Friday, 2016-05-13

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shahbaz_pHi everyone, I have installed storlets using s2aio method and now I am getting 503 Service Unavailable error, when retrieving object using storlet jar.04:07
shahbaz_p  here I have just uploaded Identity storlet with its dependency and source.txt in myobjects container04:09
shahbaz_pThe username and password for swift user is the default that was in the s2aio, i.e. swift and passw0rd under tenant service and region 104:13
shahbaz_pany help would be appreciated04:15
shahbaz_palso I can get object without storlet.04:17
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kota_hello shahbaz_p, I noticed your message, just now. looking at the paste.07:10
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kota_hmmm, curious. "egrep Service * -R" at the top of storlets dir doesn't show ServiceUnavailabe exception. i.e. probably unexpected error occurred and it will reach catch_errors in proxy pipeline07:26
kota_shahbaz_p: if you could paste the error log (proxy-server and object-server) it probably is helpful for us to know what's happen in your s2aio environment.07:27
kota_eranrom: can we schedule the teleconf meeting at 19th May UTC 7:00?09:04
kota_eranrom: it's our thursday afternoon 19th May 4:00 pm in JST and probably 19th May 10:00 am in IDT.09:05
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shahbaz_pkota_: Here is the log in /var/log/syslog
shahbaz_p@kota_ : where else can  I find the log file for proxy-server and object-server?10:11
shahbaz_pkota_ : Here is the output of functests and the stats of storlet container here
kota_Storlets log miht be somewhere like /var/log/syslog10:31
shahbaz_pyes I have pasted the log of /var/log/syslog above.10:43
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