Thursday, 2020-05-07

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AJaegeris anybody still reviewing syntribos? I'd like reviews on , please - this cleansups up py27 support14:48
fungiAJaeger: good question, maybe the security sig should discuss the future of that project in today's meeting14:50
gagehugoAJaeger: I don't think syntribos sees much involvment these days14:50
gagehugoWe mentioned retiring it before14:50
gagehugoSent out an email to the ML asking if anyone was still actively using it and didn't get a response14:52
AJaegerlast merge was December 201814:52
AJaegergagehugo: if you need help retiring, I'm happy to...14:52
AJaegerindeed, no repo is using it14:53
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gagehugofungi AJaeger: I'll send out an email to the -discuss ML announcing that we are looking to retire syntribos19:46
AJaegergagehugo: thanks. does that include all related repos?19:49
AJaegersyntribos-openstack-templates and syntribos-payloads as well?19:50
fungithanks gagehugo!20:12
gagehugopushed and replied to the original thread back in July 201920:27
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