Friday, 2019-11-01

kota_tkajinam: are you looking for me still?05:09
tkajinamkota_, yeah. Just wanted to ask you about the plan at PTG.05:10
tkajinamkota_, I mean we don't need assigned whole time, but it would be nice if we can decide timeslot when we gather, and broadcast it on ml or somewhere05:10
kota_tkajinam: absolutely, which time do you want to happen?05:11
tkajinamkota_, I'm still looking at the schedule for other projects, but currently Wednesday afternoon looks good05:16
kota_ok. let's set the meeting to the slot05:16
tkajinamor Thursday afternoon ?05:16
kota_anytime will be fine to me because, as you know, Swift team always has hack-a-thon style PTG so that the conversation will be in-flight (not strictly scheduled)05:18
tkajinamyeah I know it05:18
kota_and IIRC, at this PTG, probably we will meet in the same room for small different projects other than the big one or two (only Nove?)05:19
kota_so we can find any person in the room if something needed.05:20
tkajinamkota_, if you can find the real person to ask what you want :-)05:20
tkajinamkota_, sorry. Can we change it to Thursday afternoon ? I have some members joining only summit from team, so it would be better to be free until Wednesday05:21
kota_ic. you do.05:21
kota_There would be several reason why we can not the person, 1. he may be absent, 2. I know only his nick, 3. etc...05:22
tkajinamI think the most problematic point is that we don't know how they looks in the real world05:23
kota_tkajinam: btw, we may have to hurry up the py3 functional gate work :/05:23
tkajinamthough we see their nick or e-mail so much05:23
tkajinamI believe this is the last one to make unit tests py3 compatible
tkajinam(it is still WIP because I need to fix problem caused by byte/str05:24
tkajinamand AFAIK functional tests are failing mostly because of byte/str proble... hope we can quickly update it after we decide the strategy to fix them05:25
kota_tkajinam: probably true. we may be able to fix the problem mechanically.06:02
*** tkajinam has quit IRC08:53
openstackgerritKota Tsuyuzaki proposed openstack/storlets master: PY3: Fix urllib path to be compatible with py3
openstackgerritKota Tsuyuzaki proposed openstack/storlets master: PY3: Fix file opening to read the data as bytes
kota_tkajinami: done for putting E-mail to OpenStack-discuss and prepare the etherpad for the PTG.10:19
openstackgerritKota Tsuyuzaki proposed openstack/storlets master: PY3: Fix file opening to read the data as bytes

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