Tuesday, 2017-05-02

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eranromkota_: I may be a few minutes late to the meeting today06:50
kota_back to online08:08
kota_eranrom: ping08:08
kota_it looks like eranrom is not yet here08:09
kota_eranrom: please ping me if you are online and you'd like to do the meeting08:11
eranromkota_: Hi08:33
kota_One sec08:34
kota_eranrom: open my laptop08:35
kota_eranrom: meeting?08:35
eranromhere or in meetings?08:36
kota_either is fine08:36
kota_it looks 25 minutes left in the meeting area08:36
eranromok so lets start here.08:36
eranromfrom my end there is only the patches subject, but if you have something else lets start with you08:37
kota_ok, for the patch, perspective... let me open my browser...08:38
kota_ah, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/459990/08:39
kota_so in the recent few weeks, I tried to your demo at AWS envrionment08:39
kota_and hit some issues you know08:39
kota_and i was running out of time to setup at that time. not so progressed so much (i.e. i could not run the demo there)08:40
kota_but the patch 459990 is for an issue I found while setting up the env08:40
kota_as you ware wondering, I'm also not sure if the fix was correct (or not)08:41
kota_but in fact, current ansible script fails with aws with the name difference for linux-kernel08:42
kota_and, the gate, aws seems to work well with the change08:42
kota_I'm bit worried about bare-metal server thought :/08:43
kota_linux-image-generic-lts-xenial seems to point out the fixed kernel version ubuntu supports08:44
eranromkota_: I see. I would not worry about it too much as one of the following patches is getting rid of the entire ansible code altogether08:44
eranromas it moves all installation to be devstack based08:44
kota_so if someone is using another kernel,the patch may make him worse.08:44
eranromand there I am using the same code used by other devstack plugins to install docker08:45
kota_ah really08:45
eranromso actually moving to devstack will also make us compatible with other Linux distros.08:46
eranromCurrently we support Ubuntu only anyway.08:46
kota_so what i should do is removing WIP at commit message?08:46
eranromeven this is not essential, I can merge it now. I just wanted to make sure the patch if final from your perspective08:47
kota_eranrom: to me, it's my current best but not sure another way we can have.08:47
kota_that's my current state.08:48
eranromkota_: ok sure! so on a second thought, pls remove the WIP (it just looks better) and I will merge08:48
kota_thx eranrom!08:48
eranromkota_: np.08:48
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openstackgerritKota Tsuyuzaki proposed openstack/storlets master: Fix apt fails due to linux image missing on AWS EC2  https://review.openstack.org/45999008:49
eranromdone :-)08:50
kota_much appreciated :-)08:50
eranromnp :-)08:50
eranromAnything else?08:50
kota_that's all for me on current working patch.08:51
kota_i could work on some improvement after summit08:51
eranromkota_: improvements on something specific?08:51
kota_currently I'm busy on the summit and swift upstream work but I'm still working with my customer for storlets so I need something on that08:51
kota_basically, I like to make it as general08:52
kota_for community patch. but my working with a customer is sort of specific business area.08:52
eranromI see.08:53
kota_i cannot make it public yet08:53
eranromI understand.08:53
eranromBTW - do you know if Akihito and Sagara are still working on Storlets?08:53
kota_eranrom: i don't think them able to work officially (as company work i mean) but i heared them wanted to work upstream indivisually.08:54
eranromkota_: I see. Thanks for the update08:54
eranromkota_: so good luck with the summit.08:55
kota_eranrom: thx and sorry slow progress in recent.08:56
eranromkota_: np. understood. ping me if you have any more issues with the demo08:56
kota_eranrom: thx08:56
kota_eranrom: and your turn?08:56
eranromyou mean with subject?08:57
kota_yes, sorry my lack of words08:57
kota_do you have subjects?08:57
eranrom:-) np. basically just to ask revieweing items 2,6 in the list  https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/storlets-review-priorities (as much as you can. I know you have very limited time)08:59
kota_2, and 6?09:00
eranromyes please.09:00
kota_5? at high priority?09:00
eranromsorry I meant 2,509:01
eranromthere is no 6 :-)09:01
kota_i think, i could have concentrate time before/at/after summit09:02
eranromkota_: sure. Whatever you can do is appreaciated.09:02
kota_i set them as *very* high priority09:02
kota_for me :)09:02
eranrom:-) Thanks!09:02
eranromI see a failure in the AWS patch. I need to go now, but will have a look later, and merge if it is fixed by then09:03
eranromgotta go now.09:03
kota_ok, thx09:03
eranromtalk to you later, and thanks for joining09:03
kota_perhaps something related to the keystone change?09:04
kota_not sure, anyway for now.09:04
kota_kk, thanks for doing the meeting today!09:04
kota_see you09:05
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openstackgerritEran Rom proposed openstack/storlets master: Fix apt fails due to linux image missing on AWS EC2  https://review.openstack.org/45999017:25
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openstackgerritEran Rom proposed openstack/storlets master: Fix apt fails due to linux image missing on AWS EC2  https://review.openstack.org/45999019:08
openstackgerritEran Rom proposed openstack/storlets master: Fix apt fails due to linux image missing on AWS EC2  https://review.openstack.org/45999019:23
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