Monday, 2020-04-20

tkajinamkota_, yeah I saw that in update notification from launchpad bug03:09
tkajinamkota_, because we use released version instead of master, we still need to wait removing current workaround03:11
tkajinamuntil we get updated upper-constraints, including new release of python-swiftclient03:11
tkajinamjust fyi...03:13
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tkajinamkota_, it would be nice if I can ask your review about these py2 revival patches
kota_i see06:57
tkajinamkota_, I've put -2 on the base patch to avoid accidentally merging them. But I'll move them forward once TC approves the request06:57
kota_ok. thx.06:58
kota_today, I don't have enough time to see. tomorrow, I'll visit the patch chain.06:58
tkajinamkota_, ack. thx06:59
kota_anyway we should release rc1 on this week, they would be urgent (and being temporary fixes)06:59
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