Friday, 2016-02-19

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Add more stuff to exclude when syncing tree in tests
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: temporary skip 2 problematic tests on postgresql
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Added solar.version
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Rework conftests + sql tables are cleared on success
pigmejjenkins is soooo fast today ;d09:12
pigmejnot like yesterday where we had to wait 4h...09:12
pigmejsalmon_: ^ :D09:12
salmon_It's strange09:12
salmon_something is wrong... :P09:12
salmon_ this is still waiting09:13
pigmejbut still :)09:14
pigmejit's almost done :)09:14
pigmejok it tries to clone for 10 minutes...09:18
pigmej2016-02-19 09:08:44.852 | INFO:zuul.Cloner:Creating repo openstack/solar from upstream git://
openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: (WIP) Add packer build for docker container
pigmejsalmon_: I want to undo my words :)09:26
pigmejabout jenkins :P09:26
salmon_ah :D09:26
pigmej it will crash because of git timeout09:27
pigmejsalmon_: I think we can close it, because it's just env variable, so it's possible to do it :)09:41
openstackLaunchpad bug 1545815 in Solar "Switch by default to PostgreSQL in test scripts" [Undecided,New]09:41
pigmejstill riak is default but... I think that's ok09:41
openstackgerritJedrzej Nowak proposed openstack/solar: Added solar.version
pigmejjust retriggered build09:43
salmon_pigmej: change bug description then :)09:45
pigmejyeah sure,09:45
pigmejdone, and "Fix Commited"09:46
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pigmejsalmon_: please check it, jenkins finally checked it09:58
salmon_>Welcome to Solar’s documentation! - solar 0.3.0.dev26 documentation09:59
openstackgerritMerged openstack/solar: Added solar.version
pigmejmkwiek: Were you able to setup solar dev env ?10:28
mkwiekI have a Vagrant env, will it be enough?10:29
mkwiekpigmej: ^^10:29
pigmejvagrant with vbox will be enough for some stuff, you will be unable to run examples tests (libvirt + devops) but the rest will work fine10:29
salmon_but You want to run devops tests :)10:30
salmon_it speedups things a lot10:30
mkwiekI am trying to run these tests on the lab I have access to, but I have some problems with qemu not being able to initialize SDL (investigating this now)10:31
pigmejwhat's SDL ?10:32
mkwiekonly SDL I know is Simple DirectMedia Layer10:32
mkwiekbut I am not sure yet if that's the case here :D10:32
salmon_how do you run it?10:32
mkwiekPACKER_LOG=1 packer build -only=qemu solar-master.json10:33
mkwiekbecause I need an image10:33
mkwiekfrom solar/bootstrap dir10:33
salmon_headless=true packer build --only qemu solar-master.json10:33
mkwiekaccording to docs here:
pigmejmkwiek: headles=true ;)10:33
pigmejdouble s like salmon_ :)10:34
mkwiekmakes sense, thanks!10:34
salmon_mkwiek: checkout this jobs it may help10:36
pigmejsalmon_: I'm afraid that we may have network problems there. but even if all that he needs then is to modify jenkins solar resource repos :)10:37
salmon_pigmej: yeah, mkwiek may fix it ;)10:40
pigmejyup :)10:41
pigmejit's more like adjust though :)10:41
mkwiekso, what's wrong with these jobs?10:43
salmon_in most cases both are working10:43
salmon_on local env there may be conflicts with other networks10:44
mkwiekah, I see10:44
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mkwiekdo you guys need sudo to run these examples? I built the image, I am running it as follows:11:00 sh -x utils/jenkins/run_riak_example.sh11:00
mkwiekand I am getting libvirt: Storage Driver error : Cannot access backing file '/home/mkwiek/solar/' of storage file '/var/lib/libvirt/images/solar-example_solar-base' (as uid:99, gid:78): Permission denied11:00
mkwiekI guess I need access to /var/lib/libvirt/images directory?11:01
pigmejI ended up with copy&paste but it was because of selinux, salmon_ ?11:03
pigmejyou had it differently as I remember, isn't it?11:03
mkwiekmy lab is running on arch if this matters11:04
mkwiekpigmej: where do you copy it?11:05
pigmejto /var/lib/libvirt stuff; P11:06
pigmejbut I have everything there11:06
pigmejhmm, maybe it's just a matter of setting libvirt pool properly..11:06
pigmejyeah, we're using default pool11:07
salmon_mkwiek: it depends on your distro. check your dmesg11:08
pigmejsalmon_: can we use non default pool ?11:08
salmon_pigmej: sure11:08
pigmejmkwiek: does arch have polkitd or selinux like stuff?11:09
mkwiekpigmej: I have no idea, need to find out :D11:09
mkwiekI wasn't the one configuring this lab11:09
pigmejif yes, then you need to have both images on the same location (same case as fedora then), The only solution that I know then, is to cp image there11:09
salmon_you should have some errors in dmesg11:09
mkwieksalmon_: checking11:10
pigmejyeah arch is using systemd...11:10
pigmejso journalctl is your friend (or enemy:P)11:11
mkwiekpigmej: checking11:12
pigmej`journalctl --since '1 hour ago' -f` it will print all debug stuff :)11:12
mkwieknothing shows up there11:13
salmon_in ubuntu I have to be in libvirtd group11:14
mkwiekI am only in kvm11:15
mkwiekI mean - I am not in libvirtd11:15
nihilifertry to put it in /etc/polkit-1/rules.d/80-libvirt.rules11:15
nihilifer(i'm almost sure arch runs polkit)11:16
pigmejnihilifer: for fedora it's not working :D11:16
pigmejI mean it's only part of a prbolem afair11:16
nihiliferpigmej: it is for me, i'm running vagrant-libvirt vm-s on fedora by this polkit rune11:16
pigmejnihilifer: yeah but that's just part of a problem11:17
pigmejat lest mine fedora complains that libvirt cannot use images from outside of pool for any stuff11:17
nihiliferah, ok :/11:17
pigmejI have even simpler polkit rule, but it's only for "requiring password" or not, errors on path are more or less because of selinux stuff11:18
mkwiekdon't I need sudo to change polkit rules?11:18
pigmejmkwiek: sure you do11:18
pigmejbut wait, are you able to craete VMs there ?11:18
pigmejvia virsh or whatever?11:19
pigmejso then it's no polkit problem ;)11:19
pigmejI think11:19
nihiliferchcon -R -t virt_image_t /home/mkwiek/solar/solar-master.box11:21
nihilifermaybe try that11:21
salmon_hmm, so libvirt can not access your file11:22
nihiliferand maybe also11:22
mkwieknihilifer: you have sudo on lab, right? can you change permissions for /var/lib/libvirt/images/solar-example_solar-base so I can access it?11:22
nihiliferchcon -R -t virt_var_lib_t /home/mkwiek/solar/solar-master.box11:22
nihiliferi'll try11:22
salmon_mkwiek: nihilifer no11:22
salmon_libvirt can not access  '/home/mkwiek/solar/'11:22
pigmejit's the same problem that I had :D11:22
mkwieknot the other way around?11:22
salmon_Cannot access backing file '/home/mkwiek/solar/'11:23
pigmejnihilifer: I tried chcon and sadly no go :) But .... maybe it could help11:23
pigmejI was trying chcon -t "virt_image_t"11:24
salmon_chown/chmod? :P11:24
mkwieknihilifer: "chcon: failed to get security context of '/home/mkwiek/solar/': Operation not supported                                │-- Logs begin at Tue 2016-01-19 12:32:16 CET. --"11:24
mkwieksalmon_: I chmodded to 777 and still get same error11:24
pigmejbecause it's not because of chmods11:24
pigmejbut some stupid policy11:24
pigmejthat forbids using qcow in  different locations probably11:25
pigmejsame shit as I had11:25
mkwiekI'll ask Bartek11:25
pigmejI ended up with copy image to /var/lib... :)11:25
salmon_mkwiek: full path?11:25
mkwiekpigmej: I just did that and it seems it works11:25
mkwiekcool, thanks for your help guys!11:26
pigmejyeah when you copy stuff it for sure works, but I have no clue what's the reason for this shit11:26
pigmejbtw, do we expect some breaking changes today ?11:27
pigmejI could upload new boxes to atlas...11:27
salmon_not from me11:27
pigmejk most of our bugs / stuff is strongly solar related not system like, so it may be ok to upload it, bogdando could play and make centos then :D:D11:28
mkwieknow it seems that it can't connect to the machine, but maybe it's something regarding the networks11:28
pigmejmkwiek: it may be, check what networks do you have assigned (you mentioned that you have some networks assigned)11:28
pigmejthen adjust scripts and resouces to use that network, instead of hardcoded one11:29
salmon_mkwiek: show us logs :)11:29
mkwieksalmon_: which ones?11:31
salmon_mkwiek: with error :P11:31
pigmejfrom example execution :)11:31
mkwiekit's just sshpass failing in a loop11:31
pigmejmkwiek: as you can see we have hardcoded11:32
salmon_mkwiek: can you run version11:33
salmon_I have 2.9.1711:33
salmon_You may upgrade your11:33
mkwiek2.9.16 :D11:35
pigmejI won :P11:36
salmon_mkwiek: try to upgrade11:37
mkwieksame stuff, will go with adjusting the script to use different network11:41
salmon_it's in default.yaml11:41
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mkwiekseems in sync with what net-list solar-example yields, need to check if ip's of individual vms are the same11:48
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salmon_maybe dnsmasq issue11:48
salmon_check cat /var/lib/libvirt/dnsmasq/solar-example_public.leases11:49
mkwieksalmon_: I don't have this file11:52
salmon_mkwiek: anything related to solar in /var/lib/libvirt/dnsmasq ?11:53
salmon_show me11:53
mkwiekfor each of 4 networks there is addnhosts, conf and hostsfile11:53
salmon_mkwiek: show all11:54
mkwiekthere are no *lease file for any network there11:55
salmon_are vms still running?11:55
salmon_solar vms11:55
salmon_I need an access there11:56
mkwiekvirsh list yields11:56
mkwiek 288   solar-example_solar            running11:56
mkwiek 289   solar-example_slave-0          running11:56
mkwieksalmon_: I asked Bartek about it11:58
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pigmejok new images seems to work for now12:23
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mkwieksalmon_: the vms are running, but they had some problem with boot - "Boot failed: not a bootable disk"12:45
mkwiekI checked them through the vnc12:46
mkwiekprobably sth wrong with the image I build12:46
salmon_mkwiek: check the qemu logs12:51
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salmon_in /var/log/libvirt/qemu or somethinh like this12:51
mkwiekPermission denied. I hate not having sudo :D12:54
pigmejmkwiek: you created you vbox box from scratch or you downloaded it from atlas?13:42
mkwiekI created qemu box from scratch13:43
pigmejyeah but I mean on your Macbook13:43
mkwiekI just used vagrant up, need to check if it downloads or creates one13:44
mkwiekis it normal that solar-worker stop hangs?13:53
pigmejdefine hangs13:53
mkwiekit prints some debug:
mkwiekand then nothing happens, but the program doesn't terminate13:57
pigmejmkwiek: because13:57
pigmejstop solar-worker13:57
pigmejnot solar-worker stop ;D13:57
pigmejyou just started worker in foreground ;D13:57
pigmejadd a bug about arguments handling in solar-worker ;)13:58
pigmejyeah UX is ekhm... :)13:58
mkwiekpigmej: I think this one was me being not concentrated enough :P14:00
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pigmejwell still14:01
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pigmejit should crash or print something14:01
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mkwiekprobably yeah, I will file a bug14:03
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openstackgerritBogdan Dobrelya proposed openstack/solar: (WIP) Add packer build for docker container
bogdandoit kinda works now, although I still cannot deploy riak cuz of the atomic ansible file updates16:46
bogdandorelated issues or
pigmejbogdando: you could create different version of hosts resource16:46
bogdandowill try to w/a, not much choices16:47
bogdandointeresting blog post by the way
bogdandoexplains why people may not want to use dockerfiles for builds16:48
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pigmejI uploaded 0.3.0.pre117:10
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