Thursday, 2014-07-10

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openstackgerritling-yun proposed a change to openstack/swift-specs: Add log translation hints for swift
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openstackgerritling-yun proposed a change to openstack/swift-specs: Add log translation hints for swift
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openstackgerritling-yun proposed a change to openstack/swift-specs: Add log translation hints for swift
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openstackgerritling-yun proposed a change to openstack/swift-specs: Add log translation hints for swift
openstackgerritling-yun proposed a change to openstack/swift-specs: Add log translation hints for swift
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shivaniCan someone tell how to upload or put data in case of functional tests04:14
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shivaniI mean in functional testing framework for swift, if PUT request is being executed from where data is loaded??04:16
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shivaniwhere data for put is kept in case of functional testing?04:31
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mattoliveraushivani: you mean in the incode functional tests? I.E: test/functional ?04:39
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openstackgerritGil Vernik proposed a change to openstack/swift: Container PUT requests and max container per account
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mattoliveraushivani: It's all defined in code. If you look at the all the content-lengths are 0.05:23
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shivanimattoliverau : I got it. Thanks.. In case I have to execute my test with some file of content length>0, do I have to edit setup file?06:09
shivaniI mean setup method?06:13
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acolesmattoliverau: you around still?07:34
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mattoliverauacoles yup, well packing so hovering around :)07:43
acolesmattoliverau: hi, yea you are flying soon - thanks for review(s) - re. the ACLs one...07:45
acolesmattoliverau: the config options are there
shivanimattoliverau: ^^^07:45
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mattoliverauacoles: thanks and your welcome, still have Friday tomorrow and then 27 hours or so in transit :S.. Cool will go review the config now so I can +1 it ready for the US morning :)07:58
acolesmattoliverau: have a good journey. just Germany or seeing any more of europe?08:00
mattoliverauacoles: Just Germany then home, work is sending me. Planning on taking the wife to Paris with me and having an extended holiday after the next summit... so long as work sends me that is :)08:02
acolesmattoliverau: sounds like a good plan :)08:03
openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed a change to openstack/swift: Make pipeline_property less brittle
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mattoliverauacoles: Changed to a +108:08
acolesmattoliverau: thanks!08:09
mattoliveraushivani: what functional test are you adding, is it to upstream swift or your own tests?08:10
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shivaniIt's my own test, just want to put some data file with some content length using FT of swift08:54
shivanimattoliverau: It's my own test, just want to put some data file with some content length using FT of swift08:56
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bszaboHi, i have a problem with our swift cluster09:20
bszabothe object-expirer does not delete the objects, it logs a ConnectionTimeout error, the objects after expiration are still listed in the containers, but they throw a 404 when i try to retrieve them09:22
bszaboi'm using swift 1.8.009:23
ahalestill being listed and 404'ing is normal if the expirer is failing - connection timeout is strange, can the box that the expirer is running on reach the object/container services on the same ip:port as the rings are setup with?09:26
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bszabothanks for the response, i'll check it09:32
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gvernikI have a git related question. I want to checkout a commit ( to the new local branch, make modifcations and submit it back for the review. What git command should i run?10:24
gverniki mean, i suppose to create local branch manually and then run git fetch from it?10:25
openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed a change to openstack/python-swiftclient: Fix context sensitive help for info
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acolesgvernik: 'git review -d 64430' will create local branch for you, and switch to it10:40
acolesgvernik: make your changes, git commit --amend, then git review will create a new version of that review10:41
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gvernikacoles: thanks!11:00
acolesgvernik: no problem11:01
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gvernikacoles: do you know what it means? ! [remote rejected] HEAD -> refs/publish/master/bp/on-demand-data-migration-for-swift (you are not allowed to upload merges). Getting error, while trying to run get review inside my branch11:57
acolesgvernik: not seen that error myself. so just guessing ... did you 'git rebase -i master'?12:00
gverniki did, than it didn't worked and i lost my patience :) , so I did something else: I created completely new fresh branch, added all my files manually, created commit message with the same change id as the old one and then did "git review"12:02
gvernikand got this weird error12:02
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acolesgvernik: if you look at 'git log' do you just have your one additional commit message in addition to 'git log master'12:04
gverniki am just trying to rebase my 1 year old patch...before some core will remove it due to  more than 2 weeks of inactivity :)12:04
gvernikgit log shows me many commits, not mine. it just some history of all commits, no?12:08
gvernikthe stange thing that my commit has Jenkins as an author12:08
acolesgvernik: oh! does your commmit also have line starting Merge: after the commit id?12:10
gvernikyes, it has: commit 6e9bcac37eefd98108e2a2c7b7c9132f7bdce9eb12:11
gvernikMerge: 03a40b5 5d7c8ca12:11
gvernikAuthor: Jenkins <>12:11
gvernikDate:   Wed Jul 9 23:41:12 2014 +000012:11
gvernik    On demand data migration for Swift12:11
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acolesah. i don't know how you got there but that doesn't look right. did you do a git merge as you were adding you files to fresh branch?12:12
gvernikacoles: i'll remove this commit and will try again, hope it helps. I need to run to some meeting now. thanks12:13
acolesgvernik: sorry i couldn't help. maybe try channel later for a git guru12:14
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madhuriCan anyone tell me why isn't memcache not listed in requirements of swift?15:46
madhuriAs per my knowledge it is essential to have memcached installed for production environment.15:47
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madhurianyone there?15:54
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torgomaticmadhuri: you mean python-memcache the library?15:56
madhurithe one listed in saio15:58
torgomaticProbably just an oversight.15:58
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madhuribut no APIs work without memcache15:59
madhuriAll of them gives 'Unauthorised' error15:59
madhuriIs it a bug?15:59
madhuriI think it needs to be listed in requirements.txt16:00
torgomaticNo, swift has its own implementation of a mñ16:02
torgomatic Ugh..  memcache client16:02
torgomaticStupid phone keyboard. :)16:02
madhuriWhere? Could you please tell me?16:02
torgomaticswift.common.memcache, I think16:03
madhuriYeah thats the middleware16:04
torgomaticIt's pure Python, so it's eventlet friendly, and it doesn't store pickles16:04
glange <-- there is even a little note on why swift has its own client, it's not middleware16:04
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madhuriI got it.16:07
madhuriBut why then no APIs return error?16:08
madhurisorry every APIs16:08
glangedid you do everything on the saio page?16:08
madhuriI didn't install the dependencies listed on saio page16:10
madhuriBut the one listed in requirements.txt16:10
madhuriAnd the error log was something like "error talking to memcache server"16:11
creihtmadhuri: yeah you still have to install the other dependencies listed on saio16:12
creihtrequirements.txt will only get you python libraries, not the other supporting software that you need16:12
madhuribut then why they are not listed in swift reqquirements list, if they are necessary?16:12
creihtrequirements.txt only gives you required *python* libraries16:13
glangeyeah, that is what it looks like to me too16:13
creihtyou can't for example say that you need mysql installed in requirements.txt16:13
creihtthat's why you have other system level dependencies16:13
creihtand why the saio instructs you to install those independently16:13
madhuriThats fine.16:14
ahaleif you were installing from a distro package, then it would have those dependencies stated.. with a python install from source like the swift code then it just handles itself not the rest of the environment16:14
madhuriBut sorry I still have doubt16:15
creihtmadhuri: it might be better to think of swift as a system that encompasses other applications and tools16:15
creihtnot just a piece of computer software16:15
madhuriAll the dependencies stated on saio page(the first apt-get statement) are for development environment16:17
madhurithat needs to be installed on clients system16:18
madhurinot where the swift runs16:18
madhuriand the dependencies on second line for production environment. That are needed by swift to run services16:19
madhuriLeaving mock, pip..16:19
notmynamegood morning16:20
notmynamemadhuri: memcache is needed for tempauth since tempauth stores the tokens in memcache. eg a system like swauth or keystone doesn't require memecache, but without it ever call would need to got to net/disk to auth it (ie very slow)16:20
madhurinotmyname: Thanks :)16:21
madhuriIt is pretty much clear now16:22
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madhuribut it must be stated somewhere16:22
notmynamemadhuri: so, specifically in answer to your question: yes memcache is required in a prod environment16:22
madhuriSo should it  be listed in requirements.txt? Or else stated somewhere?16:22
notmynamemadhuri: see what ahale and creiht said above. memcache should be in install docs and distro stuff, but not in the source repo's requirements file16:23
pconstantinemadhuri: it is stated in packages for Ubuntu/Centos etc.16:24
notmynamemadhuri: same as we don't list "you must have an OS installed" (in an extreme sense)16:24
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madhurinotmyname: pconstantine Thanks16:24
pconstantinemadhuri: it's also stated in deployment guide16:26
pconstantinemadhuri: but, yes, it looks kind of obscure there16:26
openstackgerritChristian Schwede proposed a change to openstack/swift: Limit changed partitions when rebalancing
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peluse_good morning!16:43
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openstackgerritpaul luse proposed a change to openstack/swift-specs: Erasure Code Support for Swift
notmynamepeluse_: thanks16:49
notmynamepeluse_: I see that your all-day meeting yesterday was productive :-)16:49
peluse_you got it!16:50
peluse_hey, how do I check and see what the rendered version looks like with links, pics, etc?16:50
notmynamepeluse_: either use sphinx to build it locally, or if you click the results of the jenkins job after it successfully completes it will take you to the result (see and click on the "gate-swift-specs-docs" at the bottom)16:52
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madhuripconstantine: under Memcached Considerations section?16:58
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openstackgerritDonagh McCabe proposed a change to openstack/swift-specs: Handling X-Service-Token in keystoneauth middleware
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acolespeluse_: i'll revive the obj sysmeta patch and maybe take another sounding before moving to feature/ec17:11
peluse_acoles:  awesome, thanks!17:12
acolespeluse_: thats if i can make jenkins happy17:12
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openstackgerritChristian Schwede proposed a change to openstack/swift: Limit changed partitions when rebalancing
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pconstantineportante: are there plans to fix it? I can do it :)17:41
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torgomaticto heck with an auto-abandon bot; we need an automatic "recheck no bug" bot18:53
torgomaticbecause some days, I feel like that bot is me18:54
jokke_torgomatic: :)18:56
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peluse_torgomatic:  hey on the auditor audit chunk size thingy, I tried your suggestion and it worked as expected.  Think I should put a few note sin the docs so folks know they can do that?  Might be handy once EC recon is running down there19:00
torgomaticpeluse_: yes, those docs absolutely need an update19:00
peluse_"not sin"  heh19:00
openstackgerritpaul luse proposed a change to openstack/swift: Update docs to highlight that the auditor chunk size can be set
torgomaticprobably all the params in DiskFileManager.__init__ need to go in there... maybe in the replicator too19:01
peluse_well, there's that one at least :)  I can check the rest and add others that make sense here in a bit19:01
torgomaticwell, maybe not *all*.. like the auditor doesn't care about bytes_per_sync because it doesn't write, but yeah19:01
torgomaticcome to think of it, the replicator probably honors those things too, at least when ssync is on19:04
torgomatichooray for configurability without having to write a bunch more code :)19:04
peluse_torgomatic:  heack yeah.  can't believe I missed that and wrote code to implement - oh well.  code and learn :)19:12
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portantepconstantine: here19:42
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peluse_portante:  what's the statys on in process func for policies? No big hurry but I have some todo tests to add once you're done with that...20:21
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/swift: Adjust timeout value in test_client_timeout
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openstackgerritpaul luse proposed a change to openstack/swift: Update docs to highlight that the auditor chunk size can be set
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portantepeluse_: I don't have a good story, more like a short story, or perhaps an aesop fable. :)22:02
portantesorry, on my to do, backed-up on other things, so feel free to pilfer/poach/disregard and get down what you need22:03
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peluse_portante:  no prob, I just didn't see it anywhere so wanted to check.  I'm in no hurry so on the todo list is fine or I can take it if you want me to, your call22:11
portanteany users of mosh out there?22:14
wkellyI use ssh for that22:15
portantewkelly: okay, so you tried mosh and it did not work for you?22:15
wkellynah, that would have made my response more helpful, though :)22:16
wkellyportante: to be honest, I do not understand the purpose but use tmux / screen and ssh to accomplish the nice part without reinventing ssh, which is a bad idea always :P22:17
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portantewkelly: okay22:18
openstackgerritpaul luse proposed a change to openstack/swift-specs: Erasure Code Support for Swift
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