Wednesday, 2016-06-01

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kota_perhaps, eranrom means we are scheduing this week meeting Thu 3 p.m. (JST) ?06:10
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eranromHi, sorry I am late06:10
eranromHi Kota. I understand Takashi can't join so lets start06:11
kota_sorry, I don't have nothing special.06:12
eranromnp. same here :-)06:12
kota_I was tied up to maintain some upstream swift working.06:12
eranromI was awfully busy closing thing here, and so did not have much time to go over patches and progress stuff06:12
kota_just looking at cdron's patch now :)06:12
eranromAnyway today its practcally my last day here and will have mich more time from next week06:12
kota_but probably I can take time to see the exisitng patch for storlets in the later of this week.06:13
eranromok, great06:13
kota_one question06:13
kota_does we need to move the meeting time after you're leaving IBM?06:14
kota_or keep the meeting time as is?06:14
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eranromwhatever is convenient fo you! I think that as long we are only Japan and Israel we can have a much more convenient time for you. We can change this later as more poeple would (hopefully) join06:15
kota_alright. no strong opinion from my side, just I'm wondering you can keep truck the time :)06:16
eranromsure, no problem from my side.06:17
eranromI will update you on a new mail address as soon as I get it operational.06:17
eranromI think this is all I got for today06:17
kota_so quick meeting! :)06:18
eranromyes :-)06:18
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openstackgerritEran Rom proposed openstack/storlets: WIP: Allow to run a single range request on the object server
eranromHi all. This is to inform you that my email address in IBM will cease to exist tomorrow. To reach me please write to: eran@itsonlyme.name15:42
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