Thursday, 2016-12-22

openstackgerritKota Tsuyuzaki proposed openstack/storlets: Add storlet_timeout to gateway conf samples
openstackgerritMerged openstack/storlets: Minor Fixes
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kota_hey eranrom, takashi could be what you prefer to.10:20
eranromkota_: looking.10:20
kota_not yet testing in the actual environment, sample works to upload the storlet app as expected10:20
kota_not yet ran the app actually.10:21
kota_for jupiter notebooke (or IPython)10:21
kota_eranrom: do you know about ipython and jupiter notebook?10:22
eranromkota_: A little. So the idea is to provide a Jupyter notebook for end users to play with storlets?10:23
kota_eranrom: kinda10:23
eranromkota_: This is really cool!10:24
kota_eranrom: if you add %%uploadstorlet and you have swift information like ST_AUTH, ST_USER etc... in your environment10:24
kota_eranrom: do ctl+enter, it's really easy to deploy your python storlet app for your swift ;-)10:25
eranromThis is great!10:25
kota_hehe, I'm now trying also invocation.10:25
eranromMy original thoughts were to write kind of Eclipse plugin to do that, but IMO Jupyter is cooler! (at least for python)10:26
kota_ah yeah, Eclipse will be also great10:26
eranromI think I should ask OSIC for a machine to have a public cluster that users can point to...10:26
kota_eranrom: it's great! and if that can be used, it's super cool to play with storlet via jupiter notebook!!!10:27
eranromAbsolutly. Its on my to do ist for quite some time, and I keep forgetting :-)10:28
kota_I'll let you know when my hobby progress ;-)10:28
eranromkota_: thanks! BTW - do you need Keystone v3 API there?10:28
kota_not sure10:29
kota_probably, that works only *tempauth*10:29
kota_the ipython doesn't set version information so swift client set as v110:29
eranromright so it will depend on which auth middleware is defined...10:30
kota_proabably you can add version info there from os.environ10:30
kota_lemm check python-swiftclient10:31
kota_ah or maybe just set ST_AUTH=<keystone v3 endpoint>10:33
eranromFWIW, here is what the latest s2aio defines in .bashrc (originally your addition):10:33
eranromecho "export OS_IDENTITY_API_VERSION=3" >> ~/.bashrc10:34
eranromecho "export OS_USERNAME=tester; export OS_PASSWORD=testing" >> ~/.bashrc10:34
eranromecho "export OS_PROJECT_NAME=test; OS_DEFAULT_DOMAIN=default" >> ~/.bashrc10:34
eranromecho "export OS_AUTH_URL=http://"$S2AIO_IP":5000/v3" >> ~/.bashrc10:34
kota_eranrom: ok, based on OS_ prefix10:36
kota_info for authentication10:36
eranromyes. Again for Keystone...10:36
kota_i know!10:37
kota_eranrom: ok. will try to address keystone thing we need absolutely.10:37
eranromkota_: and I will try addressing OSIC.10:38
kota_eranrom: that diff is for checking feasibility so will think of the options for keystone.10:38
kota_eranrom: thanks for your feedback!10:38
eranromthank you. This is great!10:38
* kota_ is preparing to go back home10:39
* kota_ will do that in the next week due to holiday tommorow10:39
eranromkota_: have a nice holiday.10:52
kota_eranrom: thanks!10:53
kota_eranrom: and i just found more easy way to add extention rather than modify the ipython code10:54
kota_eranrom: will try!10:54
eranromkota_: cool. Will be happy to hear how this goes (even if this is next week :-)10:55
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