Tuesday, 2016-09-27

openstackgerritMerged openstack/storlets: Remove redundant passing container id in daemon factory  https://review.openstack.org/37558102:07
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eranromok, my only concern is that it will slow us down.09:01
eranromI mean having two reviewers per patch09:01
kota_got it your concern09:01
eranromSuggestion: How about the patch author to state whether he wants one or two +2?09:02
eranromClearly at some point we will always require 2X +209:03
takashiwe should have two +2s as a basic rule09:03
takashihowever, in some cases, we need to skip that (ex. need quick fix for the problem)09:04
takashiin that case we can discuss on irc or other way, and should record that it is agreed approval09:04
kota_basically, I think, it's ok for small thing, in particular, doc change.09:04
kota_fix type or etc...09:04
takashi'TrivialFix' can be a mark which needs one +209:04
eranromtakashi: ok, and the string 'TrivialFix' will be in the commit meddage?09:05
takashilike this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/376549/09:05
eranromgo it09:05
eranromSounds good to me!09:05
takashieranrom: AFAIK this is usually used in the other projects09:05
kota_takashi: looks good to me.09:05
kota_so author can suggest that this is "trivial" but the first core als can judge if it's *really* trivial or not.09:06
takashikota_: yes09:07
kota_if the fist judge doesn't agree if it's trivial, then, make -1 with comment like 'this is not trivial one so need 2x +2 to land'09:08
kota_it seems to work to me :-D09:08
takashiLet's work on this rule, and if we find any problems, let's dicsuss what we can do09:09
eranromOne thing I expect we would like to treat as 'TrivialFix' is code that is not central or influences much, such as a SampleStorlet. But we can discuss this when we get there09:10
eranromBTW - once we are official, we may want to move the samples to another repo, but this is a different discussion :-)09:11
kota_eranrom: is that requierement from TC?09:11
takashikota_: It is mentioned in the discussion with TC09:12
eranromright. My take is that for now they are ok with one reviewer09:12
takashiI remeber that they used the work 'single core approval'09:13
eranromit was raised as a concern, but not as a 'must have' for being official. At least this is my understanding09:13
kota_sorry leaving for a while, will be back in half hour.09:13
eranromkota_: sure.09:13
eranromsee u09:14
eranromthanks for joining09:14
takashieranrom: I think it's good chance to think about the review process09:14
eranromtakashi: agree. Let me summarize09:14
takashiit passed about a half year after we started current review process (I mean, after you invited us as core reviewers)09:14
eranromtakashi: yep.09:15
takashieranrom: ok09:15
eranrom1. As a rule we require two +2s09:15
eranrom2. There may be exceptions (such as 'TrivialFix', doc fix, etc), in which case the author can ask for one +2.09:16
eranrom3. In any case the first reviewer can decide that it requires two +2s and we can always discuss on IRC09:17
eranrom3 is actually continuation of 2.09:17
eranromend of summary.09:17
takashieranrom: agree09:18
takashimaybe we can add them on big tent etherpad09:18
eranromtakashi: good idea!09:18
eranromShould I?09:19
takashieranrom: I'll do that09:19
eranromtakashi: thanks!09:20
eranromso anything else for now?09:20
takashieranrom: nothing from my side09:21
eranromok so thanks for joining!09:23
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openstackgerritTakashi Kajinami proposed openstack/storlets: WIP: Create storlets package  https://review.openstack.org/37033216:11
openstackgerritTakashi Kajinami proposed openstack/storlets: DO NOT MERGE: Fix ant deploy_*_engine  https://review.openstack.org/37782816:11
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