:51
fungiso that nobody can complain we shorted them on their 90-day warning20:51
gagehugoah ok21:12
gagehugowe should probably say that21:12
gagehugosomething like "as of today, after 90 days all current embargo'd bugs will be made public21:12
fungiyep, that's what i intend to put in each bug comment21:14
fungiit may end up being slightly more than 90 days from your e-mail, as i want to link it within each comment for clarity21:14
fungibut it'll be 90 days from when i comment in each bug21:15
fungi(i also may not get them all done the exact same day depending on how generous launchpad is feeling that day)21:15
gagehugoI can probably tackle some too21:15
fungicool, thanks21:15
gagehugoShall I send it out then?21:17
fungiyeah, lgtm21:18
fungii can start doing bug updates tomorrow21:18
fungii'm behind schedule to review talk submissions for the open cloud workshop in a couple weeks, and need to get back to them21:19
gagehugook Ill send it out21:23
fungithanks again!21:28
gagehugofungi: one last quick ?, does that title look fine in the pad?21:30
fungimaybe spell out vulnerability management team?21:38
fungiand you can drop the word "new"21:38
fungiall changes are new changes ;)21:38
fungireally you don't need the word team either21:38
fungi[security] Vulnerability management policy changes21:38
fungisomething like that21:39
gagehugook lol21:40
fungiso exactly what you had, just, you know, completely different21:41
fungiit's your call of course. and thanks again for sending this out21:41
gagehugoanytime, it's sent21:42
fungiyay! at least now i know what i'm (probably) working on tomorrow21:52
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