Wednesday, 2016-02-03

openstackgerritMerged openstack/storlets: Add some comments about input parameters
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openstackgerritKota Tsuyuzaki proposed openstack/storlets: Refactor Storlet Handler middleware
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eranromHi. Anybody here?13:00
eranromHi Takashi.13:01
eranromHi Kota13:01
takashieranrom, kota_: Hello13:01
eranromThanks very much for all the patches. I still need to have a deeper look at the refactor one. From a first look I really like it.13:02
kota_eranrom: :-)13:02
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eranromI am currently working on a copy patch. Need to add unit tests and probably rebase accoring to
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eranromNot much else from my side.13:04
kota_looks like patch 275619 faile in functional13:04
patchbotkota_: - storlets - Refactor Storlet Handler middleware13:04
kota_but build failed???13:05
takashiI have not so big topics today.13:05
takashis/have not/don't have/13:05
takashifd leak is now fixed, and I'm working about range stuff13:05
takashibut I noticed that I should do that after kota_'s refactoring patch has finished13:06
kota_thanks guys13:06
eranromtakashi,: alright, so I will try and review asap.13:07
kota_basically my refactoring depends on trust for takashi's unit tests (takashi, thanks for working that) so i didn't test any functionality on real storlet containers13:08
kota_so it's helpful if you find any issues in the functional tests13:08
kota_i hope current failure at the gerrit gate is not related to my change...13:09
kota_that's note for you all.13:09
kota_and then13:09
takashino other topics from me today13:11
kota_right now, I just did some code cleanup to be readable. However, I found some duplication or doughtful code there.13:11
kota_I didn't dig them yet and if it's ok I will put them into future work if current code keeps backward compatibility with existing behavior.13:12
kota_s/i will/i would like to/13:12
takashikota_: +113:12
kota_doughtful code is noted by likely "TODO(kota_)" in the code.13:13
kota_I hope anyone steal the task from me :/13:14
eranromsorry got interruption13:14
kota_eranrom: no worries13:15
kota_eranrom: oh yeah, I have to say "thanks for working a lot to submit the CFP for austin summit"13:15
takashikota_: I'm now looking that patch, and I can note some comments about that.13:16
eranromkota_,: sure13:16
kota_takashi: cool, feel free to add remaining tasks :)13:16
takashikota_: Yes :-)13:17
kota_that's all from me o/13:18
takashiI'm looking foward to see the result of Austin session selection. Thanks eranrom from me, too. you made a very cool proposal.13:20
eranromAlright. So let me see if I get it right.13:21
eranromThe plan is to land Kota's refactoring patch13:21
eranromafter which we will land copy / ranges13:21
kota_eranrom: that's what I thought :)13:22
takashieranrom: yes13:22
eranromanything else for today?13:22
takashinothing from me13:23
kota_enough \o/13:24
eranromgood night then13:24
eranromand thanks for joining13:24
takashieranrom: thanks13:25
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