Sunday, 2015-11-22

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cdoronHi peluse. Could you try the following: run python, and then try running "from keystone import cli". Do you get the same error (ImportError: cannot import name cli)?10:06
cdoronThis may be related to a problem we have encountered in the past, where a machine had two python-keystoneclient installed10:07
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pelusecdoron: so I kinda figured it out13:37
pelusecdoron: my biggest problem is that I was starting with a VM that had both swift and keystone installed from source already13:37
pelusethat caused multiple issues13:38
cdoronPlease let us know if you figure a way around it.13:38
pelusea few because of dependencies like having the newest pbr/setuptools but then the docker/requirements.txt specifying a specific version of glance client that woulnd't work with those13:39
peluseand also, of course, the passwords in common.yml didn't match what I was using :)13:39
peluseand then, as you mention, I ended up with 2 keystone clients, the one I installed from srouce and the one isntalled via which weren't compaitble with the upgraded dependencies13:39
peluseif I run the script from a VM with no openstack stuff on it all, it still fails (I'll post that soon) but then I run it a 2nd time w/o any changes and it works 100%13:40
peluseso I'm thinking (a) figure out the fresh VM need to run it twice thing and (b) need a script or step by step directions for develoeprs who want to add storlets to their VM w/existing installed from source proejcts13:41
pelusedoes (b) already exist?  seems like modifying the current to work with existing isntallatins might not be the best route13:41
hroupeluse, cdoron thanks yea - that's always given us the most problems, I almost prefer we just say a requirment is to have both installed from the get go.  I think you can adjust that's Ok but by removing the fact it ends up replying on the jenkins test env setup (i.e. don't change that :)14:20
pelusehrou: huh?  remove something but don't change that??14:22
hrouhehe I mean s2aio is just a wrapper as it stands today14:22
peluseyeah, if you remove that there's nothing left :)14:23
peluseso what's the best way to do the isntall then if I alread have swift+keystone isntalled from source?  a different script, or just follow the directions?14:24
hrouhehe right, I mean I don't mind the name ;)  As the starting point for a fresh install so to speak.14:24
hrouSo if you already have things installed, generally using the anisble directly should be OK I mean:14:24
hrouI thought we removed all the dependies on swift and keystone here - as this ansible script should assume they're already around14:25
pelusehrou: cool, OK.  I'll look into the failrues using the script w/nothing else isntalled first (and why I had to run twice) and then I'll see if I can follow the instructinos on my snapshot with existing installations and let you know14:26
pelusehrou: sometime this week :)14:26
hrouThanks so much peluse  that'd be awesome;  I mean your right the GATE tests are also assuming nothing is installed I persume so they should work;  The ansible script is what I've used many times and the last couple (mind you a few weeks back) were smooth, all with existing swift / keystone installs14:27
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