Wednesday, 2016-08-03

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takashigood morning :-)02:15
kota_takashi: thanks for reviewing a lot, not yet look at though, sorry.02:49
takashikota_: I hope it can be a help for you04:11
takashikota_: Do you have anithing we currently need to discuss about file_manager?04:15
takashikota_: or will you take some time to check existing my comments on patches?04:16
kota_takashi: oops, I noticed your comments right now but i think your concerns addressed in the telconf a few hours ago.08:15
*** takashi has quit IRC08:45
eranromtakashi, kota: Can you please have a quick look and confirm CHANGELOG in
patchboteranrom: patch 350157 - storlets - Storlets release 0.1.010:28
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