Wednesday, 2016-01-06

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takashi_I want to make sure about the start time of our meeting.04:49
takashi_Will it start at 12:00 UTC, right?04:49
takashi_Oh, not 12:00 UCT. 13:00 UTC may be the right time.04:50
takashi_Thanks eranrom for agenda. I added some small items.04:52
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eranromHi, anyone here?13:00
eranromhi kota_13:01
eranromDo you know if Takashi plans to join?13:01
kota_eranrom: i expected so but not sure13:01
eranromok, lets wait a couple more minutes before we begin13:02
cdoronhi everyone13:02
kota_eranrom: made a ping to takashi via private messager13:04
eranromkota_,ok, thanks, will he join13:05
eranromBTW - the agenda is here13:05
eranromkota_,: In the mean time, any inputs on the suggeted session for the Hackathon?13:07
eranromkota_,Sorry, should we wait?13:08
kota_idk whether we should wait or not, sorry13:09
kota_but for hackathon,13:09
kota_i think no official proposal term before hackathon week13:09
eranromkota_, I know, just asking for your opinion on what we wrote (I think Takashi added there an item)13:10
kota_usually the fist day in the hackathon John will gather opinions for all attendees and set each priority there.13:10
kota_oh yeah13:10
kota_takashi might not know it, not sure. we need to ask him.13:11
kota_which item takashi wrote?13:12
eranromkota_, Resource limitation and things to be fixed in swift (under the points for discussion)13:12
kota_ok, gotcha13:13
kota_not sure but AFAIK, resource limitation is how to limit the each storelet process resource(e.g. cpu load, memory, etc) according to something (conf setting?)13:15
kota_maybe general topic for how can we operate our storelets cluster.13:15
eranromagree. I am not sure this is a Swift related item13:16
eranrombut soemthing to discuss between ourselves13:16
eranromwhich we can do if we meet in Bristol...13:16
kota_that is because sometime high cpu usage program might eat the resource even though swift want to use them.13:16
eranromexactly. and we need to add to the Storlets cluster a way to tune and enforce13:17
eranromthis is something that calls for a design session :-)_13:17
kota_and second one is maybe a sort of  patch 256201?13:18
patchbotkota_: - Fix proxy-server's support for chunked transferrin...13:18
eranromright, this is also what I was thinking.13:18
eranromwe shoud definately raise this.13:18
eranromAlso, perhaps we can ask Takasi to ask Paul to have a look13:19
kota_actually i cannot tell correct number of remaining items we need to fix.13:19
kota_takash must know :P13:19
eranromYou mean in Swift right (not in storlets)?13:19
eranromI see so there is more to the above patch.13:20
eranromBTW - I was able to run storlets on Swift 2.5.0 with Takashi's patch13:21
kota_idk sorry13:21
kota_for any other patches13:21
eranromok. will ask Takashi.13:21
eranromOtherwise, I think it is now possible to submit talks to the Austin Summit. I have written13:21
kota_great to hear for being able to run :)13:21
eranroma very initial abstract, which would be great if you can review, and perhaps add to.13:22
eranromits on the agenda page :
kota_yeah, reading13:24
eranromyou I mean both you and Takashi :-)13:24
kota_and looks great to me.13:24
kota_one question13:24
kota_Is IBM also working on Image processing with spark?13:25
eranromfor demos we did several things.13:26
kota_all right, great.13:26
eranromone has to do with facial blurring13:26
eranromlink is coming...13:26
cdoronHere is the facial blurring demo:
eranromcdoron has also did a watermarking storlet that adds a watermark to a video13:27
eranromwe do not have it on youtube though...13:27
eranromalso, I hope that we will have stuff to demo that has to do with spark integration.13:28
eranromI was hoping, however, that you will be interested in showing the PoC work that you are doing. That is if its not confidential...13:28
eranromyou means NTT :-)13:29
kota_eranrom: yeah, i think we could bring something from our PoC result13:30
eranromThat would be great13:30
eranromFor the record I will review Takashi's patch by tomorrow EOD (
kota_will review? it looks merged...13:32
eranromI sent the wrong link. Here is the one:13:32
eranromalright, do we have anything else for today?13:33
kota_not from me.13:33
kota_thanks eranrom13:35
eranromalright, so good night and ttyl13:35
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takashi_I'm so sorry to be late. I set wrong alarm for the meeting... :-(14:12
kota_takashi: never mind14:12
kota_please see logs14:12
takashi_kota_: I'm checking it now14:13
takashi_patch 256201 is the only thing we have to fix in swift.14:19
patchbottakashi_: - Fix proxy-server's support for chunked transferrin...14:19
takashi_more accurately, fix in swift Liberty. I have not tested storlets with master yet.14:20
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takashi_I think we had better some set some limitations about the number of container or SDaemon working on one node, and that's why I added an item about resource limitation.14:24
takashi_I hope we can feedback some information about resource consumption we will find in PoC :-)14:25
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