Wednesday, 2016-05-04

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openstackgerritEran Rom proposed openstack/storlets: Refactoring tests/
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openstackgerritEran Rom proposed openstack/storlets: Refactoring tests/
openstackgerritEran Rom proposed openstack/storlets: Refactoring tests/
openstackgerritMerged openstack/storlets: Refactoring tests/
eranromHi Kota13:00
eranromanyone else?13:01
eranromShell we begin?13:01
eranromFirst, I have an update. I am leaving IBM at the end of the month13:02
eranromI will ocntinue working on Storlets though13:02
kota_ah, really13:03
eranromyep :-)13:03
kota_I'm supprized at the fact.13:03
eranromwhich one. leaving or continuing working on storlets or both :-)13:03
kota_can i hear the new place?13:03
eranromIf there was a new place then yes. I am taking a break for a while.13:04
eranromso no new place for now...13:04
eranromexcept home :-)13:04
kota_ok, got it.13:04
eranromAnything from your side? Anything of interest from the summit?13:06
kota_no so a big one rather than yours.13:06
kota_I joined the Austin Summit, basically focus on design side.13:06
kota_unfortunately a bunch of interesting sessions are in parallel with design sessions.13:07
eranromyeah, as always...13:07
kota_In design session, the biggest thins in newton cycle will be encyription/hummingbird merge.13:07
eranromI wonder what it would take to integrate storlets into the hummingbird object server. I guess it will not have a pipeline.13:08
kota_eranrom: sure, that may be problem for us but fortunately hummingbird is not default but just an option for high performance usage.13:09
kota_Swifters want to hold python implementation to implement something quickly13:09
kota_a current problem is a lack of some stuff in humming bird (e.g. storage policy, EC, definately encryption which is the new thing)13:10
eranromdoes encryption touches the object service?13:11
kota_a bit13:11
eranromI see.13:11
kota_maybe it needs multipart HTTP request13:11
kota_to enable footers13:11
eranromThis is also required by EC - right?13:11
kota_(i.e. overwriting MD5 etag)13:12
eranromDo you happen to have an etherpad link with the summaries? I could not find it.13:12
kota_hmm... the etherpad shows just a summary for what we need to merge hummingbird13:14
kota_looking at the swift meeting wiki, notmyname will make a summit summary in the next (in a few hours)13:15
kota_(i know it's midnight for you)13:15
eranromsure, will try to join. thanks13:15
kota_maybe the teleconforence to share our storlets result seems urgent.13:17
kota_I will try to setup it in the middle of this month.13:17
eranromwould be good. we can do this next week.13:17
eranromif it works for you13:17
kota_if you are leaving at this month.13:17
eranromtill may 31st13:18
kota_ok, will try it. Unfortunately this week is a long holiday week in Japan.13:18
kota_so maybe it will be in later half of next week.13:18
eranromnp. just let me know which day works for you best, and I will send an invite.13:19
eranromis this hour good, do you prefer an earleir hour13:19
kota_I prefer earlier hour.13:20
kota_can i have your correct timezone name_13:20
kota_make sure the possible time we have.13:20
eranromWe are in UTC+213:21
eranromno is 16:2213:22
eranromso basically we can do this that is now its 16:2213:23
eranromso its UTC + 3 (daylight saving time)13:23
kota_your morning seems suitable for us.13:24
kota_that calculator shows our 6:00 p.m. is your 12:00 p.m. (noon)13:25
eranromok great. so I will schedule something for the morning hours. say 9 or 10 am?13:25
kota_yup, it's 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. for us.13:26
eranromok. Wed/Thu?13:27
kota_will make sure the schedule at the beggining of next week.13:27
eranromoh ok, thought you wanted the second half of the week.13:27
kota_sorry, in this week, almost of systems shutting down for electonic device testing.13:27
kota_including our scheduler13:27
kota_so I will let you know asap in the next week.13:28
eranromsure no problem13:28
eranromanything else we want to discuss?13:29
kota_no discussion, but the last big topic.13:29
kota_my new kids come home :)13:29
eranromall went well I take it.13:29
kota_that happened in summit week unfortunately but everthing well.13:30
eranromI see. so you have twins? (you wrote kids)13:30
kota_oh, sorry13:30
eranrom:-) congratulations.13:31
kota_thanks :-)13:31
eranrombig indeed :-)13:31
kota_that's all from me.13:32
eranromok. so thanks for joining, and will be in touch. Happy fatherhood :-)13:32
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