Wednesday, 2016-03-16

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kota_eranrom: how's going?13:00
eranromgood thanks!13:00
eranromHi takashi13:00
eranromI did not update the agenda as I did not have anything special.13:00
eranromActually I have 2:13:01
eranrom1. If you can share with me the performance slides you have shown me in Bristol13:01
eranrom2. Is there any patch I should be looking at (currently all have -1 or X)13:01
takashifor 1, I'm writing a report about it (because our project for this fy will finish soon),13:02
takashiand that report includes some information about performance, like that slides13:03
takashiI think we can share some of that information, right? kota_13:04
kota_it might need a new approval though13:04
takashikota_: yes13:05
eranromI hope its not a big hassle to get the approval, otherwise, its alright13:06
kota_eranrom: I'm willing to share it so no worries to try to do that.13:07
kota_just my company rule.13:07
takashieranrom: for 2, we have nothing now. I don't have so big progresses about patches(because writing the report).13:07
takashieranrom: Thank you for your may reviews. Now almost all existing patches are landed :-)13:07
eranromtakashi: no worries, I just wanted to be responsive to the pathches.13:08
eranromtakashi,: Thank you for those patches.13:08
kota_great working you all.13:08
eranromI am working on refactoring the installation, but making very slow progress :-(13:08
kota_I have been tied up to any others :/13:08
takashieranrom: I' going to fix patch 282211 , and do some refactoring work after that13:09
patchbottakashi: - storlets - Use contextmanager to manager file descriptors13:09
kota_eranrom: cool13:09
kota_easy installation is always welcome :)13:09
eranromtakashi,: sure.13:09
eranromkota_,: yes. I guess next will be the documentation13:09
eranromand I have an idea for being able to run db queries using a storlet.13:10
eranromI thnk it can be done if we give random access on the object node13:10
eranromanyway just playing with the idea13:10
takashieranrom: interesting!13:10
eranromI guess the use case is being able to archive db files and still have them queriable13:11
eranromwell, not sure if its possible yet, but will be looking at it.13:12
eranromanything else for today?13:12
takashitwo other small(?) things13:12
takashifirst, I roprted a bug 15541113:13
openstackbug 155411 in javax-servletapi2.3 (Ubuntu) "Please sync javax-servletapi2.3 4.0-9 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Fix released]
takashiOh, sorry13:13
takashibug 155541113:13
openstackbug 1555411 in storlets "storlet_middleware should validate metadata in POST/COPY" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to Takashi Kajinami (kajinamit)13:13
takashiwe validate required metadata about storlet jar file in PUT, but I noticed we don't do that in other updating request like POST/COPY13:14
eranromgood catcgh13:14
takashiI fixed about POST with the patch 290952, but need some more work about COPY still.13:14
patchbottakashi: - storlets - Validate metadata when POST storlet/dependency (MERGED)13:14
takashiI also think I should think more about refresh-metadata stuff.13:15
eranromyes, I remeber the TODO you have added13:15
eranromyou mean COPY with fresh-metadata?13:15
takashieranrom: yes. we should consider about COPY with fresh-metadata and without fresh-metadata13:16
takashiIn the former case, we should check if the request includes all required metadata keys, but in the latter case, we should only check if we have the appropriate value.13:17
eranromtakashi,: You mean copy of the storlet with fresh metadata, not COPY w/ X-run-storlet and fresh metadata got you13:17
takashiI'm going to work about that, but I just want to share the problem.13:18
eranromSo when doing a storlet / dependency copy we need to validate that the source has the necessary metadata items?13:18
takashieranrom: yes13:18
eranromtakashi,: and this is of interest only if the target container is the storlet / dependency container - right?13:19
takashieranrom: yes13:19
eranromgotcha :-)13:19
takashieranrom: I think the easiest fix is prohibiting COPY object outside storlet containers into storlet containers13:19
takashiI'm going to commit a patch about this after thinking a little more13:20
eranromAgree! and so you do not need to worry abourt the source as PUT/POST already take care of that13:20
takashieranrom: yes13:20
eranromtakashi,: cool thanks13:20
takashiand for the last topic, do you have any update about the plan in Austin?13:21
eranromtakashi,: Well the talk was not accepted, and the summit falls on a big Holiday in Israel (no school, etc). So I would have putten the burdon on the family if we had a talk (which is a chance to attract poeple to a mini design summit)13:22
eranrombut as it is, I do not think I will make the trip13:23
eranromWhat were your thoughts?13:23
takashieranrom: I see your situation, and have no objection about that.13:24
eranromsorry. Did you / Are you planning on coming?13:25
takashieranrom: I'm going, (but maybe mainly for other projects, now)13:26
eranromtakashi,: sure13:26
kota_just a few days I'll attend.13:26
eranromkota_,: I remember you are expecting a child. congrats!!!13:27
takashiI just asked the topic, because I'd like to know I can meet you there or not. There are no problems about that. :-)13:27
kota_eranrom: thanks :-)13:27
eranromtakashi,: sure.13:27
takashithat's all from me today.13:27
eranromok. So thanks again for all the patches. and will be in touch!13:28
kota_nothing from my side13:28
eranromthanks for joining!13:28
takashieranrom: Thank you, too13:28
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