Wednesday, 2016-04-06

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eranromHi. Anyone online?12:00
eranromHi kota12:56
kota_sorry I was dayoff today. just back to online for meeting :)12:57
eranromoh no problem. I think I got confused with the time - its daylight saving time now12:57
eranromanyway - nothing special on my end... working on installation improvements12:58
kota_ah yeah. I saw you are working on thatt.12:58
kota_great stuff.12:58
kota_I have nothing special too. I've been tied up to any other swift component recently (e.g. swift3, versioned_writes)13:00
eranromkota_,: sure. Letme wait for Takashi for a while, before we declare the meeting ended :-)13:01
kota_maybe since this weekend, I can start to work at storlets again.13:01
eranromkota_: cool.13:01
kota_eranrom: so quick question.13:04
eranromkota_,: go ahead13:04
kota_eranrom: have you get an experience to run storlets in GPU environment?13:04
eranromkota_,: no, but this sounds interesting. The idea was brought up but more as a 'theoretical' one13:05
kota_In our PoC (takashi was working), I am realizing some picture/music execution seems CPU bottleneck.13:05
eranromkota_,: yeah. understood.13:06
kota_ok, thanks. Need more PoC and experimental results.13:06
eranromsure, we are still working on the analytics use case. finishing some bugs on push down from Spark and hopefully will get started testing performance soon13:07
kota_can you share the result of analytics in somewhere?13:08
eranromsure, the intension is to write a paper.13:09
kota_I think, teleconference (I am asking to my boss to share our result) is a good place to share information between us.13:09
kota_paper, great.13:09
eranromsure. we can share before, but e first need to have something...13:10
kota_hmm... takashi might be absent. I sent a ping to him via messenger but no response...13:13
eranromok. sure. so talk to you next week.13:13
eranromthanks you :-)13:14
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openstackgerritEran Rom proposed openstack/storlets: Tuning the swift installation

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