Thursday, 2014-07-17

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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/swift: Disable case-changing behavior in Eventlet
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openstackgerritYuan Zhou proposed a change to openstack/python-swiftclient: Allow to specify storage policy when uploading objects
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madhuriHi, is there any documentation available for all the request headers used in swift?06:55
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Dev_JinI am trying to figure out if swift storage can be used as local package repository (like say local repository for apt) .. but no luck till now.. any help would be appreciated08:49
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pconstantineDev_Jin: it's simple09:55
pconstantineDev_Jin: just use reprepro to build local apt repo09:55
pconstantineDev_Jin: then upload it as-is to some Swift container09:56
pconstantineDev_Jin: make that container public-readable09:56
pconstantineDev_Jin: that's it09:56
pconstantineDev_Jin: ah, one more thing: do not use https, apt-get is very bad with https09:57
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Dev_Jinthanks pconstantine.. let me try that out10:23
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openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed a change to openstack/swift: Add v2 API to list endpoints middleware
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openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed a change to openstack/swift: Update doc for list_endpoints v2 API
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acolesclayg: ^^ added this as follow-on patch in case you don't like it10:58
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acolesclayg: re replicate & .meta cleanup - yes there is an opportunity to merge .meta's during replication. at the cost of reading the files. maybe it's only done *then* when >N meta's have accumulated (normally merge would be done during a POST).12:33
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mattoliverauHey all12:57
mattoliverauclayg_, acoles, notmyname, torgomatic: and anyone I missed, could someone take a look at my formpost change ( The infra guys here are looking at uploading test results to swift, and this is a feature they'd love to use.12:59
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ManishHi All13:55
ManishI have one query.... can any one please let me know that why in SWIFT API documentation, "Create Account" feature is not mentioned, although in SWIFT code we have PUT Account support?13:56
Manishis it because, so that user can only create account in SWIFT (after creating in Keystone) , while creating the first container in that account?13:57
Manishit will be great help, if some one can explain this13:58
pconstantineManish: I suppose it's because creating the account was an "admin only" feature, so it's technically not a part of public API but a part of admin API14:03
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Manishpconstantine: probably you are right..Thanks :)14:29
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acolesclayg: torgomatic: i _almost_ have something (very crude) working, merging .meta's during POST and replication.15:13
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torgomaticI wonder why the infra folks are looking at formpost instead of using plain tempurls15:17
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peluse_torgomatic:  I've been brainstorming the EC object name collision question for a bit and am coming up with a light drizzle at best... can you restate for me the specific steps/scenario that lead us into the problem situation just to make sure I'm understanding the problem correctly?15:32
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openstackgerritpaul luse proposed a change to openstack/swift: Initial Erasure Code Docs
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notmynamegood morning17:07
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peluse_good morning!17:15
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notmynamepeluse_: I'm looking over the EC docs right now17:25
notmynamepeluse_: I completely assume it's not a "done" document, but if it's all ok, I'll merge it17:26
notmyname"ok" meaning "what's talked about is reasonable and correct"17:26
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notmynamepeluse_: a couple of things on the docs to fix. if you don't get to it soon, I'll try to later today or tomorrow17:43
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mattoliverautorgomatic: the infra guys are using form post because they want the test nodes to upload the logs.. And because they could be running arbitory code, and so considered untrusted. So formpost. Thanks for the suggestions I'll implement them when I get in front of a computer :)18:34
torgomaticmattoliverau: yeah, I was thinking why not use tempurl for exactly the same thing, but I think I figured it out18:35
torgomaticwith formpost, you can have the testrunner inject a single thing(swift-url + form params) and upload any arbitrary set of logs you want, so that decouples things better18:37
JoshNanghey guys, can i get reviews on adding tempurls? we've got two drivers in ironic target for juno blocked on it. thanks!!
mattoliverauYeah that's infras point of view too, so soon all the logs being shared through zuul will be in swift ;)18:40
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notmynameJoshNang: done19:10
notmynameJoshNang: also, nice feature :-)19:10
JoshNangnotmyname: thanks! woo!!19:11
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JoshNangnotmyname: any idea when it would get packaged and put in a new release? this is my first swift patch19:12
JoshNangthis patch will use the tempurls in ironic: but from what i understand, i'll have to get global-requirements bumped up after tempurls are packaged19:14
peluse_notmyname:  feel free to take a shot at rewording what I was trying to explain in that paragraph in the EC docs... appreciate it19:15
peluse_torgomatic:  did you see my question earlier?19:17
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torgomaticpeluse_: no19:42
notmynameJoshNang: well, soon, actually. I want to see land and then cut a release of the client19:42
peluse_torgomatic:   I've been brainstorming the EC object name collision question for a bit and am coming up with a light drizzle at best... can you restate for me the specific steps/scenario that lead us into the problem situation just to make sure I'm understanding the problem correctly?19:43
JoshNangnotmyname: awesome. thanks for your help!19:43
torgomaticpeluse_: so with replication, the replicators will move data closer to home, even if only partway19:43
torgomaticso it might go from 3rd handoff -> 1st handoff, then the 3rd will clean up19:44
torgomaticif you do this with EC stuff, it's harder to tell if the closer handoff really has a copy of *your* fragment archive or if it's got a different one for the same object19:44
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peluse_torgomatic:  OK, thanks.  Will explore a few ideas a bit deeper and get back to ya19:46
notmynamepeluse_: for the docs, we'll get it all good before final release. all I'm "worried" about now is making sure we have the right placeholders and the build warning19:47
peluse_good call on the handoffs too, forgot a todo section for htat...19:50
peluse_notmyname / torgomatic:  did you peruse the EC spec yet?19:50
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peluse_check it out :)19:55
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notmynamepeluse_: still around?20:35
notmynamepeluse_: I want to chat about something that I thought of while reading the EC doc.20:46
notmynamepeluse_: I think there may be a way to improve master today that will also be necessary for EC20:47
notmynamepeluse_: so with EC, the proxy will need to open up concurrent connections to many storage nodes to read an object (object GET)20:48
notmynamepeluse_: today with replication, we try one object server, then another, then another, etc until the data is read20:48
notmynamebut there's been the idea floating around for a while of opening up connections to all the primary nodes and then using the first that responds and dropping the others on the floor20:49
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notmynamepeluse_: so an interesting proposal to master would be to add this ability to the object read path, and then reuse it for the EC read path20:50
peluse_notmyname:  I like it20:52
peluse_notmyname:  I'll throw a card up on Trello20:52
notmynamepeluse_: I think it starts with rewriting the _get_source_and_node() method in proxy/controllers/ (line 746)20:52
notmynamepeluse_: IIRC, the arguments against doing this is that it means there will be a lot more sockets (connections) opened in the cluster as a whole20:53
notmynamebut the upside for today's replicated clusters is that we could probably lower time-to-first-byte latency20:53
peluse_notmyname:  yeah, but maybe that socket buffer pool idea can help mitigate the overhead a bit there20:53
peluse_was reading about another obj storage system that used that scheme for PUT also and then used background tasks to rebalance the uneven distrubtion that resulted...20:54
peluse_can't remember where though...20:54
notmynameso anyway, as I was reading through the EC doc, it sounded like that's going to be a crucial part of the EC read path anyway, so I thought it might be nice to solve the general case and get it to master before feature/ec merges20:54
peluse_I put a card on Trello and if nobody else nabs it I'll jump on it after I get some more progress on the obj name collision thing as its blocking me on the reconstructor framework20:55
notmynameawesome. thanks20:55
peluse_no prob, cool idea!20:56
peluse_I pasted our dicsussion in the Trello card :)20:56
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notmynamepeluse_: I think torgomatic has some good ideas on this too (we chatted a little on it in the office). so definitely get his input as you tackle it :-)20:57
peluse_awesome, will do.  need to learn a little more on my own, maybe tomorrow I'll ping20:59
notmynameheh, he's deep in django-landia for now. at some point, he'll emerge with strange and terrible stories of wonder and adventure21:00
peluse_that sounds like loads of fun!21:01
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torgomaticwhat are all these new dsvm-blah-havana and -icehouse jobs?21:42
notmynametorgomatic: hmm...look at that. new tests21:43
notmynameno idea21:43
torgomaticwell, it's a good thing that all the tests are 100% reliable and this will in no way make it harder to land changes in Swift21:44
notmynamegate tests. the electric third rail of openstack politics21:44
notmynametorgomatic: like the one that just failed for swiftclient? ;-)21:45
torgomaticnotmyname: something like that, yes :)21:45
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notmynameoh. the test "test_cinder_extra_specs_list" failed. good thing we check that21:47
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MooingLemuris there a way to specify write_affinity to a zone/region which entirely consists of weight-0 devices and have it only use those for incoming writes?  The use case is being able to place ingest nodes at remote locations that can take PUTs at high speed, and have replication push everything into place, but without caring about immediate availability of objects.22:38
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torgomaticMooingLemur: nope; a 0-weight device will have no partitions assigned, so it'll never get any data on it22:46
MooingLemurtorgomatic: Can you think of a way of doing what I want to achieve?  I want storage devices with no partitions actually assigned, but I want them to be used for PUTs, and have replication take over.  I suppose a separate ring known to the proxy server with only the devices I want to write to, but that will break GETs if they happen to come through that proxy.22:48
torgomaticMooingLemur: I think you're out of luck; "no partitions actually assigned" and "used for PUTs" are mutually incompatible the way Swift stands today22:49
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MooingLemurtorgomatic: thanks for the answer, I guess I wanted to bend write_affinity beyond its intended purpose.  Looks problematic. :)22:56
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torgomaticMooingLemur: Yep :) I think you really want an HTTP write-back caching proxy that handles PUTs; combine that with tempurls for the PUT requests, and it might stand a chance of workign22:57
torgomaticof course, I don't know if anyone's written such a thing; all the HTTP caches I know are focused on GET22:57
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* MooingLemur ponders23:05
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MooingLemuryeah, if I could have a generic writeback HTTP cache, that speaks swift auth. :)23:06
MooingLemur(so that it can give the client a reasonable return code based on whether it'd be likely to succeed on swift itself)23:08
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torgomaticMooingLemur: well, that's why you'd use tempurl for the PUTs; it's a different auth mechanism that's more likely to work :)23:23
MooingLemurtorgomatic: Well, this idea came up to placate users complaining about ingest speeds.  The easiest remedy is to have them parallelize uploads more, because they are geographically kinda far from the proxy, and also because the object sizes are small.  I was just trying to come up with a solution that would improve the case where the user made no changes to their process.23:29
torgomaticMooingLemur: ah... yeah, either move the cluster closer to the users, or have them do more stuff in parallel23:30
torgomaticthere's also the bulk uploads; I think those can take .tar.gz so you get some compression going, if the users are bandwidth-constrained23:31
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