Thursday, 2016-02-25

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eranromtakashi,: Would be great if you can review
patchboteranrom: patch 283486 - storlets - Storlet invocation on COPY09:22
eranromtakashi,: esp. I have touched a little the unit tests09:22
eranromtakashi,: thanks!09:22
takashieranrom: I was just looking that patch! now I need some more deepdive.09:56
openstackgerritMerged openstack/storlets: Make comments in daemon_factory follow sphinx style
eranromtakashi,: great thanks. So I will wait formore comments before issuing a new patch. Thanks!10:16
takashieranrom: I added some more comments on COPY patch.11:13
takashieranrom: I think they are the last items before hackathon11:14
takashiI again started wondering if something like "tee" middleware, which returns processed response and store it into swift at the same time is useful for some usecases.11:18
eranromtakashi,: thanks have a good trip. see you there.13:00
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