Wednesday, 2016-03-30

kota_eranrom: hello, sorry I can't make me to attend to meeting today.02:09
kota_eranrom: no progress on codebase but I've been talking with my boss how I can show the testing result (brought at Hackathon) for you and teleconference seems between us seems a good choice for now.02:11
kota_eranrom: I'll ping you again, more info is available for that.02:12
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takashi_eranrom, kota_: I'll be absent from today's meeting. I don't have so special updates.04:07
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eranromkota_,: thanks for the update. no problem06:45
eranromwould be great to have a teleconference whenever you can06:47
openstackgerritMerged openstack/storlets: Move verification about storlet upload from gateway to middleware
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eranromSorry I am late12:05
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