Monday, 2016-01-04

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pigmejso, we have 2 solutions11:07
pigmej1) merge this asap (it blocks some other stuff)11:07
pigmej2) merge this later + adjust it to later changes11:07
pigmejthis patch is quite "easy" (it's basicaly "just" move 3 dirs to other repository)11:08
pigmej+ vagrant makes clone of this repo as solar-resources in main directory.11:08
pigmejthe thing is it blocks a lot of tasks that have to be done.11:09
tznso, pros and cons?11:10
pigmejtzn salmon_11:10
pigmejtzn: cons -> it adds another repository to take care of, speed--11:10
pigmejpros -> solar "core" will be clean and independent from resources11:10
pigmejit's basically very simple "thing"11:10
pigmejthe most important change there is:
pigmejbesides that and obviously new repo there is no logic change at all11:11
salmon_I would wait for CI11:15
pigmejsalmon_: this split changes nothing in CI things11:16
salmon_I know. But only I can test your change and I'm busy :P11:17
pigmejwell, testing this change is just matter of testing
pigmejbecause the rest is unchanged :)11:18
tznplese don't be so optimistic ;)11:19
tznit's usual cluster fuck whrn someone is saying: this is little change, does not affect anything11:19
pigmejtzn: well, it really don't affect thigns11:20
pigmejit's just move directory11:20
pigmejwith examples and resources :)11:21
pigmejand all links that we had before are just changed11:21
pigmej(links to repos)11:22
pigmejso what we do with that ?11:23
pigmejsalmon_: tzn11:32
pigmejfor me it makes no difference, but we will need then to make that split again, and it's kinda frustrating process11:33
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openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: composer.create returns CreatedResources object
pigmejsalmon_: do you need something in solar for testing ?12:30
pigmej(besides that local ansible?)12:30
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openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Removed old puppet_module field from resource
tznThans @bogdando14:56
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Standarized props names in ssh transports
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Ansible Playbook uses now solar_transports
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Implements ansible_playbook_local handler
pigmejsalmon_: happy reviewing :P15:36
tznA lot15:43
pigmejbtw let's drop that "repository move" till salmon_ finishes testing and we cleanup this reviews :)15:43
pigmejit *can* be tested though, because the logic of this move will stay there15:44
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Move bootstrap commands to ansible playbook
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