Tuesday, 2016-07-12

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eranromtakashi: Are you online?07:14
eranromtakashi: just got your mail :-) answering...07:17
takashieranrom: yes :-)07:41
takashieranrom: Thank you for your creating a draft for technical talk! I'll check it and will reply to the email!08:12
eranromtakashi: you are most welcome08:12
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kota_eranrom, takashi: morning, thanks for drafting that!12:42
eranromHi kota_. sure!12:52
takashieranrom: thanks for your update. all your suggentions sound good, as I wrote in my reply to you14:03
takashieranrom: are you going to submit a both of two talk proposals by yourself?14:05
takashikota_: Hi! How are you doing in Hackathon?14:05
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eranromtakahi: I think that that plan is to have NTT+me in the 101 talk - so if you wish you can submit it.14:13
eranromand the use cases talk will probably be me/IBM/Gridpocket14:13
eranromso I will submit it14:13
eranromIs that ok?14:13
kota_eranrom: takashi might be asleep14:14
kota_but looks ok though, thanks for working on this :-)14:14
eranromoh, right.14:14
eranromsure :-)14:15
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