Friday, 2015-11-20

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takashipeluse: Did you add some configrations in your /etc/sudoers to allow to execute sudo without password?06:45
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hrouThanks takashi !14:53
hrouYea I think you may be on to something; I just quickly played with the script - one issue is we attempt to generate a ssh key - but it's going to prompt if you already have one (as it overrites) - in the jenkins setup this is Ok but locally most folks will likely have one.14:54
hroupeluse,  here's the test, with the account you're using just run:  ssh localhost14:57
hrouif that doesn't work then that's likely the issue.14:58
pelusehrou: yeah I had forgotten to do that and am retrying now.  its doing better but the first time I didn't have keystone running so am trying again now, again :)14:58
pelusestill get this though:14:59
peluseTASK: [keystone | ensure database is synced] **********************************14:59
pelusefailed: [storage0] => {"changed": true, "cmd": ["/usr/bin/keystone-manage", "db_sync"], "delta": "0:00:00.011931", "end": "2015-11-20 07:58:23.466711", "rc": 1, "start": "2015-11-20 07:58:23.454780", "warnings": []}14:59
pelusestderr: Traceback (most recent call last):14:59
peluse  File "/usr/bin/keystone-manage", line 30, in <module>14:59
peluse    from keystone import cli14:59
peluseImportError: cannot import name cli14:59
peluseFATAL: all hosts have already failed -- aborting14:59
hrouTry running:  keystone-manage db_sync15:00
pelusere-running the script now.  was there any other seutp I needed to do before that on the keystone side (or anywhere)?  Or should I be able to just run the script on a working SAIO?15:04
hrouJust the regular keystone setup should have done the trick really;  Do try that command above though15:04
hrouif that fails (probably will) it'll give us a good starting point to debug it15:04
hrouits just trying to sync the db at this point (this is just a keystone cmd)15:05
pelusethat cmd did not fail15:05
hrouAh !  Ok, that's good actually15:05
peluseand I can get a token manually no problem and do basic put/get so I know my keystone is working (well I think)15:05
hroubtw when you re-run next time (assuming you hit a problem)  You can try it with ansible -vvv ...15:06
pelusebut at some point during the storlet install, I see a log msg from keystone  indicating invalid token15:06
hrouthough redirect output as it'll generate a lot of noise but it lists every command explicitly which is very useful.15:06
pelusehow do I run that exactly?15:06
hrouGood point, I forgot this was through the s2aio script;  Worse case we'll just start running it manually (but that script should work, mind you I haven't used it my self).15:07
hrouGenerally to install:15:07
hrouYou have to create a hosts file which just indicates where you want to install the various compontents (can all be local host for saio).15:08
hrouAnd then edit common.yml with some account name details15:08
peluseyeah, I was just starting to look at that but figure its probably more imprt to get the script working for anyone (like me) who wants to try and install this stuff15:08
hrouYep !  We should get that to work ; )   Essentially that script is utilizing how we install the storlet env in jenkins for gate testing (kodos to cdoron for that).15:09
peluseOK, I'll go through this in a bit more detail and see if I can find what's causing the few errors I have left.  Will keep ya posted.... have to run out for a bit15:12
hrouSure thing !  Is it still the error above btw ?15:13
hrou* in the meantime I'll setup my VM so I can attempt this as well (I have a few storlet systems setup but all with the manual install, and they're being used atm) so at the very least we can compare15:14
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hrouOk I set the topic msg, I confirmed to set the welcome message you need to have founder permission;  I lost that when I made this an openstack channel, "openstackinfra" ID now has that only - probably can get infra guys to do it eventually, topic is probably the more useful thing anything.18:49
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