Wednesday, 2015-08-26

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mattoliveraukota_: morning00:13
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hokota_: morning!00:14
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openstackgerritKota Tsuyuzaki proposed openstack/swift-specs: Add global ec cluster improvement
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claygWTF is wrong with launchpad?  We go to all this trouble to keep our line length under 80 chars and then their stupid bug description form won't let me have even 78 character lines without wrapping!?01:09
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clayg ?!? 2006?  no *wonder* it feels like I'm using a decade old pos tool!01:11
openstackLaunchpad bug 30002 in Launchpad itself "Cannot format descriptions" [Low,Triaged]01:11
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claygwell... at least launchpad is written in python - next weekend should be interesting01:48
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ktsuyuzakistop my IRC client temprary because my WiFi is not stable...(I want to stop frequently login/logout)01:53
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openstackgerritKota Tsuyuzaki proposed openstack/swift: Fix Kazuhiro's dispersion patch
jrichliclayg: I am testing the mixture of the COPY and encryption middleware.02:06
jrichliI get intermittent failures in test/functional/
claygjrichli: :\02:07
jrichliI see that the object server encounters a DiskFileNotExist from disk_file.read_metadata() when handling PUT02:07
jrichliany idea on what sort of timing issue I could look into?02:07
jrichliI dont even know what could make a DiskFile disappear that was expected to be there for that test02:08
openstackgerritKota Tsuyuzaki proposed openstack/swift: Fix Kazuhiro's dispersion patch
claygjrichli: yeah you don't normally see that kind of failure on functional tests02:09
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jrichliwhen that happens, the code just sets the orig_metadata to be an empty dict, and moves on.02:09
claygmight be a timing issue - sometimes I reboot my vm's and re-run install and it helps02:09
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jrichliwhen i take out the crypto middleware, everything is fine.  every time.02:10
claygjrichli: you could pause the test before the post and see where stuff is?02:10
claygoh wow02:10
jrichlithe only part that is intermittent is when running with the same pipeline02:10
jrichlithe metadata is gone after the test calls file_item.sync_metadata02:12
claygjrichli: well I'd need to understand if it's raising DiskFileNotExists because there's no .data file there or if it's just getting confused with what it finds02:12
jrichlii dug into that to find the object server error i mentioned02:12
claygjrichli: are you post_as_copy true or false?02:13
claygneway - if the DiskFileNotExists is popping because the .data file isn't there - then the task is clear - track down at what point it gets removed02:14
jrichlipost_as_copy is true.  ok, i will dig into that part02:14
claygyeah maybe the GET part of the COPY is blowing up because of keys or something - but it doesn't die until it tries to read the body - so all the tracebacks are down in eventlet_debug land02:16
jrichliwell, the crypto middleware doesn't complain at all.  the only issue is that the metadata disappears, and so the assertion in the test fails.02:17
jrichli(again, only sometimes)02:18
claygwell... the metadata "disappears" - like for example if the PUT part of COPY in the post_as_copy failed because when it tried to decode the body of the GET request it blew up - the observed result being the POST didn't happen - the metadata is "gone"02:19
jrichlioh, ok.  i will look for that02:20
claygjrichli: could be i'm misunderstanding the symptoms you're describing - the DiskFileNotExists error seems rather strange, the PUT stage of COPY should just overwrite what's there - there's no DELETE step...02:20
claygI'm curious what's on disk (i.e. find /srv/node*/sdb*/objects* -name \*.data) right before and right after the test calls sync_metadata (i.e. makes the POST request)02:21
jrichliwell, i just know that is something happening with about the same frequency as the expected metadata missing.02:21
* notmyname is back home and online this evening02:22
jrichlinotmyname: welcome back!02:23
notmynameclayg: mattoliverau: yeah, I need to go through the priority patches again to cull them. thanks for bugging me about it02:23
jrichliclayg: ok, i will capture that02:23
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openstackgerritKazuhiro MIYAHARA proposed openstack/swift: Fix dispersion-reports error message
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openstackgerritClay Gerrard proposed openstack/swift: EC GET path: require fragments to be of same set
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mahaticgood morning!03:10
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Fix the comment in [1].
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jrichlimahatic: good morning!03:22
notmynamemahatic: good morning!03:38
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homahatic: good morning!04:00
notmynamecurrent community graphs:04:02
notmynamethe first one is the most interesting, I think04:02
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kota_notmyname: Are these same ones we saw at hackathon?04:04
notmynamekota_: yes. slightly changed colors. current as of today. the vertical lines are swift releases04:04
notmynameso yes, exactly the same except for how they are different ;-)04:04
kota_notmyname: good, saved into my laptop because they are interesting to me, too.04:05
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kota_notmyname: and I want to give information that I'll be absent tommorrow weekly meeting because I have to be in moving train to take a complete medical checkup04:07
notmynameI hope your checkup is good04:08
kota_notmyname: thanks04:08
notmynamekota_: oh yeah. you weren't on earlier...unless you have something to bring up in the meeting, no meeting tomorrow04:08
notmynameho: ^04:08
notmynamemahatic: mattoliverau: ^04:08
mattoliverauI have nothing to raise, well nothing springs to mind :)04:09
mattoliverauSo a sleep in might be nice ;)04:09
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kota_I have nothing, too except want to land my SPEC :P (but actually not urgent and I can get in touch any others on IRC)04:10
mahaticlikewise, if I do have somthing, it should be updated in trello04:10
mahaticthanks notmyname04:10
notmynameok. no meeting tomorrow.
kota_notmyname: thanks to take care of that.04:14
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mattoliverau\o/ sleep in!04:15
kota_but I have to wake up early morning to move to hospital :/04:15
mattoliveraukota_: :(04:16
honotmyname: ack, no meeting tomorrow. thanks for the info!04:17
kota_ho: nice timing, could you review Kazuhiro's patch (patch 213697), again?04:19
kota_ho: maybe it is now almost changed from older patch set but I guess current patch is the simplest.04:20
kota_ho: I know you have some concern about previous ones so I'd like to check if they are still exist or not.04:21
* janonymous will be back on monday from vacations :)04:22
kota_janonymous: Please enjoy your vacations :)04:24
mattoliverautimburke: you still around?04:25
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hokota_: i read the code. if i put a score, it's -1 from my point of view because my concerns are not solved. but i don't put score for this patch now, i would like to see other people's comments on it. i have a meeting and will back around 3:30pm.04:45
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/swift: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritMahati Chamarthy proposed openstack/swift: Encrypt flag for probe tests
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andrey-mpkota_: hi! do you have any objections here - ? this is review for devstack and infra team wants to know swift`s team opinion05:25
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kota_andrey-mp: 1 minute05:27
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openstackgerritMatthew Oliver proposed openstack/swift: Add container and account reverse listings
mattoliverautimburke: ^^05:32
kota_andrey-mp: so...1 question, what does it mean "all cloud lives with 'RegionOne'"?05:32
andrey-mpi mean that devstack uses 'RegionOne'05:33
kota_for S3 testing?05:33
andrey-mpall services05:33
andrey-mpall services registered by devstack in keystone in '05:34
kota_hmm...maybe I need to know more detail for signature v4, currently not sure yet.05:34
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andrey-mpI have another review for signature v4 )05:34
andrey-mpbut i need to write more tests in it05:34
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kota_so, I'm wondering that if we should use same region's name with keystone, tempauth would be broken?05:36
andrey-mpsignature v2 doesn't use region in sign process. but signature v4 uses it. and awscli tool (from Amazon) shows such behavior05:36
andrey-mpi think no - i run functional tests from tempest with all my changes for v4 and they works05:36
andrey-mpbecause tests know that they work in RegionOne and they add it in signature process and aws client (boto, botocore) adds region to message body05:38
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andrey-mpso swift3 plugin checks that input region is equal to configured one05:38
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*** silor1 is now known as silor05:38
andrey-mpproblem is in that check in swift3. because i can take region name from input request for check signature05:39
andrey-mpalso, I would like to draw your attention to
kota_Does tempest has S3 tests?05:44
andrey-mpit has tempest.thirdparty.boto group that has tests which use s3 requests05:47
andrey-mpthese test upload some info to new bucket and then nova uses this bucket to take info from it. this is Amazon scenario of image registering in the cloud05:48
kota_oh no, I didn't notice that so you mean we need patch 120709 to pass such a s3 requests.05:48
kota_andrey-mp: ok, let me make sure tempest.thirdparty and will review them after that.05:50
kota_andrey-mp: Is it ok?05:50
andrey-mpyes, thank you!05:50
andrey-mp120709 already has tempest job with tempest.thirdparty section. but this tempest job doesn't use swift s3 store - by default nova s3 store is used05:51
kota_nova s3 store???05:52
andrey-mpyes, we have it ))05:53
kota_what's that05:53
andrey-mpnova implements simple s3 store without authentication05:53
andrey-mpit stores bucket locally05:53
kota_as a file (or directry)?05:54
andrey-mpbuckets as directories, objects as files05:54
kota_make sense05:54
andrey-mpI made new gat job because I didn't find any other job that uses swift3 plugin05:55
andrey-mpgat -> gate05:55
kota_for Swift?05:56
andrey-mpfor swift305:56
andrey-mpi can add same for swift if you and swift`s team agree with it05:57
kota_swift3 already has functional tests by itself, they are not care about devstack/tempest tho.05:57
kota_Adding a non-voting gate for swift3 to Swift project is good idea to notify that proposed change would break swift3 (or not)05:59
kota_I support the idea.06:00
andrey-mpgood to hear it :)06:01
kota_but I'm not sure it should be tempest.thirdparty (or not)06:02
andrey-mpok, i will wait while you see to tempest06:04
kota_sorry for inconvinience06:04
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hoi'm back06:08
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miyaharaho: Hello.06:19
miyaharaho:  I updated my patch. I would like to discuss about it.
homiyahara: hello, i'm back again. i have a meeting from 4:00pm so i can discuss now. :-)06:45
miyaharaho: thank you.06:46
miyaharaho: First, "class information bug " is not bug. This is my mistake.06:50
homiyahara: yeah06:51
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miyaharaI have tried catch error with "import urllib2", but swift raises HTTPError of "from import urllib2".06:53
miyaharaho :So I couldn't catch the error.06:54
miyaharaho: So, ClientException is not used in my latest patch.06:57
homiyahara: but better to use the exception right? expects it.
homiyahara: my understanding for the root causes of this bug are06:59
homiyahara: (1) didn't wrap exceptions as ClientException in retry_request (2) unnecesarry 'raise' in swift-dispersion-report as a command07:02
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miyaharaho: That's right. I was ovelooking it.07:05
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miyaharaho: But, the problem should be fixed by another patch.07:10
kota_ho: miyahara means we should fix swift/container/ in another patch07:12
kota_ho: And I agree his opinion because if has a problem it should be filed in launchpad.07:12
kota_ho: BUT nice catch, I was missing is a user of SimpleClient, thanks.07:16
miyaharakota_: thank you for your detailed explanations.07:18
openstackgerritMahati Chamarthy proposed openstack/swift: Modified tests to include real crypto
openstackgerritMahati Chamarthy proposed openstack/swift: Encrypt flag for probe tests
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-swiftclient: Update .gitreview for stable/juno
onovyam i only one who have problem with eventbrite registration to summit? JS error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'payment_type' of undefined :))07:36
onovynever mind, working now07:42
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Fix swob.Range docstring
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homiyahara,kota_: unnn... sorry, but i don't understand why you split the fix. in order to fix you should change ex handling in retry_request and it's also effect to swift-dispersion-report. so i wrote root cause is (1)08:00
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kota_ho: that is because it is a bug fix for bug/146812008:02
kota_ho: it's obviously swift-dispersion-report bug.08:03
kota_And we don't have to change ex handling in retry_request to fix, right?08:05
kota_IMO, we can fix to handle as well as swift-dispersion-report.08:05
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kota_ho: current miyahara's patch doesn't change any behavior of SimpleClient, just handling correct Exception (i.e. urllib2.HTTPError) on swift-dispersion-report so that no effect for even though container-sync has a problem with SimpleClient (it should be as it is on this fix)08:11
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: Allow pep8 of a single file
hokota_: i reviewed the code so current my understanding is better to change retry_request that i wrote it as comment i think.08:19
kota_ho: thx08:20
acolesgood morning08:21
kota_acoles: good morning08:21
acoleshi kota_08:21
kota_acoles: FYI, no meeting this week.08:21
acoleskota_: yup i just read scrollback thanks!08:21
acolesnotmyname: ack no meeting08:22
hokota_: sorry for it. so i would like to see other people's comments on it.08:22
hoacoles: good morning!08:23
acoleskota_: hope your hospital trip goes ok08:23
acolesho: good evening!08:23
kota_acoles: thanks :)08:23
kota_ho: no need to say "sorry", I just get "which is a suitable way for Swift" and I'd like to know your concern correctly.08:25
kota_s/just get/just want to get/08:25
hokota_: thanks!08:25
hoacoles: any chance you see the functional test patch?08:26
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acolesho: its on my list but i need to be honest with you, it will not be until next week - i'm really sorry :( i am out of office tomorrow->Sept 2nd.08:36
* acoles is chipping away at backlog08:36
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mahaticacoles: when you get time, could you take a look at this patch 216974? If that has any corrections, it would help me in the new probe tests09:12
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m_kazuhiroacoles: Please check my patch (patch 213697), too. kota_ checked this patch and reviewed +2.09:30
acolesm_kazuhiro: did you squash kota_ 's patch into yours?09:33
m_kazuhiroacoles: Yes, I did.09:35
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openstackgerritJiri Suchomel proposed openstack/swift: Let object-info find files in a given directory
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openstackgerritJiri Suchomel proposed openstack/swift: Let object-info find files in a given directory
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*** mdelapp has joined #openstack-swift14:41
openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed openstack/python-swiftclient: Cleanup and improve tests for download
*** Guest48632 is now known as scotticus14:48
notmynamegood morning14:49
acolescschwede: zaitcev mattoliverau torgomatic i just put +2 on joel's memory reducing client download patch, think you have all reviewed in past, he's been asking if we can move it along if you can take another look.14:57
zaitcevacoles: I should14:57
acoleszaitcev: thx, i am sure joel would be grateful, its been up on gerrit for 10 months14:58
*** links has quit IRC14:59
*** minwoob has joined #openstack-swift14:59
openstackgerritJohn Dickinson proposed openstack/swift: Disallow unsafe tempurl operations to point to unauthorized data
openstackgerritJohn Dickinson proposed openstack/swift: Disallow unsafe tempurl operations to point to unauthorized data
openstackgerritJohn Dickinson proposed openstack/swift: Better scoping for tempurls, especially container tempurls
openstackgerritJohn Dickinson proposed openstack/swift: Disallow unsafe tempurl operations to point to unauthorized data
openstackgerritJohn Dickinson proposed openstack/swift: Better scoping for tempurls, especially container tempurls
openstackgerritChristian Schwede proposed openstack/swift: Better scoping for tempurls, especially container tempurls
openstackgerritChristian Schwede proposed openstack/swift: Disallow unsafe tempurl operations to point to unauthorized data
notmynamecschwede: ???15:01
cschwedenotmyname: i was asked by tristanC to push them15:02
notmynameI just did about 10 seconds before you15:02
cschwedenotmyname: ah, damned. i revoke mine then15:02
*** asd112z has joined #openstack-swift15:02
notmynamecschwede: wait15:02
tristanCGreeting, sorry folks for the mis-communication15:02
*** kevinc_ has joined #openstack-swift15:03
tristanCI wasn't sure who would be online to push the fix, so I asked cschwede15:03
cschwedenotmyname: sorry, i didn’T looked into the irc channel atm, was focusing to do this correctly15:04
notmynameacoles: don't +A the ones to master yet15:05
acolesnotmyname: yup lets sort the commit messages out15:05
notmynameyeah. but git won't let me repush because it says there are no changes15:06
notmynamehang on. I know what to do15:06
acolesedit on gerrit?15:06
openstackgerritJohn Dickinson proposed openstack/swift: Disallow unsafe tempurl operations to point to unauthorized data
openstackgerritJohn Dickinson proposed openstack/swift: Better scoping for tempurls, especially container tempurls
acolesnotmyname: ready to go?15:08
notmynamemade a new change id15:08
notmynametristanC: cschwede: I had updated the commit messages to refer to the CVE and LP bugs15:08
*** marzif_ has quit IRC15:08
cschwedenotmyname: ah, ok. well, anyways, sorry for the extra work15:09
notmynameno problems15:09
notmynamecschwede: thanks for being on it :-)15:09
*** haomaiwang has quit IRC15:09
acolesnotmyname: you mean you wasted a change id? one day they'll run out you know :P15:09
notmynametristanC: did you mark the LP bugs public?15:10
*** asd112z has quit IRC15:10
*** haomaiwang has joined #openstack-swift15:10
notmynameyes you did15:11
*** asd112z has joined #openstack-swift15:11
tristanCand I can't wait to mark the tasks as fix released ;)15:12
*** jistr is now known as jistr|mtg15:12
acolesnotmyname: did we reach 100 comments on the bug?15:13
notmynametristanC: so I think that will be taken care of automatically now right?15:13
cschwedeacoles: oh, that was the goal? to get to 100? *epic fail*15:14
tristanCnotmyname: I meant the OSSA tasks, which will be released once the ossa is out15:14
notmynameah ok15:14
tristanCfor the other tasks, I guess it's marked as released once the fix is in a release15:15
notmynametristanC: when does that happen? google doesn't show anything public yet15:15
acolescschwede: lol. we reached 9415:15
tristanC(by relmgmt folks)15:15
tristanCnotmyname: I'll submit a review to openstack/ossa with the announce referencing the reviews, and once approve I'll send the ossa out15:15
notmynameok. thanks everyone15:16
* notmyname now needs to drive an hour15:16
tristanCnotmyname: mitre website is not updated by us, the link should be public anytime soon15:16
tristanCyes, thanks everyone :)15:17
notmynameif anything comes up, call or text me. I'll be at openstack silicon valley today and in-and-out online today15:17
*** chsc has joined #openstack-swift15:20
*** changbl has quit IRC15:21
*** jistr|mtg is now known as jistr15:22
*** MVenesio has quit IRC15:31
*** tsg has joined #openstack-swift15:32
openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed openstack/swift: Add test that a tempurl POST cannot set a DLO manifest header
*** haomaiwang has quit IRC15:34
acolesnotmyname: clayg: minor follow up ^^15:35
tristanCdoes someone know what would be the version number of the next stable/juno swift release ?15:36
tristanCLast Juno version was 2.2.0, but 2.2.1 is also part of Kilo... so is there a plan already ?15:39
*** lpabon has quit IRC15:40
*** lpabon has joined #openstack-swift15:41
*** ajiang has joined #openstack-swift15:44
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: restarting gerrit due to a slow memory leak15:45
*** lpabon has quit IRC15:48
*** lpabon has joined #openstack-swift15:48
*** changbl has joined #openstack-swift16:00
openstackgerritCharles Hsu proposed openstack/python-swiftclient: Increase httplib._MAXHEADERS to 256.
*** petertr7 is now known as petertr7_away16:10
*** jistr has quit IRC16:12
*** jordanP has quit IRC16:13
*** gyee has joined #openstack-swift16:14
tsgnotmyname, peluse: if you are okay with, can you +2 so we can get the rest of the EC library stuff taken care of16:20
*** rledisez has quit IRC16:21
*** lpabon has quit IRC16:22
zaitcevAww, Sam has already done 130339.16:28
zaitcevI was in a Ceph RGW meeting... And had to build a fixed 1.13.1 in RHEL 7 urgently... ;_;16:30
tsgtorgomatic: thanks!16:31
*** tsg has left #openstack-swift16:31
pelusetsg, done16:35
zaitcevHuh, the delim_force_gte thing went in too16:41
*** mfalatic has joined #openstack-swift16:44
openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed openstack/python-swiftclient: Cleanup and improve tests for download
*** SkyRocknRoll has quit IRC16:54
*** petertr7_away is now known as petertr716:56
*** petertr7 is now known as petertr7_away17:11
*** joeljwright has joined #openstack-swift17:17
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v joeljwright17:17
*** trifon has joined #openstack-swift17:20
*** stevelle has joined #openstack-swift17:31
claygwbhuber: post what you have so far on lp bug #1488610 (unittest?) and I'll take a look!17:43
openstackLaunchpad bug 1488610 in OpenStack Object Storage (swift) "EC connection refused exception when storage node is offline" [Undecided,New] - Assigned to Bill Huber (wbhuber)17:43
*** aix has quit IRC17:44
stevellein swift proxy config does sorting_method have any influence on write_affinity operation or only on read_affinity?17:45
claygstevelle: good question!17:48
stevelleI'm not having a lot of luck searching for the answer in source either :)17:49
stevellebut I don't know my way around swift17:49
*** eandersson has quit IRC17:49
*** jlhinson has quit IRC17:50
claygproxy.server.Application.sort_nodes is called in iter_nodes17:50
stevellethis is as far as I got
clayglooks like in proxy.controllers.obj.BaseObjectController.iter_nodes_local_first we don't really look at sorting method (because we have to connect to all of them anyway stuff like timing and shuffle don't make much sense?)17:52
claygso, no the sorting_method does not influence write_affinity - only read_affinity only effects sort_nodes when sorting_method is affinity17:54
*** lpabon has joined #openstack-swift17:54
stevellegreat, thanks17:54
claygstevelle: there was a patch to make all of those config options per policy - i lost track of it17:54
stevelleI'm sure that would be rather useful as scoped to policy17:56
stevellebut seems like that would be a bit of a change17:56
peluseclayg, found it, patch 16087717:57
claygpeluse: THANKS!17:59
claygpeluse: bah I don't know how to star it from that view :17:59
stevelletop left of the commit msg box18:00
claygstevelle: heh - i wasn't signed in :P18:00
stevellethat would do it18:00
peluseclayg, I guess one of us should pick it up and run with it18:03
claygpeluse: yeah, eventually, concurrent GETs, fast-POST, 5 outstanding EC fixes18:07
claygI think COPY middleware is picking up steam again?18:07
claygpeluse: timburke probably needs me to review new features in versioned-writes and SLO middlwares :\18:07
claygpeluse: I think joeljwright is dying to get python-swiftclient to not download all the listings before it starts downloading again :'(18:08
* clayg cries18:08
joeljwrightand then I see my name…18:08
claygjoeljwright: you're doing god's work man - keep the faith18:09
joeljwrightclayg: you drag me back in just as I was getting ready to shut down!18:09
tdasilvaclayg: copy middleware is coming soon :P18:10
claygoh, bah - container-sync - there's no end18:10
*** joeljwright has quit IRC18:12
*** annegentle has quit IRC18:14
acolesjoeljwright: you can't go you have to watch your patch land :P18:14
timburkeotherwise the gate will bust :P18:14
claygho needs me to review keystone in vagrant-swift-all-in-one - only there's a number of things in the PR that I wish where different :'(18:16
claygf'ing PTA meeting tonite :'(18:16
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC18:17
*** openstackgerrit has joined #openstack-swift18:17
acolesclayg: i'm liking your etag buckets patch18:19
claygacoles: IKR!18:19
claygacoles: it was all you man18:19
claygacoles: if only I'd had the balls to go for timestamps it would be complete :'(18:19
claygacoles: NodeIter might be a bit much, but that nodes_left attribute reads *so nice*18:20
timburkeclayg: oh, if i can goad you into reviewing things, how about then i can write *another* patch for versioned-writes!18:20
claygtimburke: I'm not even going to be doing reviews today :'(18:20
claygtimburke: but I'll star it18:20
*** mdelapp has left #openstack-swift18:21
acolesclayg: so i got all excited about rolling in timestamps and optimistic getting, but then my day disappeared18:21
acolesclayg: if number of co-authors >= nparity +1 then the patch should just land yeah? :P18:22
acolesclayg: +1 for nodes_left, makes it all drop out so nicely18:23
claygacoles: no worries - we'll get there - don't listen to me whine - EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!18:23
claygwe fixed a bunch of security bugs today!  HOORAY SWIFT!18:23
*** marzif has joined #openstack-swift18:24
acolesclayg: :-)18:26
*** marzif has quit IRC18:28
*** aix has joined #openstack-swift18:30
*** lifeless1 is now known as lifeless18:39
*** esker has joined #openstack-swift18:40
*** lpabon has quit IRC18:41
*** esker has quit IRC18:41
*** esker has joined #openstack-swift18:42
*** lpabon has joined #openstack-swift18:46
minwoobacoles: peluse: clayg: Any recollection, off the top of your head, of a test that elegantly retrieves a node's left and right hand partner primaries?18:47
minwoobNo worries if not. I'll find it eventually.18:48
minwoobBasically, if any of you recall doing it before.18:48
*** marzif has joined #openstack-swift18:50
*** asd112z_ has joined #openstack-swift18:52
*** asd112z has quit IRC18:56
claygminwoob: grep -Ri partner test/probe18:58
claygminwoob: if that doesn't turn anything up tell me and I'll try to track it down on my machine18:58
minwoobclayg: I've found something that I'll be able to use.19:01
minwoobclayg: Apparently it just boils down to (frag_index +/- 1) % len(part_nodes)19:04
*** marzif has quit IRC19:04
claygminwoob: you'd be surprised how many times I've written that function incorrectly :'(19:05
claygminwoob: I'd probably suggest you use from swift.obj.reconstructor import _get_partners if at all possible19:07
peluseminwoob, yeah, there had better be a unit test for that :)19:07
peluseminwoob, see unit test test_get_partners()19:08
claygpeluse: too funny19:08
minwoobclayg: peluse: Got it.19:08
claygI think the last time i botched it it had something to do with order of operations - anyway - now there's a function19:09
peluseheh, funny because ctennis and I were just looking at that func earlier today because I had forgotten which version of the many had actually ended up landing!19:09
*** jlhinson has joined #openstack-swift19:13
*** esker has quit IRC19:15
openstackgerritAlistair Coles proposed openstack/swift: Minor fixups for EC GET path etag buckets
acolesclayg: peluse : I'm +2 for the etag buckets, there's some fixups in this dependent patch ^^19:19
acolesclayg: go ahead and squash in if you like19:20
acolesclayg: i split it out in case you don't agree with the _pending thing and the 404->200 change in test_obj.py19:20
*** petertr7_away is now known as petertr719:23
peluseacoles, cool!19:24
peluseacoles, I'll take a look ASAP19:25
acolespeluse: just running probe tests before adding my vote ;)19:25
acolespeluse: clayg fyi i am ooo til 9/2, holiday weekend in uk. i will pick up on optimistic gets on return.19:26
acolesjrichli: fyi ^^19:26
peluseacoles, don't forget to +2 before you leave :) we can +A once I give a run here on the perf cluster19:32
acolespeluse: probes good, now func with EC...19:34
pelusecool, i still need to review all the good additions from you guys too :)19:36
jrichliacoles: have fun!  so, when does this holiday start?  i probably missed that part19:37
claygacoles: oh honestly I ment to delete that test - it's covered (better?) by the new tests I added (re: 404 => 200 bad_etags count <= parity)19:37
acolesclayg: cool just do that , yup there is plenty of coverage there19:37
claygacoles: ok, you should quit out!  today is your last day before holiday tho?19:38
claygacoles: thanks for the other fixups.19:38
acolesjrichli: monday is the official holiday, i am stretching the weekend19:38
acolesclayg; yah i am gone now til next weds19:38
acolespeluse: clayg: added my +2, if you push over a new version i am sure i will be happy, just land it.19:40
claygacoles: ok, i'll squash it down then - thanks!19:40
claygacoles: ok, i'll comment that my +2 after squash is really like a +4 :P19:41
*** si1v3r has left #openstack-swift19:43
acolesclayg: so the pending thing was really a nit - i was just thinking if someone else came along used it and spawned new jobs after a StopIteration they could get a surprise19:43
*** stevelle has left #openstack-swift19:43
acoleshmmm, good point, am i masking a bug19:44
acolesclayg: ALL you +2's are really like a +4 :P19:44
peluseWTF are all these holidays people keep talking about??19:46
acolespeluse: come live in europe and you'll see ;)19:46
*** acoles is now known as acoles_19:51
openstackgerritMerged openstack/swift: pep8: Don't override '_' symbol
*** thumpba has quit IRC19:55
hroupeluse, acoles_ its funny you mention that just recently I had a conversation with someone about the # of statutory holidays in Canada vs US, and concluded they weren't too different ; ) about 1019:57
pelusehrou, I think I should take tomorrow off now...19:58
hroupeluse, in protest ? ; - )19:58
pelusein honor of...19:59
*** blmartin has joined #openstack-swift20:00
*** marzif has joined #openstack-swift20:00
hrouhaha, I'll condone it ; ) pick someone know one has ever heard of, those are always the best.20:01
*** marzif has quit IRC20:12
*** lpabon has quit IRC20:12
*** lpabon has joined #openstack-swift20:16
wbhuberclayg: posted per your request.  still very raw @ this point.20:18
*** petertr7 is now known as petertr7_away20:20
*** silor has quit IRC20:23
*** rjaiswal has joined #openstack-swift20:25
*** thumpba has joined #openstack-swift20:29
openstackgerritMichael Barton proposed openstack/swift: go: GREP middleware
*** barker has joined #openstack-swift20:43
*** barker has quit IRC20:46
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*** trifon has joined #openstack-swift21:14
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*** gyee has quit IRC21:17
minwoobclayg: I think I have what we're looking for, but when I test it now it yields "pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: swift==2.3.0rc1.post16" when all that changed were the probe tests themselves.21:19
minwoobI'm running this on SAIO, btw.21:19
*** lpabon has quit IRC21:20
minwoobI understand what it means, but not sure why it's occuring, and what needs to be done.21:20
minwoobDo you want me to go ahead and upload the new test while I investigate this further?21:21
wbhuberminwoob: just checking, what versions of pip and swift are u using?21:22
claygminwoob: just reinstlal - `cd swift; sudo pip install -e .`21:23
minwoobOkay, we're good now.21:27
*** jamielennox has quit IRC21:36
*** esker has joined #openstack-swift21:37
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*** lpabon has joined #openstack-swift22:27
*** ho has joined #openstack-swift22:29
hogood morning!22:32
hoacoles: thanks! i'm waiting for your review on the patches. :P22:33
mattoliverauho: morning22:37
homattoliverau: morning!22:38
*** hrou has joined #openstack-swift22:39
*** minwoob has quit IRC22:43
hoclayg: I would like to know "PR" in " only there's a number of things in the PR that I wish where different". PRint statement? Partial Rxx (blocks?)22:45
claygho: heh, i'm typing up my first comment for the patch right now - i've been playing with in the background today22:45
hoclayg: thanks!22:46
*** dmorita has joined #openstack-swift22:50
hoclayg: I got your comment now so I will check it. thanks again!22:52
openstackgerritVictor Stinner proposed openstack/swift: py3: Update pbr and dnspython requirements
*** haypo has joined #openstack-swift22:54
openstackgerritVictor Stinner proposed openstack/swift: Input validation must not depend on the locale
openstackgerritVictor Stinner proposed openstack/swift: Port swob to Python 3
*** jlhinson has quit IRC23:03
openstackgerritVictor Stinner proposed openstack/swift: py3: Fix Python 3 issues in utils
*** km has joined #openstack-swift23:09
*** barker has quit IRC23:09
*** ccavanna has joined #openstack-swift23:10
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openstackgerritVictor Stinner proposed openstack/swift: py3: Add py34 test environment to tox
*** occupant has quit IRC23:15
*** lpabon has joined #openstack-swift23:16
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openstackgerritVictor Stinner proposed openstack/swift: Input validation must not depend on the locale
*** esker has quit IRC23:22
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