Thursday, 2020-09-10

kota_tkajinam: it's close to release Victoria RC1. How's going? Should I look at something?
tkajinamkota_, nothing really urgent. if you can have a look about open patches, it's nice03:13
tkajinamkota_, I'm wondering whether we can drop py2 during this cycle. I checked the current gerrit queue for swift but I didn't see the patch actually dropping py203:14
tkajinamI prepared a patch to revert revert py2 drop but not sure whether we can merge this during this cycle.
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openstackgerritTakashi Kajinami proposed openstack/storlets master: Put logback.xml on host
kota_tkajinam: i don't think Swift drops py2 yet08:50
tkajinamkota_, ok. then I'll hold on that one...09:25
tkajinamkota_, actually we don't have much merged during this cycle, but it would be nice if we can have some of the following merged ;11:01
tkajinamkota_, and are a kind of trivial fixes which doesn't affect functionality11:03
kota_tkajinam: will look11:07
kota_maybe i'll be tied up on my urgent work in a few days. I'll make my effort to visit but perhaps the attempt may fail down...11:08
kota_possibly, it's nice to have video meeting in the ptg week that we would share recent work.11:09
tkajinamkota_, will we get a short slot during ptg ?11:16
kota_tkajinam: if possible. idk if we could reserve the slot from now.11:17
tkajinamkota_, will check that. maybe 1 or 2 hours slot would be enough for us11:17
kota_i think ptl had to receive the survey from a ptg organizer11:18
tkajinamI'll recheck my e-mail box but so far I've not seen such kind of notification11:21
tkajinamcoming personally... maybe I missed that11:21
tkajinamok. I found it in openstack-discuss11:22
tkajinamkota_, Is swift team planning PTG slots this time ? I don't see any slots reserved for swift11:24
kota_oh no, it's time to schedule. one thing i remember is timburk put the link to gather the available date of swift cores in the last meeting in this morning11:26
kota_probably we have. we already have the etherpad for the ptg...11:28
tkajinamdeadline is tomorrow evening for our time11:28
tkajinamand it's almost "today" for NA guys11:29
kota_that's utc11:29
tkajinamutc 7:0011:29
openstackgerritMerged openstack/storlets master: Add more informative debug logs to agent processes
openstackgerritMerged openstack/storlets master: Use consistent arguments for invocation_flow method
tkajinamkota_, I'll reserve 1 hour slot for sync up. from 13:00 JST. does it work for you and do you have any preferences about the date ?11:32
kota_which day?11:32
tkajinamkota_, we have available slots for all date... but how about Tuesday ?11:33
tkajinamOctober 27th11:33
tkajinamor Wednesday11:34
tkajinambecause these 2 days are almost occupied I don't think we will have conflicts11:35
tkajinamwith swift, tripleo etc...11:35
* tkajinam is thinking to reserve Bexer from 13:00UTC-17:00UTC, On October 27th11:38
kota_tkajinam: ah... utc? or jst?12:58
kota_the first message looks JST but you're thinking UTC...12:59
kota_if it's JST, I'd start from 2:00pm.13:00
tkajinamkota_, oh, sorry. I meant to say UTC13:01
tkajinamkota_, but JST would be fine. though I don't think any other people will join that time...13:02
tkajinammaybe we would rather set up a personal conversation rather than vPTG session ?13:02
tkajinamkota_, I see some people allocated slot around 4-8 UTC. so maybe we can set it on 5 UTC - 7UTC on October 27th13:05
tkajinam(I don't think we need 2 hours slot, but it wont affect other team because I don't think they want to have much discussion during that APAC/Pune hours13:05
tkajinamAPAC/IND hours I should have said13:06
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