Friday, 2016-03-11

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mkwiekhi guys, did you ever get this kind of error while running test? I am trying to run tests in docker container via dox ( and I keep getting this error:
pigmejchange sqlite to something different09:05
pigmejbecause probably you run it from docker container09:06
pigmejmkwiek: generally you can't easily use sqlite in container09:17
pigmejin the same time when you want to access it from non container/another container09:18
salmon_pigmej: how is this error connected to using sqlite in container?09:20
pigmejsalmon_: simple09:20
pigmejcursor.execute('PRAGMA %s = %s;' % (pragma, value))09:20
pigmejit's SQLITE pragma09:20
pigmejand because I know that mkwiek is fighting with containers, then I assumed that it's in container :)09:20
salmon_I know, but why sqlite would fail in container?09:20
pigmejif you use the same sqlite in and outside09:21
pigmejit crashes09:21
pigmejbecause sqlite requires W access to 3 files09:21
salmon_in and outside?09:21
pigmejin conatiner and outside container09:21
pigmejmkwiek: is trying to start some tests in container09:21
pigmejso I suppose that sqliet was initialized outside container, then sqlite tried to start ANOTHER db in the same path in container09:22
salmon_but all commands are run in container09:22
salmon_what is run oiutside?09:22
pigmejthe same wil happen if you have 2 containers :)09:24
pigmejsqlite creates 3 files, db, shm and lock afair09:26
pigmejdb file can be shared, shm can't be09:26
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pigmejalso salmon_ this is my prediction :)09:31
salmon_pigmej: everything is run in one container :P09:33
pigmejstill, change sqlite to somtehing different09:33
pigmejsalmon_: maybe run, but if solar is imported outside then it's also 'ran' outside one container09:34
salmon_mkwiek: how do you run it?09:40
pigmejhe's offline it seems :P09:45
mkwieksalmon_: turned out tox runs fine, but py.test gives me this error09:58
mkwiekeven if I am not running this in container09:58
salmon_mkwiek: oh10:00
salmon_pigmej: ^ :P10:00
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mkwiekwhat credentials does solar use to access Postgres db?11:09
salmon_mkwiek: where? On vagrant solar:solar11:10
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openstackgerritDmitry Shulyak proposed openstack/solar: Rework staging procedure to support both implicit and explicit stages
salmon_mkwiek: btw. dox worked for me with this config: and run like this: dox --user-map root:0:012:00
mkwieksalmon_: thanks, I will check this out! I tried to run tests directly with py.test for some reason, maybe it will work better12:07
mkwieksalmon_: do you know what causes NoMatches error: ?13:31
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salmon_mkwiek: I've never seen it before. dshulyak ^14:42
dshulyakentrypoint is not found14:50
dshulyakmkwiek: are u ure that solar is installed?14:51
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