Wednesday, 2016-05-11

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eranromAll, I will not be able to join today's call. Apologies for the last minute notice. I thought I would but could't10:53
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takashieranrom: np. I don't have so big update today. If you have some time, please have a look at patch 313914 .13:00
patchbottakashi: - storlets - Fix usage about contextmanager13:00
takashithat patch fixes the thing I missed when I introduced contextmanager.13:00
takashikota_: hello13:01
takashiIs there any other people?13:02
takashikota_: eranrom said he is absent from today's meeting, so you and I are all available members for today's meeting13:03
kota_ah, ok13:03
kota_I also doesn't have big update today.13:03
takashikota_: ok13:04
kota_but i was thinking of making sure the status for proposal to openstack incubation.13:05
kota_a few month ago, eronrom was thinking of.13:05
takashikota_: I remenber that.13:05
takashikota_: I'm interested in that topic, too. I think we should ask eranrom about it later.13:07
kota_yup, will do so.13:07
takashiI've been working a little about refactoring stuff after this April. Now I'm moving my focus to storlet protocol classes. (patch 314140 )13:10
patchbottakashi: - storlets - WIP: Refactor Storlet protocol classes13:10
takashikota_: You might already know, but big part of swift specific functionalities previously existed in the gateway module has already been migrated to middleware module13:12
takashikota_: so please be careful about it, when you check or test the latest codes.13:12
kota_ah, yeah.13:13
kota_thanks for working on it.13:13
takashicache retrieving is still remaining in gateway modules, because I think I need some more work about refactoring cache management.13:13
kota_yup, complicated part of it.13:14
takashiI'm going to work about it, after finishing refactoring work about protocol classes. :-)13:15
takashithat's all from me today.13:16
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