Monday, 2016-08-15

kota_eranrom: i have just a question for TC meeting that we might need to prepare some thought.04:22
kota_eranrom: that is on the implementation language of storlets.04:22
kota_eranrom: a few weeks ago, notmyname brought a topic that swift wants to official TC support to use go language to implement some parts of swift but it was rejected (i.e. openstack TC doesn't want to support other language than python)04:24
kota_eranrom: however, I know storlets have some java/c code for SBus.04:25
kota_eranrom: so that my concern is that it may be a blocker for storlets to get approval into openstack official support product.04:26
kota_eranrom: do you have any idea for that?04:26
eranromkota_: good point. Fortunately, java is already used in openstack07:20
eranromI think that in more then one project07:20
kota_eranrom: oh really?07:20
eranromyes, I should know the project names of the top of my head. Looking.07:21
eranromok there is the SDK, but it also has go, so I guess this one will not do....07:23
eranromthere is also an openstack client in Java, but now I see that it is not part of openstack07:25
eranromso, we need a better answer. Which might be that we are working on a python 'binding'07:25
eranromRegarding c, at the time I just did not find a way to pass a fd between processes using python 2.7 it was only introduced in python 3.2 (I think) and Java07:28
eranromdoes not have this at all.07:28
kota_hmm... from notmyname report, openstack "service" seems to be needed to be built in python.07:42
kota_i didn't read the code in c of storlet in detail yet so that I need more deep dive how we could solve it07:43
kota_probably, it should be a topic in tommrow meeting before TC's one?07:44
eranromgood idea. Let me put this on the agenda. you said openstack "service" seems to be needed to be built in python07:45
eranromdo you mean that if we are tagged as type service we need everything to be built in Python?07:45
kota_eranrom: i'm not sure whole parts should be built in Python ofr not07:55
kota_rigt now.07:55
kota_but in my feeling, daemon process and basic module should be07:56
kota_some clients like SDK may be written in another language.07:56
kota_so exactly, around SDaemon and c pipes is what we should consider, i think.07:57
eranromok. so I will put this on the agenda and we can continue the discussion tomorrow07:58

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