Thursday, 2015-11-26

takashiI'm now creating some patches about Storlets, and wondering what can I do about unit tests of my code.02:59
takashiDo we have any plan about adding unittests?03:00
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takashieranron: Hi Eran07:03
eranromtakashi: Hey07:05
takashieranron: As I told you at the last Summit, I tested Storlets in this month.07:06
eranromtakashi: I am most curious. Did you get it to work?07:06
takashieranron: It works well and I can execute my sample application on it now07:07
eranromtakashi: Wow, great to here that. Any comments? things we need to fix?07:08
takashieranron: Yes, I think we have some points to improve it, and now I'm sorting our them based on my test result.07:10
takashieranron: I think I can share that information next week.07:12
eranromtakashi: This is great! I would love to here more if / when you have the time. Also, if you think there is stuff that needs to land in the project - even better!07:12
eranromtakashi: Great, looking forward! I will also set up a weekly IRC meeting. I just did not get to it yet07:12
takashieranrom: I have one question before I start to post my patches. Do you have any plan to add unittest?07:13
takashieranrom: I'm now wondering what I can do about unittests of my code.07:13
eranromtakashi: Yes, in fact we will start by adding functional tests. I have a pending patch that does that, but there is a small issue there and I did not have the time to finish up the work. I will do so ASAP.07:14
eranromtakshi: when my patch is in, you would be able to do: "tox -e func" which would run a set of tests that deploy and execute storlets07:15
takashieranrom: I understand. I'll wait that patch, or I'll  first commit a modification of code and commit tests for it later.07:17
eranromtakshi: regarding the unittest you have, I suggest you post them, and we can figure out how to incorporate either in a unittest framework we will add or through the func tests that will come soon. Depending on the nature of them...07:17
eranromtakashi: Sounds good.07:17
takashieranrom: OK. So if I'll post my unittest code if it can implement it partly, and then we can discuss how to integrate it into tox framework.07:19
takashiOh, please ignore first "If".07:20
eranromtakashil: sounds good. thanks!07:21
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hroutakashi, wow that's great news !  Really really glad to see this being used by others, if we can help with anything at all just let us know;  Looking forward to seeing your proposed changes.14:43
eranromhrou: BTW - thanks for setting up the topic15:41
hroueranrom, oh np at all, that was easy, the hard part is adding a welcome msg, I think I just need to get infra folks to do it; So I can, but it probably isn't a big deal really :)15:58
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