Friday, 2016-01-22

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openstackgerritDmitry Shulyak proposed openstack/solar: Implement timelimit mechanism based on tracking of tasks
openstackgerritDmitry Shulyak proposed openstack/solar: Add implementation of puller with pool of threads and tracking of tasks
openstackgerritDmitry Shulyak proposed openstack/solar: Zerorpc worker for orchestration modules
openstackgerritDmitry Shulyak proposed openstack/solar: Add hack to start/end session after each retry in locking
openstackgerritDmitry Shulyak proposed openstack/solar: Add hack to start/end session after each retry in locking
openstackgerritLukasz Oles proposed openstack/solar: Fix session in CLI on Debian systems
pigmejdshulyak_: ?09:16
dshulyak_pigmej: yeah, i added it to show what the problem, im looking for a better solution09:17
dshulyak_there is 2 problems09:17
pigmejBUT I still don't get it09:17
pigmejsession_start ,session_end are noops three09:18
dshulyak_well they are not :)09:18
dshulyak_begin/commit ?09:18
pigmejstill, they should change nothing09:19
pigmejat least for lock09:19
dshulyak_lets say we have 2 conccurent updates, A and C09:19
pigmejand I still don't get the problem09:19
dshulyak_A acquired lock first09:19
dshulyak_C tried to acquire it, and entered retry loop09:19
dshulyak_A released lock09:19
dshulyak_C wont see that A released it09:19
dshulyak_i can reproduce it each time09:20
pigmejwhy C won't see it?09:20
pigmejah, sqlite09:20
pigmej+ transaction isolation :D09:20
dshulyak_documentation says that sqlite provides serializable isolation for different db connections09:21
pigmejyeah, :(09:21
pigmejwell, we could remove transactions09:21
pigmejBUT sqlite is slow then09:21
pigmejbecause it will issue each operation in separate transaction09:22
dshulyak_i wanted to experiment with this or select for update, but it seems there is no support for select for update09:22
dshulyak_in sqlite09:22
dshulyak_or read uncommited pragma :)09:22
dshulyak_and with riak - the problem was that lock is not covering everything that we need, it is released before all data is saved, so another transacation can read old values, and later we will get siblings error09:24
dshulyak_i will probably use it as a decorator of some kind09:24
pigmejwell, then don't release too early :)09:24
dshulyak_thats the plan09:27
pigmejdshulyak_: but nice catch :)09:32
pigmejdshulyak_: the problem is simple10:09
pigmejwe need somehow include and access to ./library from transports10:09
pigmejfor both, installed package (give pbr some love...), and from `pip install -e .`10:10
pigmej->> from pkg_resources import Requirement, resource_filename10:11
pigmej->> f = resource_filename(Requirement.parse('solar'), 'library')10:11
pigmej->> f10:11
pigmejthis thing works10:11
pigmejsalmon_, dshulyak_ ^10:11
pigmejcan you guys execute python -c "from pkg_resources import Requirement, resource_filename; print resource_filename(Requirement.parse('solar'), 'library')" ?10:12
pigmejperfect :)10:13
salmon_hmm, wait L(10:13
salmon_this one10:13
salmon_ls /home/salmon/.virtualenvs/test_solar/lib/python2.7/site-packages/library10:13
salmon_ls: cannot access /home/salmon/.virtualenvs/test_solar/lib/python2.7/site-packages/library: No such file or directory10:13
pigmejyeah manifest needs to be hanged probably10:14
dshulyak_shouldnt capture that?10:16
pigmejI changed it `recursive-include library/*` and it changes nothing10:17
pigmej7.7Gpip-PwIwOd-build WTF ?10:17
pigmejoh, when you build package better ensure bootstrap is empty ... :d10:20
dshulyak_can you explain what needs to supported? pip install -e - just creates symlink to solar10:28
pigmejdshulyak_: `pip install .`10:28
salmon_pip install solar10:28
pigmejcd to another dir and try to locate library10:28
salmon_test package is here
pigmejsalmon_: it's broken, incorrect manifest no pbr files entry10:29
pigmejsalmon_: `pip install .`10:29
pigmejis also a way for testing it (just remeber to change directory then)10:29
salmon_you can push your package10:29
pigmejyeah but it just adds more complexity :)10:29
pigmejbut sadly it changes nothing :)10:32
pigmejdshulyak_: any progress?10:49
dshulyak_sdist is doing something weird, it just copies everything thats is under git control10:56
pigmejok I know how to do it without pbr10:56
pigmejdshulyak_: yeah thanks to our beloved friend 'pbr' ;P10:57
dshulyak_have you saw this ?10:59
pigmejdshulyak_: I have11:01
pigmejsadly this thing have only 'package data"11:01
pigmejbut these data_files are completely not working for me11:01
pigmejor maybe they are but I can't access them at all11:02
pigmejand also I have seen that in tests they are just checking if globbing works correctly11:02
pigmejbut I can't locate tests where they actually check something inside that data_files11:03
dshulyak_i dont know wtf - but when i am trying to create a package from this test_package - data-files are empty11:09
dshulyak_ok, it worked out with testpackage11:13
pigmejwhere are the files located ?11:14
dshulyak_and install works as well11:15
pigmejwhree are the data-files located ?11:16
pigmejor how you did that ?11:17
dshulyak_yeah, but thats test package..11:19
dshulyak_and i am feeling stupid because i cant reproduce it with solar :)11:19
pigmejadd include library * to manifest11:20
pigmejinclude library/*.py11:20
dshulyak_i added graft to manifest, according to doc - it should be like include whole dir11:20
pigmejI checked all options from doc and no changes so...11:21
pigmejthis is also not working for some reason11:21
dshulyak_ok, good news - sdist works11:26
dshulyak_ah crap thats coincedence11:26
pigmejI really don't know what's going on there11:35
pigmejI feel really stupid now11:35
dshulyak_well, sdist includes library in the tar11:37
dshulyak_but thats not because of data-files11:37
dshulyak_and we need to exclude everything else in MANIFEST11:37
pigmejthat's another story11:37
pigmejbut including library in sdist is part of a success11:38
pigmejthe second part is 'how the fuck access it'11:38
dshulyak_yeah, i cant find it after installation.. :)11:38
pigmejmaybe we will move that dir11:38
pigmejinto solar package ?11:38
pigmejbecause then it's easy11:39
pigmejpython -c "from pkg_resources import Requirement, resource_filename; print resource_filename('solar', 'library')"11:39
pigmejI also know how to include that modules only for resource11:40
pigmejso resource could include module that it needs11:40
pigmejbut setuptools/pbr tandem... wtf11:40
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pigmejso.... I have no idea, I checked all even stupid ideas that came to my mind11:53
dshulyak_pigmej: /etc/library/11:53        README.md11:53
pigmejok, now try in virtualenv :P11:54
dshulyak_ls .tox/venv/xxY/11:57  README.md11:57
dshulyak_data_files = xxY = library/*11:57
dshulyak_do you have any idea how we use this :) ?11:58
dshulyak_pigmej: ^11:58
pigmejdshulyak_: ?12:01
dshulyak_we can copy data files into some place like /var/lib/solar_library12:01
pigmejwe can't because then you require root access12:02
dshulyak_yeah, with venv it will be a problem12:02
pigmejcan we just move that library into solar/ and then later remove it ?12:02
dshulyak_but we also can copy them in any place relatively to venv root12:02
dshulyak_but then i dont know how to access it12:03
pigmejyeah and that's the prbole mD:12:03
pigmejwell I can how to access venv things12:05
pigmejbut it will not work on non venv setup ;D12:07
pigmejsalmon_: u there?12:13
pigmejdshulyak_: I propose to move library into solar package12:13
pigmejthen we can easily locate it12:13
pigmejpython -c "from pkg_resources import Requirement, resource_filename; print resource_filename('solar', 'library')"12:13
pigmejbecause otherwise it's like wtf12:13
dshulyak_i cant find another way12:13
dshulyak_i wonder why they decided to copy it relatively to venv root12:14
pigmejme too12:14
dshulyak_it seems useless12:14
pigmejsalmon_: any thoughts?12:16
salmon_whatever works. We will remove `library` before next release12:17
pigmejI will take care about that then12:18
pigmeji will also rename library to ansible_library to avoid confusion12:18
pigmeji forgot how to include subirectory now :(12:21
pigmejok works nvm :)12:21
salmon_where solar-celery script will be installed?12:31
salmon_pigmej: ^12:31
pigmejsalmon_: you mean ?12:32
pigmejthat entry point ?12:32
salmon_after pip install solar, how can I want to start celery12:32
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salmon_How can I start celery :)12:33
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pigmejwait not now :)12:34
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Moved library to solar/ansible_library
pigmejsalmon_: ^12:37
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Fix session in CLI on Debian systems
pigmejsalmon_: I have patch for 'solar-celery' script in pbr BUT it will conflict with ansible_library thingy12:46
pigmejI will make them dependent, because I don't want to fix conflicts then :)12:47
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Added solar-celery script to setup.cfg
pigmejsalmon_: ^ done12:48
pigmejwhat else do we need ?12:48
pigmejhmm, zuul dead :(12:51
salmon_I will test it now :)12:53
pigmejshit now pep8 check reaches ansible files...12:57
salmon_:D :D :D12:57
pigmejcan we ignore whole file ?12:57
salmon_nope :(12:57
pigmejwithout #noqa in first line ?12:57
salmon_we can not12:58
pigmejsalmon_: it will complain about licence for these files...12:58
pigmejhacking can't ignore whole files ?12:59
salmon_I had the same problem with ply12:59
pigmejsuper package12:59
pigmejwe have no solution then ...13:00
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Moved library to solar/ansible_library
pigmejok we can ignore directory :D13:05
dshulyak_error in setup command: 'tests_require' must be a string or list of strings containing valid project/version requirement specifiers13:21
dshulyak_sdist throws this error for you?13:21
dshulyak_i removed -r requirements.txt on my local env13:22
salmon_dshulyak_: how do you run it?13:26
dshulyak_salmon_: python sdist13:26
salmon_no errors13:27
pigmejme too13:27
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Added solar-celery script to setup.cfg
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: More clear info about key/pw change in FAQ
dshulyak_pigmej: that script is kinda useless outside of vagrant env13:36
dshulyak_or no13:36
salmon_dshulyak_: why? works for me on local env13:36
pigmejwe changed it :)13:36
salmon_dshulyak_: we changed it a bit13:37
pigmejdshulyak_: that script was "broken" yesterday :D13:37
pigmejin several places;D13:37
dshulyak_what you changed?13:37
dshulyak_i thought i added vagrant user there13:37
dshulyak_but no13:37
salmon_hardcoded paths and running command in variables13:37
pigmej +
pigmejyeah that running command was cool ;D13:38
dshulyak_i think i reused it from somewhere :) whats wrong with it?13:39
dshulyak_btw this wont take any effect in init.d - export SOLAR_CONFIG_OVERRIDE=${SOLAR_CONFIG_OVERRIDE:-/.solar_config_override}13:39
dshulyak_all init.d scripts started in isolated environment13:39
pigmejdshulyak_: that's why it's like that :)13:39
pigmejdshulyak_: command execution was in START, STOP13:40
dshulyak_yeah, i understood, but whats wrong with it?13:40
pigmejthat you always executed start/stop and then choosen action13:40
salmon_you always was running start and stop13:40
pigmej'$(...)' is execution13:41
dshulyak_hm, really?13:41
pigmejyup ;d13:41
salmon_ :)13:44
openstackgerritLukasz Oles proposed openstack/solar: Update installation instructions
dshulyak_are u sure about that one? i cant reproduce it13:49
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Moved library to solar/ansible_library
dshulyak_they are not executed13:49
dshulyak_or they are, but not printed?13:49
dshulyak_ah yes, they just not printed13:50
pigmejthe result is stored in variable13:51
dshulyak_yeah, i tested with touch13:51
salmon_yup, this is why I din't notice it at the first time :)13:51
pigmejme too13:52
pigmejI was mad about celery multi that13:52
salmon_it looks like we will be able to release solar today :)13:56
pigmejdo we miss something ?13:56
salmon_Exception: Database connection string is empty, please ensure that you set config path correctly13:56
salmon_we do :P13:56
salmon_I do13:56
salmon_in docs13:56
pigmejanyway, I need to eat something, brb !13:58
salmon_me too13:58
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: More clear info about key/pw change in FAQ
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Added solar-celery script to setup.cfg
openstackgerritLukasz Oles proposed openstack/solar: Update installation instructions
pigmejsalmon_: is it ready ?14:45
salmon_pigmej: yup14:47
pigmejI posted commetns;p14:48
salmon_pigmej: where do you want to link it?14:49
salmon_pigmej: I replied14:51
pigmejI replied too14:53
pigmejsalmon_: are you going to upload new changeset?15:02
dshulyak_pigmej: i remember that you had one more idea about locks and riak buckets, yes?15:18
dshulyak_it seems that i can reproduce faulty behaviour with current implementation, 2 or 3 threads will think that they acquired lock, and then one of them will fail with siblings error15:20
pigmejhmm, can you make small example where it fails ?15:20
dshulyak_i have functional test, it starts to fail with scale > 715:21
pigmejbut it contains the hacks ?15:21
pigmejthe session_* things etc?15:21
pigmejthen it alters behaviour of whole lock and dblayer15:21
pigmejI would expect that it breaks stuff15:21
dshulyak_i tried with and without session_* hacks15:22
pigmejcan you chcek with riak n_val=1?15:22
pigmejmaybe it's because of transaction isolation etc15:22
dshulyak_i am talking about riak n_val=115:22
dshulyak_with sqlite it seems ok now15:22
pigmejcan you show small example ?15:23
pigmejwithout whole worker logic?15:23
pigmejbecause there is literally no place where lock can fail IF backend is working properly15:23
openstackgerritLukasz Oles proposed openstack/solar: Update installation instructions
pigmejit just adds elements to list, and checks +1 and -115:23
dshulyak_i will try to implement some example, but i cant guarantee that i will be able to reproduce...15:25
pigmejdshulyak_: well, I will look into your code too15:25
pigmejBUT I don't know how this lock implementation could be wrong (if used correctly)15:25
pigmejit's like one big list with sum of values15:26
pigmejmaybe there is some issue ... but I don't know ;)15:26
dshulyak_pigmej: i was also wondering - - it doesnt change, but only sibling15:26
pigmejdata reads from siblings15:26
dshulyak_i checked15:27
dshulyak_data in sibling and riak_object is different15:27
dshulyak_let me recheck to avoid confustion :)15:27
pigmejwhat data ?15:28
pigmejdshulyak_: is content_property15:29
pigmejcontent_property always reads and sets everything in riak_object.siblings[0]\15:29
pigmejyou can also find the same method:
dshulyak_i see15:30
pigmejwrr not like that15:34
pigmejI wonder how to make test which matches your usage15:34
pigmejif I would be able to acquire lock several times, then that returned list (after map) should have some value != 1, isn't it?15:36
dshulyak_yeah, thats clear15:37
pigmejand I have always 115:37
pigmejI'm unable to acquire the same lock twice15:38
dshulyak_same with this example15:39
pigmejyou mean ?15:39
pigmejyou can't get lock twice too with this example ?15:39
dshulyak_i mean i have the same result with this test15:39
pigmejthe same == broken or the same as me ?15:39
dshulyak_same as you15:39
pigmejI changed concurrency to 100 and the same15:40
pigmej(you may need to increase lock timeout)15:40
pigmejmaybe it's not lock issue itself but somehow cache / dblayer fuckup15:40
pigmejhmm, are you using multiple process ?15:42
dshulyak_with higher concurency it fails with RuntimeError sometimes, but thats ok15:43
dshulyak_retries etc15:43
dshulyak_single process15:44
pigmejdshulyak_: do you use `with` or acquire release by hand ?15:44
dshulyak_the cache is cleared in session_end15:44
pigmejyeah but I don't have session_end "hack"15:45
pigmejlock cleans session itself by deleting only what's needed15:45
dshulyak_? what do you mean15:45
pigmejlock object shouldn't be cached at all15:45
pigmejis there any way taht you acquire the same lock twice from the same identity ?15:46
dshulyak_what do oyu mean by session_end hack?15:46
dshulyak_no, identity is different15:46
pigmejdshulyak_: you showed today some session_end/session_start in locking15:46
pigmejfor sqlite15:46
dshulyak_thats for sqlite15:46
pigmejok not related then at all15:47
dshulyak_behaviour with riak is the same with this hack and without15:47
pigmejdshulyak_: do you use `with` or `acquire` `release` by hand?15:47
dshulyak_the code in scheduler is the same15:47
pigmejthen wtf ...15:47
pigmejdshulyak_: can you add print in the else clause if [identity, 1, stamp] in lk.lockers: ?15:49
pigmejadd else and log.debug please :)15:49
pigmejjust in case, you *shouldnt* reach that else15:50
pigmejif it did reach that else.... then conflict resolution in another thread removed it15:51
pigmej[1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1]15:52
pigmejdshulyak_: ^15:53
pigmejit crashed once and now it doesn't want to :(15:55
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Update installation instructions
dshulyak_maybe the amount of switches is important somehow15:56
pigmejit seems so15:56
pigmej[[4, 1, u'540b1e08-b8fb-492d-bac2-67c2b8c3d35d'], [7, 1, u'da5246da-ba29-467e-85af-3a042915f3d9'], [7, -1, u'da5246da-ba29-467e-85af-3a042915f3d9'], [6, 1, u'65035f55-8145-4cd2-a5db-8be45bb61994'], [0, 1, u'3d75b254-7b5a-470c-8de0-611355219d77'], [3, 1, u'ec0da7fa-e1fb-42c7-90f9-fa80e77c99c5'], [6, -1, u'65035f55-8145-4cd2-a5db-8be45bb61994']]15:56
dshulyak_because i should have a lot of them :)15:56
pigmej`lockers` when it crashed15:56
pigmejand it's bad15:57
pigmejat least I have some debug info now...15:58
pigmejdshulyak_: it happens to you often or rarely ?16:00
dshulyak_every testrun with concurrency > 716:00
pigmejsomething special is in your code ;D16:01
pigmejOk I know where we *may* have problem :)16:04
pigmejin some secret place :P16:05
pigmejthis may be not working as expected16:06
pigmejI don't remember why I added it though16:06
dshulyak_secret like parent in gevent local :) ?16:06
pigmejno :P16:06
dshulyak_for example if i have such lines in my log:16:08
dshulyak_./report:DEBUG:solar:+++ A 13989984960945616:08
dshulyak_./report:DEBUG:solar:+++ A 13989985223579216:08
dshulyak_./report:DEBUG:solar:+++ R 13989984960945616:08
dshulyak_./report:DEBUG:solar:+++ R 13989985223579216:08
pigmejwhat is +++ ?16:08
dshulyak_it means that one of this threads will fail with SiblingsError16:08
dshulyak_+++ is just for grep16:08
dshulyak_A - after acquire, R - before release16:09
pigmejok I know what's the problem :)16:09
pigmejI think I know16:09
dshulyak_good, because i kinda stuck with this :)16:09
pigmejcan you for now switch to RLock from gevent.lock16:09
pigmejthen you will be safe16:09
pigmejand you can continue work :)16:09
pigmejjust add Lock to _acquire in _CRDTishLock16:09
dshulyak_i can switch to sqlite for other things, thats not a problem16:10
pigmejit works by accident for sqlite16:10
pigmejI mean, it's probably the same reason why it usually works for me, and crashes like one per ~50 executions16:11
pigmejdshulyak_: it would be cool if you could hardcode lock name16:13
pigmejyou would help me with debugging this then16:13
pigmejplease hardcode lock name, make at least one "working" lock situation, and then please try to use it again16:13
dshulyak_you want me to use it from different sessions?16:14
dshulyak_test sesssions16:15
pigmejwell, instead of lock being random16:15
pigmejset it for always the same16:16
pigmej I want it always enter this16:16
dshulyak_it is not that easy to hardcode a lockname because of random buckets16:20
dshulyak_not random - generated bucket names16:20
pigmejthen acquire it once before :)16:20
pigmejif it's hard skip it16:20
dshulyak_removed bucket patching for Lock, so do you want to see logs or something specific?16:22
dshulyak_pigmej: ^16:22
pigmejmake sure it doesn't enter taht from_dict in concurrent16:23
pigmejbug is
pigmejprobably :)16:23
dshulyak_pigmej: im still able to catch siblings error, even if it doesnt enter that place16:26
pigmejoh :(16:26
pigmejyou make me sad :(16:26
pigmejdshulyak_: you destroyed my good feeling today :(16:28
pigmejdshulyak_: ^16:50
pigmeja bug is there :)16:50
pigmejit creates lock from scratch 2 times16:50
pigmejI need to find out why it does not realize it later even with my recent fixes16:50
dshulyak_i dont know, i didnt hit from_dict in my test16:53
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pigmejok probably fixed dshulyak_  :D17:30
dshulyak_what was the problem?17:30
pigmejwell, for sure my mistake :P17:30
pigmejwell, wrong assumption in one place17:31
pigmejsalmon_: do we want this in release or not?17:31
pigmejit solves for me locking problems17:38
dshulyak_can you please push the change to gerrit?17:41
pigmejit's WIP17:42
pigmejI can but I will give myself -117:42
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Fix locking problems
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Fix locking problems
pigmejdshulyak_: ^17:44
dshulyak_i see17:44
pigmejmy favourite part is `I may be not locking` :P17:45
pigmejdshulyak_: just tell me that it works; P17:51
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Restarting zuul due to a memory leak17:51
dshulyak_pigmej: yeah :) it seems to work, no siblings error, but now my test fails because of timeout17:52
pigmejyeah it may be a bit slower17:53
pigmejbut we have now some not necessary saves there, so I will fix them on monday17:53
pigmejbut yeah, good news that it works ... :)17:53
salmon_pigmej: what?17:54
pigmejsalmon_: ?17:54
salmon_what we want in release?>17:54
salmon_pigmej: does it affect examples?17:55
pigmejwell, we have a bug in locking17:56
openstackLaunchpad bug 1537154 in Solar "Fix CRDTishLock problem in some cases" [Critical,In progress] - Assigned to Jedrzej Nowak (jnowak)17:56
dshulyak_i think it will be hard to reproduce with celery, because of sqlite17:56
pigmejyeah, but still there are some chances17:57
salmon_Known issues: deploy sometimes failes? :)17:57
pigmejwell, if it will crash, then you need to solar resource clear_all17:57
salmon_I never hit it, what's the probabilty of hitting it?17:58
pigmejwho knows17:58
salmon_you should :P17:59
pigmeji never hit it before today17:59
pigmejBUT now I know one script that reproduces it pretty much everytime17:59
salmon_for now, I only care about examples18:00
pigmejdoesn't matter18:00
pigmejthe bug is in locking, in theory we can fuckup orchestration state18:00
pigmejthe chances are rare because as dshulyak_ correctly stated, sqlite is already a limiting factor there18:02
salmon_we will add it to known issues18:11
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Fix locking problems
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Fix locking problems
openstackgerritLukasz Oles proposed openstack/solar: Update usage docs
salmon_pigmej, dshulyak_ ^ I hope it's last commit18:17
pigmejsalmon_: can you remove these <uid> ?18:18
pigmejand keep 'last' instead ?18:18
pigmejbecause that <uid> looks ugly18:18
openstackgerritLukasz Oles proposed openstack/solar: Update usage docs
salmon_grr, again18:20
openstackgerritLukasz Oles proposed openstack/solar: Update usage docs
salmon_this one Update usage docs  Change-Id: I1f61e2e272aba4dddd1fecb792be1e1b5de4bfd818:22
pigmej solar connect node1 mariadb_service # it will deploy mariadb_service on node118:24
pigmejwhy ?18:24
salmon_# it will mark service to run on node118:24
openstackgerritLukasz Oles proposed openstack/solar: Update usage docs
pigmejwe will see :P18:28
pigmejdshulyak_: u ok with it?18:29
pigmejok he did +2 on previous changeset18:30
pigmejsalmon_: "merged"18:31
salmon_ok, lat one test18:34
salmon_jenkins dead again?18:44
pigmej-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Restarting zuul due to a memory leak18:44
pigmejsalmon_: well that's perfect excuse,18:44
pigmej"We wanted to release on friday, but jenkins was dead, so we did not release" :P18:44
salmon_> why you didn't release?18:45
salmon_- because Java18:45
pigmejit's even better ;d18:48
pigmejmessage for jenkins
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Update usage docs
pigmejI will not even comment this ;p19:30
openstackgerritLukasz Oles proposed openstack/solar: Version 0.1.0
salmon_pigmej: ^19:35
pigmejI hope it will not take hour now...19:38
pigmejhwat :>20:10
pigmejit may take hour ;D20:10
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Version 0.1.0
pigmejfinally ;D20:18
salmon_ok, taggin a release20:18
salmon_ ! [remote rejected] 0.1.0 -> 0.1.0 (prohibited by Gerrit)20:30
salmon_pigmej: dshulyak_ ideas?20:31
salmon_can we only push signed tags?
salmon_I do not have gpg20:33
pigmejI don't have gpg too20:37
pigmejsalmon_: hmm, I think it's not aboug GPG20:41
pigmejI think it's about group solar-release20:41
salmon_solar-core is part of solar-release20:45
*** dshulyak_ has quit IRC20:50
*** dshulyak_ has joined #openstack-solar20:50
pigmejI'm not even in solar-release :P20:51
salmon_you are as a part of solar-core20:52
salmon_ :)21:09
pigmejcooooooooooooool :)21:12
pigmej 11 downloads in the last day21:18
pigmej11 downloads in the last week21:18
pigmej451 downloads in the last month21:18
pigmejpypi bug ;p21:19
salmon_dshulyak_: finally we can merge your changes. No more rebases ;)21:45
pigmejyou mean workre?21:46
pigmejworker ?21:46
salmon_anything what can be merged, but yes basically worker21:47
salmon_I didn't say today :P21:48
pigmejo hello dshulyak_  :)21:49
dshulyak_yeah, today, please review21:49
pigmejI refuse!21:49
pigmej this is not needed anymore21:51
dshulyak_i’m not sure, the problem was that there was old data21:54
dshulyak_i will test on monday probably21:54
salmon_please test now :P21:57
pigmejsalmon_: eeee nope22:04
*** dshulyak_ has quit IRC22:38
*** salmon_ has quit IRC22:58

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