Monday, 2015-11-16

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pelusehey storlets dudes!  FYI the link referenced in doesn't point to anything valid (just FYI, I'm starting to go through this stuff and attempting to do something with it)16:22
pelusethe link that's busted is and I don't see that file anywhere so maybe the content was moved into other file(s)?16:22
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hroupeluse, wow is that the first non-storlet dev asking a question on this channel, that's awesome ! : )17:02
hrouGood catch I'll take a peek at that and fix it up17:02
pelusehrou: heh, or if you want I can fix it and be the first non-sotrlet dev to submit a patch maybe? :)17:03
hrouYes !  : )  That'd be even better actually.17:03
pelusehrou: I've got a couple of meetings now but would love a phone call later if you have some time, (before I start screwing with my VM)?17:03
hrouAbsolutely ; )  Yea it should be fairly easy to install with a keystone / swift saio.17:04
hrouMind you for the doc change, you probably don't need to even set it up ; )17:04
openstackgerritpaul luse proposed openstack/storlets: Fix broken documentation link
pelusehrou: so first question:  is keystone a requirement to get going with this stuff?18:28
hrouYep absolutely, as of now storlets only work with swift and keystone18:34
pelusehrou: OK, so I have a little prework to do then :)18:46
pelusehrou: do you just run keystone on your same SAIO?18:46
hroupeluse, yep !  Very very simple setup.  So its all in one vm19:13
pelusehrou: cool, thanks19:13
hroupeluse, anytime, so let me know if you have any issues;  Even with keystone I've got that setup quite a few times now (from source)19:14
hrou*source or just packages that is19:14
pelusehrou: will do, will be back on it this afternoon19:15
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/storlets: Fix broken documentation link
hroucdoron_, you're too fast I didn't get a chance to +1 his change, I want it so that we have to have 2 cores +1 changes now ; - ) jk21:04
pelusehrou: :)22:15
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