Thursday, 2020-02-27

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gagehugosecurity sig meeting starting now in #openstack-meeting15:00
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Memory pressure on is causing connection timeouts resulting in POST_FAILURE and RETRY_LIMIT results for some jobs since around 06:00 UTC today; we will be restarting the scheduler shortly to relieve the problem, and will follow up with another notice once running changes are reenqueued.19:12
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The scheduler for has been restarted; any changes which were in queues at the time of the restart have been reenqueued automatically, but any changes whose jobs failed with a RETRY_LIMIT, POST_FAILURE or NODE_FAILURE build result in the past 14 hours should be manually rechecked for fresh results19:45
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fungiin addition to updating the embargo preamble on descriptions of private vulnerability reports, i'll also be adding this comment to each bug:20:19
fungiIn keeping with recent OpenStack vulnerability management policy changes, no report should remain under private embargo for more than 90 days. Because this report predates this policy change, the deadline for public disclosure is being set to 90 days from today. If the report is not resolved within the next 90 days, it will revert to our public workflow as of 2020-05-27. Please see20:19
fungi for further details.20:19
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