Wednesday, 2015-03-18

openstackgerritpaul luse proposed openstack/swift: Erasure Code Reconstructor
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zaitcevI'm wondering if we have many people trying to submit (with git-review) from long-living branches.
zaitcevI'm not into branches in general, but I know many people are01:57
zaitcevMKJ is trying to implement a whole new workflow basically.01:58
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openstackgerritpaul luse proposed openstack/swift: wip: ec probe test
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Add the missing "file" keyword for print
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/swift: Imported Translations from Transifex
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openstackgerritPrashanth Pai proposed openstack/swift: Refactor server side copy as middleware
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openstackgerritChristian Schwede proposed openstack/swift: Diskfile decides if durable is written based on policy
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acolescschwede: hi! how's things?10:27
acolescschwede: thanks for fixing my commit message - i was pretty tired when i wrote that !)10:27
cschwedeacoles: fine, thanks! and for you? you’re working a lot on the EC stuff right now?10:27
cschwedeacoles: you’re welcome - i didn’t want to nitpick, and because there was no other +2 yet i thought i just do it10:28
acolescschwede: yes, trying to help out there, and some crypto stuff going on in the background too10:28
acolescschwede: absolutely, v helpful to just have it fixed!10:28
cschwedeyeah, i’m playing with the EC stuff as well, going to add some comments today - some of the patches require quite a bit of time if one needs read > 1000 LOC ;)10:29
acolescschwede: yes :(10:29
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acolescschwede: be aware that there are two 'alternative' patch chains for some of the diskfile stuff - one below patch 165208 (the one you reviewed)10:32
acolescschwede: and one below patch 16271710:32
acolescschwede: so avoid duplicating your review effort!10:33
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acolesjrichli: hi, good morning, i had an idea re not being able to send 'footers' on crypto branch yet - ping me when you are around10:35
cschwedeacoles: oh, ok thx - so what is the plan on this? the 165208 is newer, thus i assume the idea for that patch is kind of „better“, or more sophisticated?10:35
acolescschwede: the reason for the two is that clayg (and i) are trying to break the diskfile changes into per-policy-type diskfile implementations (sub-classing legacy diskfile)10:36
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acolescschwede: so patch 165125 for example gets us EC specific changes in an ECDiskFile impl, with a relatively unchanged 'legacy' DiskFile class10:38
cschwedeyes, that’s the thing i like about this patch10:39
acolescschwede: i think there is a meeting in swiftstack later today when peluse at al will discuss/decide10:39
cschwedeok, good to know10:40
acolescschwede: 165208 and 162717 are basically the same but based on different underlying approaches10:40
acolescschwede: maybe we'll get an update on th status of those approaches in today's meeting10:42
cschwedeok, so i’m going back to 159637 and see if i can contribute a helpful review on that large thing10:44
acolescschwede: *some* of 159637 is duplicated in 165188 (based on the per-policy subclasses) - clayg was going to move the rest of 159637 but i don't see a patch for that yet10:48
* cschwede needs to draw a map for all the ec patches10:49
acolescschwede: (sorry, i realise it's got a bit confusing)10:49
cschwedeno worries, need to get my head around it10:49
acolescschwede: its like erasure coded gerrit reviews - split up the changes, introduce some redundancy, and push multiple patches :) as long as 10/14 patches land we'll be good - no matter which 10 :)10:53
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tdasilvacschwede: Hey, if you are looking for patches to review, check out patch 156825 :P11:03
cschwedetdasilva: will do :)11:04
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openstackgerritPrashanth Pai proposed openstack/swift: Refactor server side copy as middleware
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Allow swift-object-info to inspect .meta and .ts files
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openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed openstack/swift: Test swift-object-info opens meta and ts files
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Imported Translations from Transifex
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openstackgerritThiago da Silva proposed openstack/swift: Refactoring the PUT method
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tdasilvaclayg: ^ removed the versioning dependency13:52
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tsufiev_hello, there!13:58
tsufiev_could anybody tell me whether it's possible to create hidden objects in Swift?13:58
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tdasilvatsufiev_: hi, i'm not really sure what you mean by hidden object, can you describe your use case more?14:35
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tsufiev_tdasilva, I'm trying to fix So far the most logical solution seems to immediately stream the file from the Horizon UploadFileHandler class (Django's entity) to the swift, and once the whole image is uploaded to swift, pass it to glance14:38
openstackLaunchpad bug 1403129 in OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) "Glance with swift backend - upload of an image from horizon is not streaming" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Timur Sufiev (tsufiev-x)14:38
tsufiev_tdasilva, currently I'm thinking of making this temporary file in swift invisible to other actors14:38
tdasilvatsufiev_: I'm probably missing something here (not very familiar with glance) but if you uploading an object to swift, I don't think there's a need to upload with a tmp name and then rename. In fact swift does not have a rename funcionality14:44
tdasilvatsufiev_: The object is not really available for download until you have completed uploading it to swift14:44
tdasilvatsufiev_: just FYI...I saw in the bug report that these images can be pretty large (~40 GB), so you would need to break them up and use slo or dlo14:46
tdasilvatsufiev_: the manifest file would be the last thing you upload, so that the whole image is not really available for download until the manifest file is there14:47
tsufiev_tdasilva, it's not the period from starting the file upload to swift till its finish that bothers me, but the period from the object successfully uploaded to swift till the moment it's uploaded to glance14:48
tsufiev_tdasilva, what if someone deletes it before it's fully uploaded to glance?14:48
portantetsufiev_: why is the object uploaded to swift and glance/14:50
tsufiev_portante, you mean why I need to upload it Swift during upload to Glance?14:51
portanteyes, I suppose, I just don't know the workflow well, hence the question14:52
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tsufiev_portante, I need some storage place for the large image before it's passed to Glance. It could be either stored at web-server, which poses a problem because Controller node disk space could be limited (and that's why the bug was filed), or some other storage service. I'm trying the approach with Swift as this storage service14:54
portanteI thought Glance can use swift as a backing store, so was wondering if by using that setup you'd avoid the double upload14:54
portantetsufiev_: ^^^14:55
tsufiev_portante, yes, the double upload will take place, it's unavoidable IMO14:55
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tsufiev_portante, the thing I'm trying to avoid is storing the image on web-server14:57
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portantetsufiev_: where does your image originate from?14:57
acolestsufiev_: i don;t want to confuse matters, but FYI swift recently added a feature to support services uploading objects that 'normal' users cannot delete unilaterally14:58
portantecreated on the fly dynamically, or is it a file?14:58
portantetsufiev_: ^14:58
acolesportante: hi!14:58
portanteacoles: hello14:58
portantehope all is well with you and yours14:58
acolesportante: good thanks, and you? keeping busy?14:59
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portantegood, yes, very busy14:59
portantelots of D3/nvd3 work these days14:59
tsufiev_tdasilva, portante, acoles: gentlemen, thanks for your help, I've just realized that I was making the task more difficult for myself :). Instead of dancing around Django guts I'll change the Horizon form for uploading images at client side, to first create an image, and pass the file contents with second request15:03
tsufiev_this will allow to not upload the same file to Swift 2 times15:04
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portantetsufiev_: great hear, hope that works out15:11
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claygtdasilva: acoles: I'm sure you guys notied I didn't manage to get anything done yesterday :'(16:07
claygacoles: I'm still working on the fi-hash-suffix stuff - I was agonizing over the base class Manager implemenation and the life cycle of hash_cleanup_listdir16:08
acolesclayg: morning! np i have been catching up on other stuff, like feature/crypto16:09
claygtdasilva: did you see my note about maybe flipping the order of the PUT method extraction and versioned writes middleware patches on master?  is that a bad idea?16:09
claygacoles: ok - i'm really torn on the unregistered manager - the ReplicatedDiskFileManager or BaseDiskFileManager - whatever you want to call it16:09
clayglike i think it's a good idea long term - but i'm not sure how much it adds unless we're ready to refactor the base DiskFile to use it?16:10
acolesclayg: understand. it was less work for me to leave it there than squash all the 'new' into ECDiskFileManager. it would have been going backwards.16:11
claygbut since you wrote it - i guess you're thinking it's better to get ahead of it - or even that come next friday we'll be merge to master with the refactor16:11
clayg*ah* - you pulled some of that from the other extraction you were working on - got it16:11
acolesclayg: yup. and i hoped it would illustrated where this could be headed. but i understand that right now its extra baggage16:12
acolesclayg: thats the problem with forward thinking :)16:12
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claygacoles: ok - i'll continue to agonize over if we want it on the merge to master or after - sounds like you won't feel slighted if sam/notmyname/peluse/me sorta think one way or the other16:13
claygacoles: you wanna vote?16:13
peluseclayg, where are you?16:13
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claygi have a 10am appointment - I can't even leave the city until after that - so I'll see you guys at lunch ;)16:13
claygwhich is *technically* not much later than I get into the sf office on a normal day - sorry my for my schedule16:13
peluseahhh, OK16:14
claygit's the kids late start school (I lie to myself)16:14
peluseyeah, its spring break for us right now16:14
claygok, i gotta go16:14
claygpeluse: i'll see you later16:14
acolesclayg: i don't mind what goes to master, it *may* be helpful for anyone who wants to understand wtf its all about in mean time. idk16:15
claygacoles: think about the bagage - sometimes having that extra stuff makes you feel like a boyscott if it turns out it's exactly what you need - sometimes it just weights you down16:15
peluseya... so I didn't keep up on conversations yesterday but I do see a nice chain from acoles.  Which way is the wind currently blowing wrt getting the functionlaity of MFI in there (acoles patch set, something else?)16:15
claygyeah... the vision... I've been thinking about the end game too...16:15
* peluse wonders if he has time to hit The Pink Poodle before the meeting....16:16
claygpeluse: it's there except for the fi-hash-suffix stuff - which *I* was supposed to port over yesterday - but am still going to do asap - then i'm going to see if i can help port the reconstructor branch over to the new interface16:16
acolesclayg: so do you need to me to take a crack at moving the hash_suffix pieces on top of per-policy or do you have it in hand?16:17
claygpeluse: if that looks like it's going to work we're gunna do it16:17
acolespeluse: ^^ thats the answer to your wuestion :)16:17
claygacoles: i'm halfway done and not pushed - the hcl life cycle is really tricky16:17
peluseheh, OK.  So acoles patch chain + pending refactor of hash_suffix?16:17
claygacoles: honestly i like most of the code you write better than the code i write - so if you wanna take a stab at it knock yourself out - my experience yesterday was that it's going to be tricky16:18
peluseBTW, I do need the FI list per suffiex easily accessible but I do not need the entire 2nd dict that includes the hashes16:18
claygi really gotta go - but peluse and i will talk about it highbandwidth later16:18
peluseso that 2nd dict can simply be a list instead16:18
peluseOK, later16:18
claygacoles: my gut says don't sweat the fi-suffix-hash until peluse and I can talk about it16:19
acolesclayg: okay. i may get on the phone later too. not sure16:19
acolesclayg: my gut agrees16:19
peluseacoles, I can get on the horn in about 20 min if you want to do some pre-talk and and least get you and I on the same page before clayg shows up?16:19
acolespeluse: sure, using the bridge or direct?16:20
peluseand BTW anyone else out there in swift land is welcome to call in too... 671642307 (passcode) 1(916)356-2663 (or your local bridge access #) Choose bridge 5.16:20
acolespeluse: so where are you?16:20
peluseacoles, I'm at Intel in Santa Clara waiting on a conference room16:20
pelusemaybe 15 more min16:21
pelusenotmyname, is on his way, probably be here in 30-40 min.  torgomatic is probably just waking up :)16:21
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acolespeluse: ping here when you're ready to conf16:21
pelusewill do, going to walk up to room now and kick some ass if someone is squating!16:22
acolescschwede: ^^^ may be interested in getting some context16:22
cschwedeacoles: yeah, thanks, definetely!16:23
cschwedepeluse: is it possible to join by some webinterface?16:23
cschwedenevermind, found a link (trying)16:24
peluseOK, I'll start it up now16:27
peluseOK, I'm on the call now.  Here's a link that might work:
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cschwedei joined the meeting, but need some kind of ack?16:34
pelusecschwede, hmmm, let me see if I need to also join on my laptop16:35
acolesi somehow joined a lync meeting and can see peluse and cschwede as participants but no audio16:37
acolesi've no idea how i did that!16:37
cschwedeacoles: lower left corner, i had to click one of the buttons16:37
peluseyeah, just start clicking buttons :)16:38
peluseacoles, I see you on the call and it doesnt show you muted or anything16:38
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cschwedepeluse: we lost you17:00
cschwedeyou’re still shown on the call, but we can’t hear you anymore17:01
pelusecan you guys hear each other?17:02
pelusenice :)17:02
pelusecalling in again17:02
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tdasilvaclayg: hey! so for now I removed the dependency in the refactor and just rebased it against master. I thought it was a good idea.17:14
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openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed openstack/swift: FakeFooters middleware
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acolesjrichli: ^^17:16
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setmasonCan I present to tenants two different backends (radosGW) and Openstack Swift?17:39
openstackgerritRichard Hawkins proposed openstack/swift: Add additional func tests for TempURLs
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openstackgerritLorcan Browne proposed openstack/swift: Add swift-recon feature to track swift-drive-audit error count
notmynamejrichli_: are you still looking at the functional tests being able to run with an arbitrary policy?18:08
jrichli_just got back from lunch18:17
acolesjrichli_: the right answer is 'i'll trade for reviews on feature/crypto' ;)18:17
jrichli_notmyname: I haven't gotten very far.  but - I think I can do some more work on that if somebody could approve Alistair's reviews on crypto branch :-)18:18
jrichli_notmyname: I would still like to work on it, but will need some help.  I know that env vars were a suggestion18:19
jrichli_I can still experiment on my own, but it will take longer that way.  any info that somebody could pass my way would help18:21
notmynamejrichli_: one question is how many functional tests use the swift client vs how many don't18:22
jrichli_right, which I know it was stated that not all of them do18:22
*** CaioBrentano has joined #openstack-swift18:23
jrichli_you want to know the number?  perhaps to see if those that dont could be changed?18:23
acolesjrichli_: options i have heard are : monkey patch swiftclient and test_client to force a header in every container PUT18:23
acolesand/or add a feature to swiftclient to set a default header from env var (doesn't cover all tests) and/or change all tests to use swiftclient18:24
jrichli_right. that would be a way for the tests using swiftclient.  but then we would still need another approach for the others anyway, right?18:24
jrichli_ok, I will take a look with those options in mind.  thx!18:29
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acolesjrichli_: i'll try to take a look at func tests tomorrow and see if i can give you any ideas18:41
jrichli_acoles: thanks.  I will be getting familiar with things today and learning about the use of swiftclient and the container class18:43
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shriHi.. question about rings. I created rings using part_power of 8. Expected partitions is (2 ^ 8) = 256. However, when I run swift-ring-builder /etc/swift/object.builder, it shows that partitions as 64. What gives?18:48
shrioh.. partitions per device is 64.. I see!18:49
shrisorry for the confusion18:49
shriI have 8 disks18:49
notmynameswift team meeting in #openstack-meeting in 10 minutes18:50
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glangeshri: I think you want a bigger part_power than that18:50
MooingLemuryeah, I was gonna say that.   If you expect this thing to grow beyond a tiny test instance, you'll want enough partitions to reasonably balance your data across dozens or hundreds of disks.18:51
*** mahatic has joined #openstack-swift18:52
glangethat/sam suggests at least 100 partitions per disk18:52
glangebut you need to take into account possible growth too18:52
MooingLemur100 partitions per disk at the point where you will end up growing :)18:52
shriglange, MooingLemur… yup! Just trying out some config right now.18:52
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glangeoh, ok18:52
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kota_mattoliverau: morning19:00
mattoliveraukota_: morning to you too :)19:00
notmynamemeeting time19:00
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notmynamein #openstack-swift19:01
*** mahatic has joined #openstack-swift19:03
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glangewill encryption work with EC when both are done?  just curious19:23
torgomaticif not, then we screwed up bad somewhere19:24
peluseit will encrypt, just not decrypt :)19:24
acolesglange: wot torgomatic said19:25
acolesyup, the beta will be PUT path only :)19:25
glangeok, because encryption will sort of just be a middleware filter on the stream of data going in and out?19:25
notmynamepatch 15682519:25
torgomaticthat's the idea, yeah19:25
acolesglange: mostly middleware.19:26
glangemaybe not filter, but data transform or something like that19:26
acolesglange: gory detail is here
glangeacoles: yeah, I read through that earlier, I was just sort of confirming what I thought by asking that question19:29
glangeit'll be interesting to see how much extra cpu an encrypted request will require on the proxy19:30
notmynameglange: and now you know why peluse likes swift so much ;-)19:33
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torgomaticglange: yes, definitely it will... the hope is that newer Intel CPUs have magic instructions that make it not take a whole lot of work19:33
torgomaticor rather, it does take the work, but there's a pile of transistors specialized to do the work, so it's fast19:34
notmynamenow we need someone from AMD to start contributing to swift ;-)19:34
torgomaticyep, gotta support their specialty instructions too19:34
torgomaticAES-NIH :)19:34
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tdasilvaacoles: now it might be peluse who is kicking notmyname :P19:36
acolestdasilva: hehe19:37
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mattoliverauWell I might go find some breakfast.19:40
acolesmattoliverau: you want cookies?19:41
*** erlon has joined #openstack-swift19:41
mattoliverauacoles: look at me... of course I do :P19:41
jrichlimattoliverau: stay away from the cookies with the strange "american" sugar on it19:41
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mattoliveraujrichli: lol, yeah, crazy americans and putting salt on everything :P19:41
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glangetorgomatic: we are putting magic in swift now, nice! :)19:46
mattoliverauSwift: Storing your objects with a little bit of magic!19:48
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MooingLemurwhat's the config option and default for expiry of .ts files?20:06
*** CaioBrentano has quit IRC20:08
MooingLemuror does replication take care of it?20:12
notmynameMooingLemur: ya, replication cleans that up.20:13
MooingLemursweet, thanks20:14
notmynamerelaim_time IIRC. or something similar20:14
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC20:14
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MooingLemurreclaim_age looks like 1w default.. works for me :)20:18
notmynameMooingLemur: ya, that sounds right20:19
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peluseanyone know how to override a .conf setting in a probe test when firing up a server with the Manager?20:37
*** Bsony has joined #openstack-swift20:38
peluseOK, think I just found it20:38
*** mmcardle has joined #openstack-swift20:45
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zaitcevpeluse: years from now someone is going to see this IRC log and this will happen:
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notmynamefor people not looking at feature/ec yet, please look at getting this patch reviewed and landed on master will (1) make today's code better and (2) means that it's one less thing to consider when doing the feature/ec merge23:36
notmynamegetting this patch reviewed and landed on master will (1) make today's code better and (2) means that it's one less thing to consider when doing the feature/ec merge23:36
notmynamefor people not looking at feature/ec yet, please look at
notmynamethe refactoring there is (or will be) in the feature/ec branch. so landing it on master in the next 7 days means that it (1) makes the feature/ec merge easier and (2) will more clearly show where the feature/ec code does and does not touch existing replication code23:38
notmynamedfg: glange: redbo: cschwede: mattoliverau: zaitcev: ^^23:39
mattoliveraunotmyname: having pasting issues :P23:40
notmynamemattoliverau: yup23:40
notmynamepoint is, look at that patch. it will make life easier for people working on feature/ec, and, more importantly, it will make your life easier :-)23:41
*** thumpba has quit IRC23:42
zaitcevnotmyname: okay23:43
notmynamethanks :-)23:43
mattoliveraunotmyname: already reviewed it yesterday, and plan to re-review today now that a new patchset is up :) Ahh good it's not dependant on obj_versioning anymore, tho that will be another clean up of the PUT path.23:44
notmynameright, that's the key23:44

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